Chill Factory Review

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What is Chill Factory

According to the television ad Chill Factory is a great way to instantly make Slushy right at home in no time. It does not need any type of blender or ice as it is designed to be self-sustaining to make slushy of juices, milk and pop in three easy steps.

Instant slushy making factory

Chill Factory claims to provide a way to create the most amazing slushy out of your favorite flavors right at home. Everyone loves a slushy especially when it comes to beat the summer heat or is the best chill out drink at a party. The problem with making slushy at home is that it needs a lot of preparation and requires usage of messy blender with lots of ice. Plus if the blender is over or under used it may just ruin the slushy. If someone decides to grab the beverage from a store chances are they might not get their favorite flavor being sold. Chill Factory allegedly clears up all these issues and is declared to be invented with a single motto which is to help everyone make their favorite flavored slushy easily.


Make slushy in 3 easy steps

Chill Factory guarantees to deliver a mind-blowing slushy which is perfectly thick and tastes as good as any slushy bought at a store machine. One simply has to place Chill Factor in the refrigerator, take it out and then pour the desired flavored drink in it. This drink can be virtually anything ranging from fruit juices, pops and even chocolate milk. The lid is then meant to be placed to securely lock the liquid in it. The final step is to hold it and squeezed. Once the squeezing is done it can be simply opened to find a delicious frozen slushy in minutes without any mess. This negates all the issue that arises with the use of blenders and mixers. Also these three steps are so easy to follow that anyone including kids can use Chill Factory to make mouth watering slushy anytime.
Chill Factory allegedly has a high quality material in place that works as a polar chamber through the entire body which turns liquid instantly into a frozen drink. Plus it is made sure that the body can be reused for any number of times. This feature of Chill Factory is stated to be further facilitated with the fact that it is washable by hands. The instant slushy that is created using it is thick in right proportion to beat the heat. The design of Chill Factory is asserted to be self-sustaining which means that one can make a tasty slushy in it and start eating right from inside it.

What do I get?

Buy the Chill Factory Slushy Maker for $14.99 plus $8.99 P&H. Official website

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