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Do you find yourself spending too much time chopping and slicing? You don’t need to do that anymore with the all new revolutionary and amazing ChefDini. ChefDini is the only fruit and vegetable processor that works with triple unified action so you can chop, mince, slice, blend and dice faster and easier than you ever could with a knife and cutting board.

How does ChefDini work?

ChefDini comes with a six-piece accessory kit that allows you to transform it into a meat slicer, Julienne slicer, beater/blender, juicer, egg-white separator and shredder/grater.

How does the ChefDini work? It’s simple – just place the forever sharp slicing kit and slice ham or yam. When you add the Julienne blade, you can zip through zucchini, apples, pepperoni, ham and turkey easily. You can even perfectly mince garlic without getting that smell onto your hands.

The secret of the ChefDini is the triple unified action. First, three razor sharp culinary blades with ankle tips create a continuous motion of chopping and mixing, turn it once, and the blade spins 4 times around. It is like having 12 knives do all the work for you. It is so fast, simple and easy that it takes less than half the time than cutting or blending the regular way. ChefDini is also easy to store and is dishwasher safe.

How Chefdini can replace many of your kitchen tools
ChefDini is not just your regular food processor as it’s extremely versatile and can do a whole lot more; from chopping to mincing, slicing and dicing within minutes. ChefDini makes the most of its triple unified action technology and does these essential kitchen jobs quickly, without any hassle. Moreover it has a six piece accessory kit that can transform it into a julienne slicer, beater, meat slicer, juicer, blender, egg white separator, grater and shredder. Now you can do away with all these kitchen tools that overcrowd your drawers and make your kitchen more roomy and spacious.

ChefDini will let you make chop vegetables for salsa and slice meats for different kinds of salads. From these basic tasks to more complicated kitchen jobs, ChefDini can make them a lot easier. You can do away with sets of knives for different kitchen chores as they can be dangerous and are quite a pain to clean after use as well. ChefDini is dishwasher safe and you can clean it at once. ChefDini is effective, versatile, safe, and easy to clean and clears up space in your kitchen. What more could you ask for?

Get your ChefDini today and spend less time chopping and slicing.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • ChefDini
  • The Beater Blender Blade
  • Juice Insert
  • Egg White Separator
  • Shredder Grater
  • Storage Lid
  • All this for just $19.99 + $13.98 s and p. Official Offer.


ChefDini Video
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69 thoughts on “ChefDini Review

  1. When I bought my Chefdini, they said it was good for life…and they would replace it if it broke? Well I have to say that I love my Chefdini, but today when I was using it, the handle broke off, and I wouldn’t even mind that, however , it left a space, so that when I turn the handle the food comes out? so how do I get it replaced?

  2. I ordered 1 ChefDini and got 3! I called the company and got the run around and they are trying to make me pay for return shipping! No way in hell will I pay for something I didn’t order! I would have kept the 1 I ordered but got so disgusted I told them to show them wear the sun doesn’t shine and when they send me a return shipping label I will send back the crap to them! I contacted the Attorney Generals office and TeleBrands letter say THEY ONLY SEND YOU WANT YOU ORDER and you have to say Yes or No! What a CROCK! My credit card company has credited the $95.96 back to my account but I am holding on to the Chef Dini’s until I get a return label and don’t have to pay return shipping on them. Their rep told me if the Post Office wouldn’t return them with an RMA# I got then to keep them! I said I would rather trash them and the gal said go ahead and do whatever you want with them. Ya Right! This Scam company TeleBrands should be investigated! I told my Attorney Generals case # Rep to order the product and see what happens! That would be very interesting!


  4. Thank you all for the reviews, I checked my account and sure enough there is $135.26 on hold. It’s Sunday so first thing Monday I’m putting a hold on my account. I called them and they assured me that they won’t process my payment until Wednesday so I can change the order to the right one. You guys saved me from so much aggravation, I just pray I get to the bank before those crooks do!

  5. I also ordered 1 for $39.95 and get one free plus shipping. Well when the order came it cost us $132.00. They say they where out of stock so they up graded us and send 3. It took us forever to get one returned and credited back $54.99. What a SCAM I will never order from the TV ads again. It also took forever when ordering on the phone all recorded messages! Should be a law to protect us.

    • You don’t need more laws, you need more commonsense. First unwritten law: don’t buy anything on TV (or the internet for that matter). If you can’t see it in person, hold it in your hands, examine it, just don’t buy it. Second unwritten law: read the reviews. Use your head, don’t go to any website that has the product’s name in the address. Always go to a third party, like this one. Third unwritten law: if it looks to good to be true, it’s too good to be true. Fourth unwritten law: buy with your head, not with your heart. Be an adult, there is nothing you’ve GOT to have that badly to ignore the first three unwritten laws.

  6. I also ordered 1 for $39.95 and get one free plus shipping. Well when the order came it cost us $132.00. They say they where out of stock so they up graded us and send 3. It took us forever to get one returned and credited back $54.99. What a SCAM I will never order from the TV ads again. It also took forever when ordering on the phone all recorded messages!

  7. I just got off the phone, and that could be the biggest mistake I made!! I kept listening to their OFFERS 4-ever, so I hung up–after submiting my card..thinking the order was complete–then realizing the same garbage happpened with the TV ad about the storage bags!!! I was suppose to get 2 sets for the price of one–didn’t happen!! Isn’t there some way we can stop this ‘bait and switch operation??? I can’t find out WHAT company operates these ‘as seen on TV’ SCAMS!!!

  8. I got scammed too.. got 3 – I only wanted one!! Very difficult to return.. Customer service takes forever to answer; 1st time someone hung up on me.. This product is total garbage because there are NO pictures on how to attach Even the handle to the main bowl; its difficult to keep anything together – there’s no single storage container; its Impossible to figure out how each piece and separate activity “attachment” works with the main bowl/container.. There’s no pictures of how each piece attaches or how it works – I’m not sure when to turn the handle, when to put in the blade or how not to cut my hand with all those other things.. What’s the point if there are NO proper instructions on how to use each piece?? Its a total scam compared to what they say on TV and what you actually Get!!

  9. Hey Everyone,

    I just wanna thank all of you who took time to share your experience with Chefdini.I saw the ad on TV and was captivated and wanted to order the product.Then I did my research that why I got here.After reading all your comments,I made up my mind.I ‘m not ordering it anymore.

    Thank you !

  10. I returned two Chefdinis that I did not order, It was confirmed it was received. Two weeks and still waiting for my refund! Put my money back on my credit card you thieves!!

    • This is the WORST company in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD they do the BAIT AND SWITCH – say there going to upgrade you send you 3 and CHARGE YOU FOR THEM – what in heck am I going to do with 3.



    • I only ordered one ChefDini, was sent 3 , my credit card charged Over $132.00, I sent 2 back, my credit card was reimbursed only, $54.99. Now my credit card company is going to dispute the charge, Also to everyone out there that was duped like me,, contact your STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE. they have a consumer complain division to go after these thieves. Please follow up, if you don’t,, they get away with it! I WILL NEVER ORDER THROUGH TELEBRANDS AGAIN!

  11. I am fighting cancer, so when I saw the chefdini on TV I ordered it. I was told it would be $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping. Well, I got it a week later and my credit card was charged $132.94,, they sent 3. I sent two back at a cost of over $16.00. Now I’m waiting for my refund.

    I like the product, it does make my time in the kitchen shorter but, If I had checked the reviews first, I would not have ordered. Very stressful trying to communicate with someone that speaks very limited English. Now I’m waiting for my money. It makes me sick that telebrands treat people like this.

  12. Now is the time to get in touch with your congressman, they want your votes, we are a nation of heroes, givers, predators and victims. It’s time for politicians to do the right thing and protect the people from these thieves. We with no voice can only fight with our votes.

  13. It appears that both of these companies are Telebrands, One Telebrands Plaza, Fairfield NJ 07004

    We order a ChefDini for $39.99. When we got their bill it was for $95.96. Their phone tree is long and makes ongoing solicitations for purchase of additional items. All solicitations were refused but they still processed orders for two additional items. When we spoke with their representative she was very rude. We were told to refuse shipment and not open the package and that charges would be reversed. We will see. In the mean time we contested the charge through our bank. Their phone number is 973-227-8777

    With the purchase of the ChefDini we were to get a set of free earrings. They sent us a post card saying our free earrings were on the way with the jewelry we purchased. WE DID NOT PURCHASE ANY JEWELRY. We then received a phone call trying to sell us the jewelry on Jan 24. Our on line banking showed a charge on Jan 23; the day before they even called us. We had to call them back as the post card had a phone number. They said they were immediately reversing the charge.. Their number 800-695-4444

  14. Some guy called my phone and ask me if I ordered the Chefdini chopper or if someone else did and I told him no and it was sent anyway, so I sent that PIECE of CRAP back to them that means someone used my card number to get it being spiteful and you better believe I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if they don’t put my DAMN money back in my account and SOON!!!

  15. I almost called my order in, but I read a lot of letters of dissatisfaction, they made up my mind to save my money. A word of advise, If it’s not sold at Bed Bath and Beyond or Target, STAY AWAY.

  16. The Chefdini is another name for Smart Chopper which was sold in the 1970’s to the 1990’s. The only difference is that they put a slicer on top of it which they did not have before.

    I gave each of my friends one each. They sold for $19.99. I purchased about 6 or 7 of them and it was the best investment ever, as far as, buying anything on line. People today still have them at home. Nothing broke because they were careful as to what they could put in them when making something. You treat it good and it will give you many years for whatever it is that you are making with it for your family. Thank You.

  17. Nice product, but trickery when ordering. Ordered online and as the order process went you are prompted over & over to upgrade to receive a second one for half price, and then an upgrade on attachments, and so on and so on… when I was finally done, the order totaled out at $77.96 which I agreed to considering all the extras I would receive.

    When the shipment came I was surprised to find out that the upgrade was only the color of the unit, a suction base, and a lid.

    I called the company and after two calls and about 40 minutes on hold I was told that because I got the “upgrade” I would not get the cheese grater and who knows what else. I was at my wits end with the overseas operators that I spoke with and just wanted to get off the phone.

    In the end, they still refused to send me the cheese grater, but claim they will credit my account $10.00.
    Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced!

  18. Thank you all for your Chefdini comments. After viewing infomercial I tried calling several times and there was no human voice, I was concerned. After the machine quickly told me about the product and offer and then proceeded to the credit card screen, I became alarmed! I always want a human voice for products I see on TV. I will always have additional questions for my peace of mind before placing an order. What were they thinking?!?! Next, I decided to go on line to search for a company phone # which I did find, but after reading your comments here, I won’t bother to buy. I also love to find the products in BB&B. That allows me to test product for myself. So, when this company has the good sense to sell chefdini @ BB & B; then I’ll test the ‘magic’ for myself. I’ll go check out other products.

  19. Thank you all for your comments. When I tried calling several times and there was no human voice, I was concerned. After the machine quickly told me about the product and offer and then proceeded to the credit card screen, I became alarmed! I always want a human voice for products I see on TV. I will always have additional questions for my peace of mind. Next, I decided to go on line to search for a company # which I did find, but after reading your comments, I won’t bother to buy. I also love to find the products in BB&B. Will test it for myself, which this company has the good sense to sell chefdini there. Then I’ll test the magic for myself.

  20. The Telebrands company scams people out of money by charging for orders that the customer did no request. I canceled to incorrect orders on 11/30/11. They sent it anyway and charged me, despite the fact that I hand a cancelled order number. I ended up with 10 Chefdinis when all I wanted was 1 plus the free bonus chefdini…. Stay away from Telebrands

  21. I was very frustrated after talking with the robot and hung up during the free cruise part. I decided to do a quick search about this “company” and this is how I got here. Thanks everybody for posting! Because the transaction was not posted on my account, right after I read your comments I canceled my credit card. I don’t know why I didn’t search before calling but oh well… my experience got un-update!

    You can find similar products on Amazon if you search “salsa maker” or “manual food chopper” for about $25-30 without any “pay one get two” or free gift/cruise BS. What a waste of time!

  22. If you visit the Chefdini web site, they have an additional scam: you order the item and it automatically comes with not only a second one (with added shipping), but you also get a secret gift, which, you guessed it, you have to pay shipping for, and they don’t list the shipping cost for that one on the web site.

    So, let’s do the math: 40 bucks for 2 Chefdinis and a gift. Let’s assume $21 shipping, so you get two of these things plus a crappy gift for $61. Doesn’t sound so good now does it?

    This kind of marketing makes you wonder: if the product is that good in the first place, why do they need to be so dishonest in their sales practices?


    • I do like the product, it works very well. I just had a problem with customer service when trying to resolve an issue with what came with the product.

  24. I sent for a chefdini advertised on TV and what I received was two kitchen king pro. It does not look like anything that they advertised on TV. I can’t get a hold of them by phone nor by internet address. this is a scam and should be reported to the BBB. They are taking people for a fool.

  25. Ordered 1 upgraded/deluxe chefdini from the TV promo by phone. Did the 20+ minute run around, including the cruise offer for which I did not press 1 for yes, and hung up in frustration as did other folks. Received the product, upgraded, as the chefdini I had ordered was out of stock, for supposedly no extra charge. Was a bit over the price I had calculated from the TV offer, but I was willing to let it go. Have used the product and like it. Then I received my Am EX credit card bill and the charge for the product was $23 higher than the shipping statement. Called the 1 800 number listed for the entry and was totally stone walled by “Grace”. She said the TV offer was strictly 2 for 1 and that the additional unit would be shipped on 11/12. Then I could return both units for a refund. No way. I called American Express, had them post a block merchant notice to my account since others had been double charged unwittingly, and will proceed with paying only for what I ordered, not what TeleBrands says I ordered. Will stick with buying such products at BBB or Walgreens. Never again…

  26. I thought I was paying for one ChefDini and getting one free for the shipping. I did not ask for anything else but I guess they don’t know what NO THANK YOU means. My bill shows an up grade I did not ask for. The bill comes out to total more than I thought I was going to be billed for. I too spent time on the phone saying no to other types of sales. I too will never call on another tv ad over the phone.

  27. I think I felt for the scam too. No confirmation number, no how much it will cost, no real voice you speak to…

    when I went on line to check the order is when I realized this was a scam> to check your order you need to input your phone number… no one asked me my phone number. When I tried the customer service number, my call was just reflected. code 2ck ???? I called my credit card right away to terminate my card. Hopefully they will not pass the transaction until first working day. Damn, I feel so stupid!

  28. SCAM!!!! Had to listen to crap for 45 minutes then it said “Thanks for buying a free cruise”. I didn’t buy any cruise and they won’t cancel my order. I am pissed and have been scammed!!

  29. I was under the impression that I would be able to cancel my order if I changed my mind,not so,there is no means of contacting chefdini except by phone, no emails, no customer service rep on line. They have fraudulently charge my Visa account for two orders and I can’t seem to be able to cancel.

    • I tried to order by phone, went through numerous unrelated offers, twice (yes twice) reworded such as you pay nothing and you can cancel anytime within 30 days, RIGHT! I said no and this went on forever, they had my information and suddenly she said well I am now trans. you to the company that will handle your cruise, ” they are not in any way affiliated with our company. Yes Cruise was on now. I had a free CRUISE, said did not want one, again reworded and repeated to me. I said, “I nor any of my family are interested in your Cruise. She kept on. I hung up. Did not know if I had ordered one or not. Waited no charge to my account, no e-mail verification of order. Went online to track order at URL (as seen on TV.) There were NOT an order listed for me. So sucker that I must be I tried to order online. Thought all was well. NOT!!!! Checked my bank account and TWO (yes I said 2) orders had been charged to my account for $155.00 each. WOW over $310.00. I went directly back online, finally after many minutes found an order status site. Said not shipped, then after many more minutes found a cancel order. Which I did. With each I commented that if they indeed did have a good product all this sales of other products was not needed. Also the phone call run around. They completely took my comments out of context and put them on their URL as a happy customer. Can you believe the nerve??? Well today I just rec. a lg. box, no name: ChefDini. Sender was, “Telebrand DR, Returns Department, 10303 Norris Avenue, Pacoima, CA 91331.” Never heard of them?? Cant find them in yellow pages, business’s in CA. No phone. I did not open the box, because if you do then you must pay the return shipping. They had also charged me two shipping costs to send in one box that says in LG> RED Letters, ” MADE IN CHINA.” Forget this, I am keeping the box unopened and you can DISPUTE THE CHARGES ON DEBIT OR CHARGE CARD. You have to sign a form, the charges are disputed as fraudulent and the money is demanded to be returned to your account. When my money returns to my account I will return their stinking box. BEWARE, DO NO DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!!

  30. I also went through the “miscellaneous” sales reps when ordering on the phone for one. I did not even know if my order went through yet was transferred to some guy saying I won a cruise. I called the next day and a phone rep said it’s on back order and I should receive an email about it (never did). Finally received it today, five weeks later, and I got two full price 19.99 and processing and handling and sales tax (total of ~66) when the phone rep said it was a buy one get one free offer. Now the product itself feels very cheap. The bottom lining fell off and I had to press it in. The tri blades had one that was chipped in two spots. This is my first time buying “as seen on tv” stuff and my last. I would rather stop by Bed, Bath, & Beyond and see the product myself.

  31. Thank you for the info on this ChefDini product, I’ve been through the hold and push buy on the phone and it is a rip off. Even if this is a good product I would not get it no mater what. If something you are selling is good it is unnecessary to employ the rip off phone call and push.

    I also ordered on the phone, it was all pre-recorded. At least 20 minutes of pressing #’s to say that you don’t want any of the “other” unrelated items!

    At least put another cooking product/kitchen gadget etc. to ask me to buy, not a pair of earrings!
    After never receiving a confirmation of my buy one at 39.99 get a second one free…. I hung up, not knowing if I even got to order the darn thing.

    I call the company and the man says he’ll give me a $20 discount if I don’t cancel, and that the price is $89.00 + tax.

    Needless to say I cancelled it and called my bank and had them reverse the debit from my account. Very Very disgusted by this company and it’s lack of ethic’s- SCAM!!

  33. I am so disappointed. I ordered the Chefdini special from TV ad – buy one and get another for $7.99 shipping and the cost was $39.99 plus shipping. What I received was six Chefdinis and my credit card was charged for $253.00. When I called customer service, I was told by a smart mouthed girl that I could send it back for a refund but I would have to pay shipping. I am a 68 year old senior with congestive heart failure and cannot lift a box that heavy. This was a mean thing to do to someone on social security only. I will never order from TV ad again.

  34. Years ago, I purchased my first ChefDeni, and later, I purchased eight more, to give to the nurses at the doctor’s office. They all loved it! More recently, I ordered another one to gift a friend and she loves it too.

    It is my favorite gift to gift and to use!

    You will enjoy having this one and using it.

  35. Offers Offers and more Offers. Stayed at least 20 extra minutes listening to offers that would make me pay more if I did not remember to cancel. Be careful to what you subscribe, and hope the item is worth it.

    • … And this is why I do not order anything over phone. I always order online – I cannot stand those reps who keep talking after I tell them I only want the advertised product, nothing more. I always end up hanging up on them.

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