Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker Review

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If you like to spend time in your kitchen making your favourite recipes for your loved ones and guests, you probably can’t do without all the cooking appliances you need. But buying all these appliances separately is not only expensive but can end up taking a lot of space in your kitchen. In today’s times when many of us are making do with small kitchen spaces, we just can’t allow the clutter of roasters, steamers, fryers etc. Thankfully now you have the amazing Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker, which is an 8 quart multifunctional cooker for your kitchen.


Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker
Now most of your cooking tasks will be simplified with this Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker, which offers you a flash fryer, steamer, slow cooker, roaster, a portable grill top and an electric sauté pan all rolled into one brilliant portable appliance. It will not only save you space on your countertop and money for different appliances but will let you cook exactly the way you want to as well. That’s because the lid, rack and a wide range of temperatures you can work with mean you can use this cooker for a large variety of functions. You can use it for slow cooking, frying, steaming, grilling and candy making as well.

This versatile cooker gives you plenty of options in the kitchen but that’s not all; it has a 2.5 inch tall lid and rack, which can be attached to the heating pan. Thus you will be able to cook two kinds of foods in these two layers, which will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. Now not many kitchen appliances can boast of such versatility and smart design, which make Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker a must have for your kitchen.



What do I get?
You get Chef Tony 30 minute recipe book, flowering onion guide and 6 fondue forks when you buy Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker for just $179.95 at



Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker Video


4 thoughts on “Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker Review

  1. Lid handle broke. Can not find replacement. This is a problem with products purchased from TV advertisements.

  2. LOVE CHEF TONY’S WONDER COOKER, I bought ours through, this was a great price, but we did have to wait about 6 weeks. I couldn’t wait to start using this cooker and it is the only cooker I will now use, it is great in every way, just remember like any new appliance give yourself time to get to know it, and learn to work in with it as it’s temperature is different and your cooking time will vary. I have made many of my recipes and last night did a Roast Beef, which I believe would be a real tester, well it was the best I have ever made, (been cooking for 50 years) the beef nearly melted in our mouth, as the saying goes. Hubby said, you are on a winner here. I read many reviews, good & bad, and still decided it was up to me to make us work in together. I love it and all I can say is work together as a team until you get to know each other, don’t take it for granted, as it does cook quicker. The best part also is I can now get rid of 4 Appliances I no longer need. Chef Tony’s Wonder Cooker.

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