Chef Tony’s TastiWave Cookware Review

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Is Microwave the last appliance you use for the real cooking in the kitchen, you use it for junk food but not for REAL food. Imagine cooking real food like steaks brown and tender in 8-12 minutes, grilled chicken in 6-12 minutes, seafood that overflows with flavor in 7 minutes, steamed veggies that are fresh, fat and delicious in 7 minutes, desserts like Apple Crumble in just 8 minutes, Everything grilled, griddled, baked, fried, steamed, roasted all made in under 10 minutes and all in a Microwave Oven.


Introducing Chef Tony’s TastiWave Cookware – the breakthrough in cooking technology that changes the way we cook for ever. TastiWave makes all fast and easy and all in the microwave you already have. And all in less time than it takes to pre-heat your oven.


How does TastiWave work?
Cooking Base – The sturdy cooking base is centered by a patented Cryotech heating unit.

Griddle Pan – That makes sensational seafood around the world and other favorites like stews and hearty meals for the whole family.

Steam Tray – you get the steam tray to steam cook your fish and seafood or make a healthy delicious steamed vegetables.

Dome Cooking Lid – Circulates the heat and locks all that freshness and flavor.



TastiWave Features & Benefits:

  • Microwave Speed
  • Cooking Temperature of Over 400 Degrees
  • Breakthrough In Cooking Science
  • Cyrotech Micro Energy Pad
  • Cook Fresh or Frozen
  • Cooks From the Outside In
  • Non-Stick Surface


What do I get?

  • Base
  • Griddle Pan
  • Steamer Insert
  • Dome Lid
  • Grill Pan
  • Grill Press
  • Quick Cook Recipe Guide
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Chef Tony’s complete TastiWave cookware set for only $39.95 plus $14.95 P&H. Also get the Quick Cook Recipe Guide absolutely FREE! 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee (less P&H). CA & NY residents add sales tax. Continental U.S., Canada, AK, HI, PR, VI & Guam orders only. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. There is an additional $20 P&H for all orders outside of the Continental U.S. Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order. Official website


TastiWave Video
The Tastiwave


247 thoughts on “Chef Tony’s TastiWave Cookware Review

  1. We have just received two TastiWave Cookware sets and the steam tray does not have a silicone ring on it or one to place on it.

    The questions is does the steam tray require a silicone ring or can it be used without it? Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Johnnie V. Jones


  2. I really wanted this thing to work. I found it at a thrift, still in the box, only paid $4.99…I’ve bought a lot of things to try…so if I’m out?…I’m out only $5. Sat on the shelf for a long time, and tonight thought I’d get around to trying it out. Found instructions and recipes, followed them to a ‘t’….no deal…barely warmed the hot dogs…Then figured that the MW was not a high capacity enough model. So, let it cool down….tried it on the 1100 watt down in the main part of the house. The stone base did indeed get hot, with a bit of a flash in the MW, but only one….Followed times exactly…and they were still lukewarm? WTH???? So we microwaved them to heat them up as they were fully cooked dawgs anyway…Grill pan didn’t do any good…no sizzle…no grill marks…still lukewarm??? My opinion? Don’t waste your $$. Mine didn’t catch on fire, or melt anything…but there is no way in hades I would cook ANY kind of meat…hamb. steak, poultry…If it can’t cook a pre-cooked hot dog in the times listed???? Not worth the $5 I paid….and so glad that I didn’t buy it new…or have to deal with the company and the S&H….. Try it if you want…but be forewarned…I hadn’t found this site beforehand…but for $5…I had to try….

  3. I used the cookware to steam vegetables. I followed directions in the guide. The handle of the lid caught on fire in the microwave and burned my microwave. Fortunately no one was hurt but I had to replace my microwave and will never use the cookware again.

  4. Purchased a tastiwave and now can’t get parts for it. All phone numbers are disconnected. This promo was a rip-off.

  5. Chef Tony Tastiwave seemed like a fantastic buy because of the range of cooking that can be done using it. I planned on purchasing it but had to be sure about the product and find about its efficiency from people who might have used it. I typed “Chef Tony Tastiwave Reviews” in the search engine and looked for the results. A couple of sites which I came across first and gave some fantastic reviews about the product and how well it works. But I realized that these reviews were completely one sided and had everything in common. They even had some links saying “Buy Now” for the option of purchasing the product right away. These two things majorly made me aware that these might be some kind of scam websites and the reviews might be completely fake. Finally I found your website where I read through the entire review and never for a minute thought that it might be not real. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and helping me make a decision to purchase the product.

    • Websites which use the SEO tips and tricks are the latest marketing strategies of manufacturer’s for selling their products. Sites like the one mentioned above are a part of such fake marketing where the search engine is fooled into considering them a top relevant link and in turn fooling the users into buying the product from such fake review websites.

      • Tony should be ” BULLY WHIP” for such scam up product. HEY I am serious I don’t know how the government let such stuff on the market. Marvin Gaye say’s what in the hell is (GOING ON) in this country!

  6. I was given this as a gift and first time using as instructed to the “T”, the microwave started smoking and gave off terrible odor through entire house. Opened the microwave to find the knob melted completely out of shape and the metal cover started to change shape too. I should note used in a brand new 1100 watt microwave just bought tonight, and luckily the microwave seems to be unharmed. It was a good thing we were watching it or could have burned the house down. I also agree with all of the negative comments posted and quickly called other family members given the same terrible Tastiwave product to warn them! I also found a phone number for customer service 1-800-223-9594 and called them to complain and get charges reversed only to hear a pre-recorded message stating closed for the holiday and the holiday Thanksgiving is tomorrow, needless to say beware of this product and read all the negative reviews and do not buy!!

  7. This is the WORST product EVER!!! It does not work. I followed all instructions to a “T”. I was also aware that the TastiWave is recommended for Microwaves with 1300 WATTS. I figured mine would take a bit longer to cook at 1100 WATTS. I made sure all pieces were clean and the lid handle was securely tightened. When pre-heating the TastiWave the handle melted and smoked up my entire house. MELTED!!! The darn thing MELTED!!! Not to mention the annoying rubber seal that you must make sure is properly fastened is very annoying. I had TWO deluxe TastiWaves and Back in the Box they went. Now I am out the original $30 shipping, plus an additional $35 to ship them back! Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!
    TastiWave should be ashamed of themselves for selling this crap. But hey… they get dopes to fall for it day in and day out and make a killing on the shipping fees.


  8. Got my Tastiwave package today. Everything came packaged perfect with no scratches or anything. The first thing I cooked was a frozen burger patty. With the grill lid on top of it it tasted a little rubbery. I cooked another frozen patty without the top grill lid and it tasted great.

    This is not going to be gourmet cooking by any means but with some trial and error and some calibration, I can see Tastiwave as a permanent fixture. No need to even take the base out of my microwave. Very easy clean up, very easy to use, great product IMO. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I’m even glad I got a second one. Just read the instructions on what NOT to do and you will be fine.

    • Oh, I have a 1000w output microwave which works great. Rotating plate is a must apparently. Everything but the base is dishwasher safe and non-stick. Oh, man I’m starting to sound like the infomercial and I’ve only had it for one day. Tomorrow I’ll cook chicken and see what happens. They say that after 45 min you need to let it cool for about 15 before using it again if your food requires more time. And if you see sparks to call a CSR for a free exchange.

      My unit works great and I have no complaints about this purchase.

      • Day 2 of Tastiwave…not a fan. its just as big of a mess as if you were to cook on the stove or the oven. and the food does not taste nearly as good. would you rather have a burger that cooks in 7 minutes that tastes like rubber? or a burger the cooks in 14 minutes that taste like heaven? honestly I don’t think the time I save is worth eating nasty crap. Nice flip-flop ehh???

    My set arrived with a scratched griddle pan and press, I called customer service and was sent replacements- the pan came ok but the press was bent, so I called again & requested another press. I was then surprised to find that they had sent me a whole new set. I thought maybe they were making an effort to amend the inconvenience caused by the previous problems. Today I put the new set in to preheat- 2 mins 30 secs as in the manual. With about a minute left to go, I was shocked to see FLAMES COMING FROM THE TOP!!! I immediately shut the microwave off, called and demanded my money back. To top this all off, the customer service rep (someone named Chris) was rude and not at all even slightly apologetic, I now have to return the unit before they will give me the refund,and my apartment still smells of melted plastic even after airing…

    • I quite agree. Just got mine and tried to cook with it and the knobs melted. All I got was fire and smoke in my microwave. Luckily I noticed it before my house burned down. This is a bunch of crap. And of course they don’t tell you on the infomercial you need to use a 1100 watt micro. Trying to return the whole thing, as it is not usable.

      As they say, buyer beware!!

    • I was thinking it may not fit in my small microwave. Then decided to look 4 reviews. I live in the desert. What if my home did burn down and the whole town. Think they would be in trouble then?

    • BUYER BEWARE. PLEASE READ MANY OF THESE POST BEFORE BUYING. I received my TastiWave today and read the instruction manual and followed and did everything it said to do. I decided to do the roasted vegetables. Preheated the TastiWave two minutes thirty seconds per instructions. Put in the vegetables and after two minutes the knob caught on fire and destroyed my microwave oven. I have been cooking in a microwave oven for thirty-five years and this is the first anything like this has happened. The fumes were very toxic. I am thankful that I was close by and saw the smoke and flames before more damage was done.

      No invoice came with the order and I have not been able to find a customer service phone number. If anyone knows it please post it. I plan to take the pan to the local TV station to see if they can give me any ideas on how to get the word out to the public that this is a dangerous product and get it taken off the market. Any suggestions?

  10. OMG..just got four Tastiwaves…and returning them all including the faulty grill plate with a melted grill knob…tried Hot dogs….lets just say wont be eating hot dogs for quite sometime…..I’m embarrassed I fell for a big line of crap.

  11. I bought the Tastiwave in march, did not have a strong enough microwave, (they do not tell you that you need 1100w microwave). So finally I went and bought a new one. Have been using it for couple of months, the middle has burned marks,( so the food sticks), not only on the pans but also on the base. Called them to replace it, the response was 60 days is over, bad luck.

    I would not recommend it to anyone.

  12. Has Tastiwave ever heard of bad karma because if they keep ripping off the public and selling bad products that damage peoples property, a slew of bad karma will be coming their way. I was going to buy one of these things but won’t now after reading all of the terrible reviews. I also don’t believe any of the handful of good reviews so thumbs down to Tastiwave!

  13. I received charge to my husband’s credit card of $ 263.59 for the tastiwave…they said I made the call and gave the correct address and agreed to an upgraded model. I do no, in all honesty remember ordering this appliance and definitely would not have agreed to cost…I and my husband are on fixed incomes…we cannot afford this thing. I called the number the bank provided as soon as I saw the charge this morning…they told me to refuse the shipment and that as soon as they got it back I would be refunded. I informed them that I had already paid my rent by check from my account and now it will bounce and I will probably receive an eviction notice before the product even gets here. will be having my hubby call the bank to see what they can do in the meantime as soon as he is awake. I am not one to take things like this without a fight…can’t afford to.

    • Yep – happened to me too…I’m PISSED! I will be doing the same (refusing shipment) and fighting to get back every penny. I wont even try this damn thing. taste in my mouth from that experience makes me sick. Sorry to hear you rent dilemma…good luck

  14. I recently ordered the Tastywave cookware by Chef Tony. then tried to contact customer service. Had to look on website to get a phone number for customer service, because nowhere in the shipment was any way to contact customer service. Yet they tell you if you have any problems to call customer service.

    Well I did have a problem, the steamer plate had no rubber gasket around the sharp edge, and they tell you not to use anything without a rubber gasket on the edges so you don’t scratch the coating on the product.

    I called about this and they sent me new steamer plates, still without rubber gaskets. Now two weeks later the phone number for customer service is not working and I can’t get anyone live to speak to my. Don’t know what to do. If I scratch the product with their defective part I can’t even call for a replacement

  15. I used my TastiWave for the first time today. I did not have a problem. Thank God I didn’t have a fire in my microwave.
    After reading all of these reviews (which I should have done before I ordered it) I threw it out and just considered myself lucky.

    Really what I wanted to say is this:
    Remember the Chinese dry wall problem in the U.S.?
    Remember the Chinese animal food that sickened and killed many of our beloved pets?
    I am only going to buy MADE IN THE USA from now on….

  16. Biggest piece of crap….. there is. Followed all directions, put in microwave 4 minutes max and melted the stand. Now the house and everything stinks. Better business bureau will be contacted and the fight is just beginning.

  17. Ordered one set and one set was promised free for $39.00. Also ordered a cookbook. Total cost should have been near $55.00. Charged transaction to gm card.

    Received the gm card statement for the product. The amount charged by Tastiwave to the gm card was $229.65. When the package arrived it contained four sets of the product. Have been unable to resolve the problem with gm. They won’t take the items back or correct the amount amount they charged to the credit card. We have been a gm card customer since 1992. Gm card (HSBC) have not been of any help.

  18. TastiWave caught on fire the 2md time I used it. I called and mentioned the 60 day guarantee. He said it was 30 days despite the fact that I was looking at 60 days on my computer. They are supposed to be sending me shipping instructions but I will cancel payment on my credit card until we get this resolved. By the way, the hamburgers I made on it tasted

  19. Wow… I thought this TastiWave looked too good to be true! after reading these reviews I spent my money on a new hard anodized frying pan. Less money and cooks the food correctly.

  20. I use mine and no complaints it works for me I must be a lucky one it makes a good burger so far so good.

    • Found an unused one at Goodwill for $7.95 and used it last night to do a steak and veggies and this AM to do a quick omelet. Worked fine. I also suggest the “Body by Jake” Micro Grill for those who want a small steak or chicken breast, etc. Bought one for $1.99 at GW and another for $2.99.

      Both items are working for me. I’ll watch for knob fires, though! Were the units that melted rotating?

  21. So lets sum everything up…’Pretend’ Chef Tony, & his ‘unknown’ company, want us to by their plastic food preparer for $55, that only works in 20% of the microwaves in America, but you wont know that, until you use it first. Yep, I will pass on this thing…

    • I have a feeling this product will not be found on QVC anytime soon. I can wait a year and pick it up at the Dollar Store.

  22. Wow, there are some real geniuses on this thread attacking people who have actually bought the product and have posted honest reviews of how it doesn’t work. You trolls that are being paid by “chef” Tony need to know your role and shut your mouth. You fools are the only idiots on this page.

    That being said, I was skeptical as soon as I heard this junk was made of metal. I’m still of the opinion that you never, ever put anything metal in a microwave. Everyone who has posted honest reviews have confirmed that.

    • Jonathon, just wanted to let you know that first, I’m not attacking your post at all, just replying that there are a lot of new microwaves coming out with metal racks in them…..just saying

  23. I’m scared now! I liked what I saw on tv, it cooked all my favorite foods etc., so I ordered it; yes, without help from a live person via phone, ok; finally got it, ok, even ordered the extra cookbook for 20 bucks more, but….only maybe 4 recipes from the show are in the recipe guide it comes with and 1 or 2 in the extra book I purchased!

    I want directions for what I saw on tv (steamed shrimp, steamed chilean bass and veggies, crab legs, paella, kabobs, tater tots, scalloped potatoes, filet mignon or plain steaks, chicken breasts, shrimp with vegetables that were clearly broccoli, water chestnuts etc..Now I’m no dummy, I know they add other things like the rosemary sprigs and maybe slightly different vegetables for presentation etc., but I received NONE of these recipes in either sad.

    But now like I said, now I’m scared to even use it after reading everything here anyways. I love the microwave I have now; however, when I buy things I read all directions (want my stuff to last) so my current mic is only 1000 watts, I was going to go get the needed 1100 watt per directions but without knowing how to cook any of the stuff I saw in the infomercial and after reading reviews..guess I shouldn’t bother.. 🙁

  24. OK look. I hear that there are people who have had success and people who have had utter failure, frankly I think that it is a user error after reading ALL the review sites. I am not a paid person, I won’t even include the product name in the post.

    The product admin has been on this site and listed the customer service number, and genuinely attempted to help people with problems. The nature of TV products is a little fishy and I completely understand hesitancy, but lying for either side is wrong.

    I do believe posts that say it caught fire when preheating- apparently you are not supposed to have the lid on while it is preheating, that causes intense heat to go directly on to the area where the plastic is. THAT apparently will ruin the microwave.

    The microwave must be new, the microwave must have a rotary.

    Do not ever put your credit card information in before you confirm orders. Put quantity 1 in the order box, and always read the most UP TO DATE posts. Don’t read anything from 2010 because the product may have improved since then.

    I will be buying this product in the fall, I will be video blogging the first use and all subsequent uses and reporting specs on everything. Why would I buy it even though there are a few bad reviews?

    That is the reason.

    • Just watched the news report on the link above. I saw the steak after it was cooked, but even though medium-well done, there were not any seared grill marks like in the commercial.

      • You need to use the pan with the ripples in the bottom and the top plate was well. My $7.95 one did it fine.

  25. I was very happy to get my order. I ordered while looking at TV in the hospital. I was supposed to have gotten one at discount and one free. I order another set for my mother.I should have gotten 4 in all. Tastiwave sent me 6 pots and two of them were scratched up , rubber broken. They do not give you a number to call back. I also got their book. When you order you get a recording and not a real person to explain your problems. It cost too much to send them back so I lost a lot of money. It pays not to ever use tastiwave They do not stand behind their product..

  26. I was charged $129.70 on my account which was unauthorized. I want my money returned to my account . you need to send a letterhead included with my name ,card info , incorrect amt ($129.70), authorization date, authorization number and a signature from manager to this fax number(972) 916-4616. Capital one bank. please include a call back number so they can contact and confirm. This purchase was not authorized for this amount. I want my money returned ASAP !!!!

  27. I was planning on ordering one—Um No THANKS! Got enough head aches…Not after reading these Genie Bra complaints.

  28. Unhappy customer

    Received my tastiwave cookware today,was so excited, when I opened it the pans were all scratched and the rubber on each lids was cracked really bad. The quick start reference guide says to read everything carefully before use and if missing, damaged or scratched parts call customer service, no were on any papers that were sent to me could I find this number and believe me I looked several times.

    Finally decided to go on the computer, I found the site, decided to look at the reviews before I called them so glad I did, fires in microwave melting parts, food tasting funny, ruined microwaves.

    Scared to use the product at this point , phoned them to return it, turns out they will refund the product but not the shipping and handling charge which I was told was $14.95 but when I received it, it was $34.99 ( because I live in Canada ), so to returned the product it cost the same,my total to return it would be about $68.00 total.
    Not much point in returning it, will still be out just as much.
    stuck with a piece crape.


    unhappy customer

  29. I got the item less then two weeks.. it does what it suppose to do.. remember to read all the instructions before you use it.. food has never tasted so good.. Tastiwave really works. worth the money 🙂

  30. Jim says:
    March 9, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    This is an obvious shill for the company. All these companies have people who post of just this type of forum to praise the product so people will believe them and try the product. They hope to cancel out all the bad reviews, but in this case I don’t think it will work since there are so many terrible reviews. I happened on this site when I was researching the product since I had never heard of it before.
    I bought a brand new in the box Tastiwave this morning at a tag sale and thought it was odd that someone was selling it even though it was never even used. Now I know why!

    I think I’m just gonna toss mine in the trash. Better to waste the $2 I paid for it than to chance ruining my microwave or even catching my house on fire!

  31. Thank God that my grandson was with me when I viewed this infomercial. He saved me a lot of time, money, and embarrassment. I was going to buy these for a Christmas present for all my children. Forget that now that I have read these complaints.

  32. With all these negative comments about chef Tonys Tastiwave I think he should have a Try before you buy policy! I was going to order one but don’t think I will now!

  33. Purchased an upgraded unit plus Recipe book and paid $129.80.I received shipment today. Opened one carton. Surprise nowhere does your ad state that the microwave requires a rotary table.NOWHERE.One can be used by my daughter and the other I returned to you a post at a cost of 12.00. plus 8 miles to post office and 1 hour of my time. I am told that I am going to receive a credit of $39.95.(2011-121275) So the one unit plus book cost me $100.00. What a bargain!!

    Henry Greene

  34. I used the Tastiwave after I received it to cook chicken. After five minutes the handle on the dome melted and the melted portion mixed with the chicken and spoiled the food because of the strong burnt odor. I suggest that the handle material should be changed with a better one that will resist microwave heat.

    • Marcos, I hope you will use their money back guarantee policy and tell them about this. Your review saved me a lot of hassle and money.

    • ya says right here: Notaro is NOT a chef as his nickname would suggest. Since his beginnings in the 1970s he has risen to become one of the most successful infomercial hosts in history. now I just watched his new ” cut n cup ” a measuring cup with blades that slice and measure for you all at once. plus its apparently ” dishwasher safe and comes with a lid to cover the blades. and comes with a dicer blade as well. wonder how well that would work…….

  35. Boy am I glad I checked here first! Y’all just save me a lot of money & hassles as there is NO WAY I would buy junk that could start a fire OMG! Does someone’s house have to burn down before they shut down Tastiwave???

    It is also obvious there are a couple rude people paid to post good comments here as nobody would be on this site again after posting that the Tastiwave is junk & the company a rip off. If they have to do that, just more proof what a scam they are ha ha ha.

    Thanks you for saving me money! It is true, if it’s a TV infomercial 95% of it is just junk.

    • I am so glad I read the reviews before considering the purchase of this item.. Thank you all so much… It is a shame something like this does not work and even more of a shame that it is allowed to be advertised to an unsuspecting public on national television.

      Again thank you all for your comments very much you saved me a lot of trouble

      E. Evans

  36. Do not buy!!!!!!! I bought it and it worked very well for several minutes, turning and putting more time on the micro. Suddenly flames and smoke appeared! The connecting nut/bolt that connected the knob to the top was on fire! The knob remained intact however the bolt was on fire in my microwave!!!! Don’t these people do their research BEFORE they manufacture the product and put it out on the market to be bought????? Seems to me that SOMEONE should have thought about the nut/bolt that connected the knob to the top!!! Hello??? Got a refund for a defected product! Don’t even bother!

    • I bought the tasty wave also- I had the same problem that mary had except I stood in front of my microwave oven and in a minutes flat my microwave oven started smoking and the knob was melting in front of my eyes- I hurried and took the tasty wave out- I couldn’t believe my eyes to the horror that I saw-if I would have walked away my house would of caught fire. It is such a beautiful product that can’t go to waste, not for the microwave, but it can be used on a electric stove. I cook my meats and casseroles, I also steam veggies and cook eggs-take the pots off of the stove and set them back on their heating elements to keep the food hot. That’s what I use them for not the microwave.

  37. I read all the comments above with disbelief. Haven’t you learned not to buy anything from an infomercial or TV ad? Don’t ever give your credit card information to one of these people. They sell JUNK. They will always make “mistakes” in billing, add surprise charges, etc. If you see someone selling something, ANYTHING, on TV switch the channel.

    • John I agree, and the product NEVER NEVER works as good at home as on TV, been charged hundreds for “travel club” when buying a $10 item, so I have a better suggestion. If I really want some item anyway, I go to eBay and buy “As Seen on TV” products there cheaper and use PayPal (a secure online bank) so I don’t have to give out credit card info to strangers. Many products are great. For example I love my magic bullet blender.

      When you buy from infomercials, they SAY there’s a money back guarantees….IF you can ever follow all the long list of requirements for returns and contact customer service. That’s usually impossible, but with eBay, you talk directly to the seller who serves you well or gets in trouble with eBay, and if no satisfaction there, PayPal refunds your money.

  38. I got snookered, the product does not in any way work as Chef (?) Tony and lovely lady said and showed on T.V.

    It does not brown and I certainly question the complete cooking of the meats, unless it is very thin. I am a retired

    Criminal Investigator with the PA State Police and in my opinion these folks should be looked at by the Federal State Attorneys offices, as well as the States Attorney General Office. This is the last item I will ever purchase through TV without first Googling or Binging to see remarks.

    S/Ron C. Tyger.

    • I am glad I checked the reviews, the spot looked good on TV ..but the RED FLAG always goes up for me when it is buy one/get one FREE ,but you have to pay separate S&H….So the company makes $30 no matter what, $30 X how many million orders…If a product is so great the company would offer a complete refund plus S&H..and it is not uncommon I have run into a few (very few) products to make that commitment,and to me that is pretty much the LITMUS TEST of buying these products….It is the old saying “if it is too good to be true”

    • So true! I check reviews for every product now and I’m grateful people leave comments to help others!

  39. We are having problems with the cooking of the meats. Only one side of the grill pan seems to cook the meat. Could it be the base unit is not working properly? Where do I send this item for a refund?

  40. Seemed too good to be true but the dead giveaway was the fact that people were paid for their testimonial. Screamed to me: “Yeah right”! Glad I checked the comments here.

  41. The cookware warped the third time I used it. The inner lining chipped off after just a half dozen uses and got so hot it melted the inside lining of my microwave. There is absolutely no phone contact number on any of the literature that came with the cookware. Cannot recommend. Would like my money back!

  42. Really not satisfied with this product. All the reviews that say it is cheaply made are true. I carefully washed the pan and accessories with hot soapy water and when I attempted to my first meal in it, the smell was incredibly toxic. I don’t think this product can be identified as “Healthy” in anyway. I Through the food out, washed the pans and put back in the box. If someone at customer service answers my call, I want to return today, if not, an expensive lesson learned. Chef Tony needs to watch the postal infomercials “If it fits it ships”. Shipping charge is outrageous and Non refundable. Be smart, read the reviews and pass it up.

  43. I am glad I researched the comment page….it looked too good to be true on the infomercial, that always leaves me skeptical…putting metal in a microwave oven…I don’t think so, they have that trick video presentation. I think I will check out the Nu-Wave oven….that had many good comments!

    • Hi! I was checking reviews for this product and saw your comment about looking into the NuWave oven. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s actually worth the cost. It even cooks sirloin steaks to perfection (which is a real plus in the winter time and it’s too cold to outside and use the grill). I recommend it.

      • I also have the Nuwave oven. I’ve had mine for about 5 or 6 years now. I use it at least 2 to 3 times per week… sometimes much more. I love it. It is definitely worth the cost. My parents even love my cooking now. It has really enhanced my cooking to say the least. I actually like to cook on it. Nuwave is one of the best products that I’ve ever bought from an infomercial. Side note… I think the Pasta Boat is the next best product from an infomercial. No more gummy pasta for me. 🙂

    • DO NOT BUY the NUWAVE either. I’ve sent mine back for a refund, spoke and emailed back and forth with several different “people.” Gave them all the information, but they claimed they never received the returned unit, even though I supplied the name of the person who received it for them. This was two years ago, and have never received my refund.

      Why did I return it? Does not cook anything without turning it into rubber – a steak that was fresh. Or it burns it. Save your money on this too otherwise you will never see it again if you have to return it.

  44. Didn’t read this blog till now. Ordered on website this morning but they charged me for 4 sets instead of 2 and there was no way to correct the error. Once your VISA info is loaded you never get the opportunity to adjust the items you are ordering and then confirm order. THAT IS A SCAM!!! No number to call to assist. Just called my Credit card company and they are canceling the order. PLEASE do not buy this stuff….they are crooks. I’m contacting the State Attorney General to see if there are any other complaints on this shoddy company.

    • I was charged for 4 units instead of the 2 I ordered. I received it in timely fashion but had no invoice and no customer service number to call to get a return authorization number or address. I looked online for Allstar Products that markets this and the phone number was disconnected. I don’t know if it works or not but the instructions say it must be used in a microwave with a rotating tray. I have one of the newer microwaves that has a tray that moves left to right during cooking. They don’t tell you this upfront. I am contacting the state’s attorney general. DO NOT BUY!!!

  45. I bought 2 TastiWave and was excited to use it,I read the directions carefully and did what they said,when my meal was finished and I started eating it, it had a weird taste and I thought it was the meal so I used it again and I got the same taste, what was more depressing was when went to get my food out it stuck to the pan and when I cleaned it the material started coming off so I wasn’t able to use it again. Thought when I needed to get in touch to with the co. that wasn’t a problem so I’m just waiting on them send the return labels .

  46. The products works but doesn’t last very long! There is such a thin layer of Teflon on it that after washing it with a sponge a few times, it began to rust! If foil could be put inside the unit to limit the necessity of having to clean it so often & a thicker coating of Teflon on the unit, They might have a decent product. All of the replacements they want to send is never going to eliminate this problem. It is made with a lot of corners cut! Cheaply!

    • I don’t have a tasty wave but was looking into it but had a suggestion for you since you can’t use foil you could try parchment paper. It would help with clean up and is okay for microwave ovens. Hope it works for you. I know how much it sucks getting something and then not being able to use it.

  47. Dear Sir:

    I ordered three units, not four, which is what I received. Also, I ordered one Cookbook. I do not wish to be charged for the fourth unit. My order came to approximately $135.00. What do you want me to do with the fourth unit?

    Frank Blake

    • I just wanted to say I read through all the posts, I think everyone on here are idiots…most of the bad reviews look like they came from the same person. Like someone was mad about what they got charged when they didn’t know how to properly order the product. For one, they put 2 sets in their order when they only had to put 1 in quantity and the second one comes automatically. On the cooking results, most of these people dont even know how to work their microwaves, some people have a high power microwave and the setting is on max…and they dont know how to change it to adjust the cooking. All these posts seem like the same guy re-posting over and over a bunch of untrue things. For example someone said the plastic knob melted after 1:30 that is a joke, that could never happen in a normal microwave after a minuted I put plastic bowls in mine and cook rice for 12 minutes on high. I mean come on dude just because you had a bad experience you are trying to convince others they will have a bad experience. Maybe everyone else is not as stupid as you…so quit posting untrue stuff and cry a river. I would suggest people use their knocking and try it for 39 dollars what can you lose if u can get it to work like a charm. Another reason I dont believe anyone on here is because they give no details, just say it was a bad or shipping was high, due to them not knowing how to order. Have you noticed no one has posted any specific details about their settings, and how each thing came out. Besides a stupid statement it didn’t work, it didn’t cook like it claimed…that’s why its a dead giveaway someone is spam posting, maybe their competitor. Don’t believe everything you read on these post alone. I suggest looking on a few other forums!

      • Yeah, right, the same person wrote like 120 different reviews?

        Read reviews of this product on other sites, most people are not happy with the product and or the company. The thing does not work like the infomercial claims it will, which is seldom a surprise w/ the crap they sell on TV. The company intentionally makes the ordering process misleading to trick people into paying a lot more than they wanted to.

        I hope the law catches up with companies that rip off people with defective merchandise & deceptive practices.

      • So pleased I read the reviews. Will not purchase until flaws get corrected. Obviously, the one pro-writer is a company guy!!! I also love my Magic Bullet – works great. The Flavorwave Over works really well & doesn’t heat the kitchen as would a conventional oven. Some things are worth buying from TV ads. AG.

      • You’re an absolute moron. These people are trying to save other people like themselves from a terrible product. No, it’s not “one guy who got pissed” that posted all of these reviews. Use the half of a brain you have and think about how impossible and illogical that actually is. You go out and buy yourself a hundred TastiWaves if you think the product is so worthwhile. As far as this forum goes, however, it would be best to keep your incredibly stupid comments to yourself. Especially if they’re as incredibly stupid as “it’s all one angry guy”. Enjoy your TastiWave, for I’m assuming you have one. I hope you haven’t grown attached to your house, for I’m sure it will be ashes if you leave your microwave for more than a minute.

      • Man, are you hearing yourself? Sure you heat you plastic bowls and plates, but do you put a bolt in them first. My Aunt bought one of these and just about lost her house. Luckily we found a use for those shamwow towels she bought and beat the fire out with them. You must be making a pretty penny from these folks to scam people with that crap. I think it was an “ID10T error that caused them to buy those.

  48. I’m glad I didn’t buy this junk. You dial the 1-800 number and there are no real people to talk to?? Then you click “order”, this page pops up, and there is a 1-877 number but the number is disconnected. I’m always skeptical of websites where there’s no one to answer your questions about the product.

    In our busy lives, we are always looking for fast ways to do things, unfortunately the best, healthiest way to cook is still the old-fashioned, traditional way which is slow cooking in the oven or stove-top.

    Thank you for all your posts.

  49. I found your ordering site very confusing. I only wanted to order the buy one and get one free and pay s&h for both. I ended up buying a an extra set that I did not want. I do not have a receipt as my printer jammed and could not print receipt. Won’t ever order thru you again!

  50. Congratulations to those of you that decided NOT to buy this product, after reading these threads! Anyone that would believe the (obviously planted) four or five “Pro” statements among the vast majority of “Con” would be insane! If you want great tasting foods at near microwave speeds and be able to feed a family, then try the “Super Wave” oven from Bed Bath and Beyond … It’s a real cooking appliance that will take up countertop space but, IT WORKS! The only effortless way to get Great Tasting food, fast and without clean-up is to GO OUT and eat.

    • Thank you for the info. The Tastiwave looked to good to be true but I still wanted it. Now I do not. Thank you again.

      • I am so glad I read this blog. I was planning on ordering this product, and though I was thinking “way to good to be true”, I still was ready to be suckered. Thanks again.

        • I am so glad I read some of these blogs!!! My husband kept telling me to order this. Luckily the phone number changed to some kind of containers for sale. I went on line and saw this website. I just saved lots of money and aggravation. Although the idea is wonderful there is nothing like doing your own grilling and baking!!!!


    I wish I NEVER even went to the web site! I was trying to just see the cost of I were to buy one! The website processed the order and wouldn’t let me cancel the order when I NEVER confirmed the order in the first place! Don’t even go to the web site!

    Once the product came in, I tried to give it a chance. Guess what! It SO does not live up to the claims!! It truly is a piece of crap. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  52. Thanks for the info. on the Tastiwave. I was going to buy one, but changed my mind. Everyone should know that when you put anything plastic in the microwave, it is going to melt. This product sounded like the Ronco food dehydrator I bought. After two uses, the trays just fell apart and I had to throw them away. That was cheaper than paying to return it to them.

  53. I have no idea what happen to it—when we moved I packed it in its original box. It turned the inside of my oven black and the apartment filled up with some fumes that made it impossible to breath. It also made it impossible to stay in the apartment. We went back inside after a half hour—the smell was still there but at least we could breath with out it hurting our lungs.

    Order Number: 199390466

  54. I have never heard so many complains about a product. I too was going to order it, but I’m not taking a chance. Thanks everyone.

  55. Thanks to all for your comments. Sorry to many of you that have gotten ‘burned’ by purchasing this product. The advertising on TV looked liked something that may have worked for my husband and I, and we are constantly on the go and time is of the essence for us, but I can now see that I just saved myself money by checking.
    Thanks again.

  56. What a ripoff!!! I should have known better, or at least researched customer reviews before ordering. Big mistake! Not quite sure how the TV trick is done where everything cooked in the TastiWave looks beautiful, but it doesn’t do anything it promised. Now I am out the $14.95 S&H PLUS the cost to return it. And how do you return it? You should not have to be a paralegal to research the return procedures. Food (steaks/HB/chicken) placed in the middle of the pan burns or is WAY overcooked in the middle and WAY UNDER cooked on the outside edges. You can’t cook 2 steaks or burgers at once in the pan, since one side is burnt and the other is RARE! Durable, HA! Followed the instructions to the letter, even cooking it a little less time than stated in the instructions. Never tried to clean it until the next day when fully cooled. Never used anything abrasive on it to cook or clean, yet the non-stick coating rubbed off and the grill press WARPED. You guys are cheats. Wish you lived down here on the bayou so me and the boys could pay you a visit.

  57. You bozos no nothing about cooking. Always looking for an easy way out. You got what you deserved haha Tony is the best and I like him. He like my second cousin on my grandmother’s father’s side.

    • And my second cousin is a Lutheran minister up in Alberta, but that does not make me a god or the product a good one either. If you know Tony so well, you know he is no more a chef than you or I are & you have a biased opinion. You have to graduate from culinary school to be a chef. He is like that annoying fat lady, Kathy whatshername that sells infomercial junk too- paid pitchman.

      I am not a chef and I can make fast, delicious & healthy meals without a flammable rubber chicken pan.

    • Steve, You sound like a “crook’s lawyer”… hope you got paid enough to salve your conscious for your “pro remarks”. I wouldn’t be so quick to brag about being related to someone who’s quickly being proved a scam artist.

  58. WOW…the first 10 negative reviews of this product is enough to talk me out of purchasing it. I was about to buy this thing. So glad I didn’t.

  59. Thanks every one for your input. I almost bought one. I love to cook and will continue the old fashion way and cook on top the stove and in my oven.

  60. my mother ordered two Tastiwaves for Christmas gifts. JUNK, she is on a fixed income and does not have money to spend on junk that is allowed to be sold on tv. They say in the advertisement “money back guarantee”, There is no return address or phone number to call to mail this junk back to, so for this reason, and all your feedback of complaints, I am turning you over to BBB and CON/report. HOPEFULLY this will stop you from scamming people out of there money.

  61. I received my Tastiwave and have been using it for two weeks. I am very satisfied I made the chicken & asparagus the first day. I had large chicken breasts so after the required cooking time, I left the chicken on the griddle and took out the asparagus. It was lightly charred on the bottom and was very tasty. About five minutes later, I took out the chicken breast and ate it.

    I am on a specific diet and can only eat the chicken breast. I don’t care how you cook a breast it is always dry and tasteless. But I have lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks so I continue to eat it. But I mix up 3/4 cup of low sugar ketchup, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce and 1 tbsp splenda. After cooking the chicken, I slather it on, put the lid back on for a few minutes and the chicken is edible.

    I scratched the griddle pan (my bad) so I called customer service. They responded in 4 minutes. I asked to buy a replacement and they were so nice and told me they would replace it. Thanks TastiWave!

  62. After reading these comments, you would have to be crazy to buy one of these! Even if the product did work the multiple comments about the hassles with contacting the company would keep me away. For us good customer service is just as important as the product. Guarantees where you have to pay to return wrong or defective stuff or can’t even call them about it are worthless. Face it, almost all the infomercial stuff is junk and the companies that sell it are the same as this one. Wait until you can get what you see on TV at a store like Target, Walmart or Kmart where you can look at the product first (almost never looks like it does on TV LOL!) and where there is no hassle to return something. My wife wanted those Snuggie things on TV and when she saw one at a store she could see it was so thin you could read through it and made from something that felt like compressed paper. Money saved! The government really needs to regulate the companies selling stuff on informercials as most of it is junk or a scam and then you can’t contact the company to resolve a problem.

  63. Thanks for warning me – almost bought it for my son in his dorm room, don’t want a fire and worrying about that! Thank you all for your honesty, was difficult to find this thread. Company dominates web.

  64. Thank goodness I found this thread. Was going to purchase for my son to use in dorm. Do I want him to have a fire? Absolutely not and he may have left it in microwave without noticing as he went to do his school work. Difficult to find these negative reviews as Tastiwave dominates most of the web with their ads. Thank you all for warning me, I am very grateful.

    • Something that they won’t tell you the name of that was sprayed on it in China that you had better hope it isn’t toxic. It’s obviously not Teflon as they would use it as a selling point if it were.

      It flakes off and burns, that much we know LOL! Good luck

  65. I purchased the Tastiwave after Christmas. I received it Thursday. Today I tried to cook 2 Hamburgers. I pre heated the base and grill pan. I placed the 2 patties in the pan and the grill press. About 1:30 seconds I smelled burning plastic. The plastic knob on the grill press was melting. I shut off the microwave just before it burst into flame. To me this is a piece of junk. I see by other reviews they are having a hard time finding a place to return it. When they advertised it they said there was a money back guarantee. Is this another scam!

    • Thanks, this info should have been in the instruction manual. Just received my two Tastiwave units. I was going to try it today but after reading the reviews, specially regarding a fire in the microwave, I’m not so sure. What do you think?

  66. I had ordered 1 set of TastiWave and I received to-day 2 boxes containing the same 6 components when I should have received 1 set plus the 1 G. grill pan and H.deluxe griddle pan for total price of $39.95 plus $14.95 shipping. There is no invoice in the boxes. How much did they charge me?

  67. I received the Tastiwave as a Christmas present. My only complaint is that anything placed in the middle of the required pan seems to burn, whereas anything on the outside cooks, but slowly. I’ve tried quite a few recipes and all in all they were quite good if you can overlook the burn spots. I would mention that NOWHERE in the instructions does it say to place the lid on the required pan when preheating. That might be the problem some of you had with the lid melting. Not sure it will replace my normal way of cooking, but I’m going to keep it, and keep experimenting.

  68. I have used microwave cookers like this TastiWave before, and NONE of them have worked in real usage like what is demonstrated on TV. The one I used is almost identical to the Tastiwave in concept and design- it uses black plastic plates to supposedly convert Microwaves into heat. Needless to say, I sent my Microwave cooker back, because it didn’t work at all. It was a fraudulent product. The sad truth is, these products simply don’t work as advertised, and none of the infomercials are even remotely truthful. This “Chef Tony” guy is not a cook, but another in a long list of TV infomercial hucksters trying to con us into believing what he paid to say.

  69. Wow! FYI, I just talked to a former co-worker I had not heard from in a long time and she told me she is now making some money “spamming” anyplace she can about a particular weight loss product which she coincidentally also sells from a website. She is paid to make posts saying how great it is and how she lost lots of weight (She has never even used the product or lost any weight since I have known her and the photos she posts where she is able are not her but ones the company supplied her with.) So, yes, there really are people out there w/ multiple user names/ accounts etc. who are paid to spend their time making fake posts that a product works. She thinks it sucks, but she desperately needs to make money from home while she cares for her elderly mom and that was all she could find so far. She only does the weight loss product, but, when you read those too good to be true posts about Tastiwave or some other gizmo or pill, wonder if it is someone they are paying to make them.

    • I suspected that this was the case with HSN and QVC. I have never bought anything from TV that was decent, worth the money or didn’t break within the first few uses. Glad some one admits to these tactics.

    • Thanks Kathryn! I also had suspected this was what was going on, but it’s good to hear it confirmed. I think we can judge a product by the amount of negative comments.. and ignore the phony positive ones. If there are a lot of negatives with the same complaint, it’s safe to assume the truth!! 🙂

  70. December 25, 2010 at 1:30pm

    The TastiWave was given to my Mother, as a Christmas gift. Upon opening
    her present, we both read the instructions and the manual on proper use
    of the pan set. Mother wanted to prepare one of the recipes for our
    Christmas dinner. She had a microwave with 1000Watt, it had a revolving
    turntable, and he interior met the measurements for the pan. At first she
    was pleased, until she turn the microwave on, then disaster…… Just in
    less the 2 minutes there was fire and smoke coming from Dome Lid…….
    the knob on top burnt/melted – now it is unusable. As soon as she seen
    the fire, she turned the microwave off. The temperature on the microwave was set on medium temperature, so the fire should not have happened/
    The microwave was only two months old, purchased by Brother for her
    Birthday, which was in November. Now The Microwave Is Unusable…….
    The smell is terrible, and inside has burned places.
    Would I recommend this product——not in a thousand years…………..
    Just for your knowledge on the booklet and instruction the tell you to
    call their customer service, but nowhere in the book is there a number to
    contact them. Buyer beware. If only I had read these comments before
    I ordered, my Mother would still have a new microwave……….

  71. Just received merchandise and I was disappointed…only instructions and no invoice or packing label…no where on TV is there any mention of the size of the microwave or that a turntable is required…I had to look up customer service on the internet and when I did get to someone there was a total lack of professionalism…sounded like the rep was chewing gum and was told that modern microwaves have a turntable…I advised her that this is built in and I am renting so I can not alter this appliance and now it is going to cost me to return it and on top I loose my shipping and handling…so I am paying for an item I can not use…I wish I would have seen this website before so I could read all the comments that would have prevented me from wasting my time and money.

  72. I think the people that say Tastiwave doesn’t work must not be able to follow directions. We have had this for about 2 weeks and I have used it several times. It works great. It takes about the same time as if you would use a Foreman Grill, but it is WAY easier to clean. It cooks great. The only thing is that you need to read the manual and follow the directions. For people that think they can get away without doing that, that is why you are having problems. There are specific things you need to follow in order to use it properly.

    I would give this TastiWave 4 stars. The only reason for that is that we did have some trouble with the shipping. They sent us too many. BUT, my husband called customer service and they handled it great and gave us no problems.

    If you are considering buying this product, don’t let the bad reviews stop you. It works great.

    • Yeah, RIGHT! Total B.S.! Nice touch reporting a non-problem as the only “problem” !, that they sent you too many! Yeah, that really happened and that Chinese piece-of-crap really worked, right!

    • I bought the Tastiwave and so far have been very satisfied. I cooked a chicken breast today and it came out looking like I had cooked it on the grill. also very juicy and tender. I put the base and the grill top (no cover) in for 2:30 minutes. Put the chicken in, put the grill cover on and cooked it on one side for 2 minutes, turned it over and cooked it for another minute. came out wonderful. this is a 4 oz chicken breast. I wouldn’t say that the pan burned but it looked a little dry like some of the juice from the chicken might have dried from the high temp but it cleaned right up. This might solve that problem. My microwave is 1200 watts and seems to be fine.

  73. It’s $40 dollars in America, believe me it’s even worse priced in Britain. In total, the price for the, what I’ve read pile of crap product, comes to a total of around £67, which in USD is $105. In all, it’d be a better product if I cut off my ear, and offered everyone a replica ear at the low, low price of $12.

  74. The TastiWave infomercial I watched said you’d get two for $39 so I added the $20 upgrade they charged my CC $149 and I never submitted the order.

    • You were on an ordering website, why would you put in your credit card info if you didn’t want to buy the product!?

  75. I will be asking for a STOP on the non-order I placed. Went as far as entering the CC information but did not place the order. Decided to check TastiWave reviews left by users first. Next thing I knew I got an order confirmation. I will be asking for a my CC to be credited.

    This product sounds like a total rip-off according to those who have it. I thought it would be a great Christmas gift but I think it is a piece of junk instead.

    • Its an ordering website! It doesn’t work like Amazon! Why would you put in you CC info first if you didn’t intend on ordering?!? I love my Tastiwave!

  76. Thanks, Everyone,

    I was about to buy seven of these things, for Christmas gifts. The problems I just read about, saved me from a huge mistake.

    Thanks, again.

  77. I tried and tried, using voice AND telephone keys, to order the Tastiwave- but the insane automated telephone purchasing system WOULDN’T ACCEPT MY INFORMATION. So, after 5 attempts, I went to this computer site to order it, however, when I read all the negative Tastiwave reviews from people who did receive the product, I decided NOT TO ORDER IT! Why are they still selling such an inferior product?

  78. Once again another as seen on tv product that doesn’t work. If you check the address as to where it come from.. Beware…dont buy it. Anyone in Wallingford CT.. is a rip off. Why does it take 2-6 week to ship?? When the already have the credit card number and got the money.

    I ordered a Joan River’s product from same town and took forever to get an answer and refund.. So beware…if it says Wallingford CT… Any kind of product, don’t buy it.

  79. Another unhappy customer, that’s me. No sales slip, just a charge on my credit card. Had to find an address and a phone number on their web site. I am an accomplished cook and thought this might cut cooking time. It doesn’t. What with all the taking out and putting back in, turning etc – forget it, I can do that just as fast on the stove top. Between a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a regular stove and a microwave oven I can do just fine without this piece of overpriced Teflon coated junk. Constantly having to worry about not damaging the coating is a pain also. There are no directions on how to store this ugly red thing without damaging the Teflon.

    I only cooked one recipe (the roasted veggies) from the book, no grill marks but I did have some burnt pieces on the bottom. The veggies also were not properly cooked although I had potatoes in there which were cut into very small pieces and they were still half raw even after cooking them for twice the recommended time as my oven is only 1000 watts. No mention was made of the required wattage in the infomercial.
    The thing is a good idea but it doesn’t work as described, it is cumbersome to cook in it.

    Is there anything good about this? In my case the shipping time was unbelievable: I ordered it on Friday and received it the following Tuesday and all the pieces were there. Since the company is located in Ct and I am in CA that’s quite an accomplishment.

    Nevertheless, it’s going back. Now let’s see if they are as fast processing my refund as they were in charging my card and sending the item out to me

  80. I only read 2 positive reviews about this TastiWave cookware! If it did what the infomercial said, it would be fabulous. Nothing in these comments gives me any reason to purchase it. I will hold on to my money. Thank You!

  81. I received the TastiWave On Wednesday November 10, it only took 2 1/2 weeks to come and I had ordered the deeper well,everything was in the box and it had instructions and some recipes, I wish it came with more. I absolutely love it. Now my microwave is only 900 watts, so I adjust accordingly. I love to cook, so you should be used to adjusting, substituting, we like to call it winging it in the kitchen. The instructions did say to let it cool down then clean. Don’t use any utensils that can scratch, and none of the coating has come off. I’m not sure why people are having trouble or why they didn’t get their whole purchase orders, but I have not had any problems at all. And as a cook, I do recommend the Tastiwave and I MEAN I LOVE TO COOK………..

    Now the only thing I didn’t like, you’re right, it didn’t come with an Invoice and the Credit Card Receipt is the only proof. So the Tastiwave Company should change that. And over half of the people aren’t exactly what they’re portraying on the commercials and a lot are. Oh Well! As long as the product works………I mean we shouldn’t be buying everything anyways, my budget won’t allow it….but I have cooked a lot with the NEW TASTIWAVE AND I ADJUST AND IT WORKS…


    • Thanks Terry, I have a Tastiwave and have used it with no problems. One recipe took longer to cook but all went well. If I had read the reviews I would not have bought one. But so far so good. I work long hours and this is perfect for getting a healthy meal on the table in a short while. I really hope I am not going to face the problems people have stated on these reviews. if people are paid for good reviews are they also paid for bad reviews. SO FAR I LOVE THE TASTIWAVE.

        • I got my Tastiwave back in December of 2010 I have had no problems with it at all I made hamburgers with it to night I had shrimp and yellow rice two nights ago and both were grate when I go to the store I take the quick cook recipe guide with me that way I know what my weeks meals are going to be I wish they had more recipe I will be making baked ziti for dinner tomorrow night and I will video tape it and put it on youtube under cecerick

  82. I ordered two of these TastiWaves and only received on.The order came to $79.00 approx.Never received the rest. How do I check on this?

    • Go to the Tastiwave official website. There is a button for customer service. Click it and it will give you a phone number. Talk to the customer service person about it.

  83. Just received my two Tasti-Waves, with a letter saying two of the deluxe pans are not included and not available sorry giving me 10.00 credit. Any problem call customer service number – It is no where – on the letter sent apologizing for the delay and minus the two deluxe pans, or in the cookbook. Returning this for full refund plus shipping costs. As soon as I can find a customer service number. Also commercial never mentioned cool for 60 minutes, or 1100 degree oven or revolving base necessary or the dimensions necessary. Please – someone send me the number or I’ll have to research it out from Merchandise Direct in Ct. or Allstar Products. Also, no invoice included! Terrible stuff. It’s going back! – if you have the address or cust serv number please sent it to me thanks.

  84. Like some other TastiWave reviews that I just read, I certainly wish I had checked this blog BEFORE I wasted my money on this piece of junk! I tried “grilling” hamburgers in mine last night, following the instructions exactly as directed. Not only did my burgers NOT have the infamous grill marks (that the TV commercial shows) at the end of the prescribed time, but they STILL didn’t after I cooked them for an ADDITIONAL SIX minutes! They weren’t the least bit browned; they had a very unappetizing gray look to them.

    What a joke – and a big waste of money. BTW, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that “Chef” Tony is only a pitch man. It shows in his TV demeanor.

    Save your money! This is a fraud!!

  85. I purchased the TastiWave. I read the instruction book carefully. I had a full size table top microwave (17 in.). I placed the wave into my microwave and it fitted comfortably with the dome on. Plenty of room.

    I proceeded to warm the TastiWave for 2 1/2 minutes with the dome on. The micro began to smoke. The plastic handle on the TastiWave caught fire. We quickly pulled the electrical plug from the circuit.

    The TastiWave handle is made out of a plastic material which melted. My micro wave was ruined because of the soot and horrible smell of burnt plastic. It had a horrible chemical smell.

    I wouldn’t recommend this product – the box says “patent pending”.

    I was lucky to catch the fire. Please do not leave your Tasti Wave unattended when using.


  86. Really sorry! I got took on another ‘red’ colored cooking item that looks a lot like this TastiWave – you all know which one I mean – like this almost all bad reviews. Well, now I decided to read reviews before i’d order one. Unlucky me has not always had a computer to do the double check on reviews like this one. Also,these things come to the stores sooner or later – walmart, kmart, bed bath & beyond – and i’d look there. You can buy the item now and not wait 2 weeks with no show, check the contents to make sure it is all there, instructions included and check that it is not used. Then hang on to your slip so you can exchange it and get your money back with no problem if it malfunctions or does not do what it says. This seems to be the safest scam-free way to try it out. Then you can come on this site and add your comments yea or nay. This device could be a godsend to people with restricted diets so I am intrigued by it. I myself will check the stores and try one out when I can get one and to be sure, I will post my experience!

  87. My microwave is 12 x12.5 x 8 they say in the instructions it needs to be at least 14 x14 x 7.75 inches, can I use this TastiWave in mine. They do not mention in the commercial that these measurements are a minimum size or the cooking times are based on 1100 watt microwave they need to do there home work and give information based on the equipment used in this country IS THIS PRODUCT SAFE TO USE IN MY MICROWAVE OR DO I HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE OR RETURN THE TASTIWAVE.

  88. On 11-6-2010 I ordered two product code 22038 by mistake. How can I get it back to one? Also how do I contact TastiWave?

    • So does “Steve”, who is probably also “Frank” LOL! They pay people to make positive posts for junk, but so many negative posts about the product & company from real people do not lie.

  89. 11/3/2010
    I received my Tastiwave today, I thought it was a new one I ordered but it was not. The seal, which looks like a rubber band was split, and instruction say do not use if seal is broken. The package had been re-taped, the packing inside was re-taped and some of the Styrofoam was broke where the unit had been put back in the box. after I spent an hour looking for my receipt to contact the company, there is NO contact information on it or the box or inside on any of there printed information, except to contact customer service. They really make it hard to contact them. Don’t know if it works I found where I can return it, but I pay for shipping both ways.

  90. I ordered the Tastiwave Cook Ware by mail, on 10/11/10, paid for with check#6365. I have not received my order. what is the problem?

  91. I am watching this TastiWave infomercial right now as I type in this message. You will get nothing but samonella or any other type of food poisoning, as well as a busted product and a microwave from using this product

    As a former hospital/nursing home food service worker, foods have to be cooked at a certain temperature in order to destroy samonella and bacteria.

    Do yourselves a favor. Save your money and cook the traditional way.

    • Whether you’re using conventional cooking methods or the Tastiwave you need to check the internal temperature of chicken after cooking to be sure it’s safe. A small meat thermometer (not expensive) should be part of your kitchen equipment. You can easily check online to see what temperatures are required for the meat your cooking.There’s no need to trash one method of cooking over another, meat can be undercooked whatever method your using.

    • Well, as a former hospital/nursing home food service worker, you need to be smart enough to USE A THERMOMETER!

  92. Hi, I ordered the Tastiwave cookware about 2 weeks ago and I have not yet received it. How long does it take to be delivered.


  93. I was given one of these to try and after attempting to cook the same things as shown on the Infomercial, I can say that it is indeed a piece of junk. I have a powerful microwave, top of the line with large capacity. The TastiWave does not “grill” chicken or meat and does only a fair job on fish. There were no instructions in the sealed box I received so I had to watch the infomercial and go to the website to get the suggested times. In my opinion the foods that are show were given at least some help with appearance by use of a stove-top grill pan. Frankly this is a total waste of money, particularly for people on limited incomes who are looking for an easier way to prepare healthy foods.

    It is a shame that people are bamboozeled by pitchmen like this so-called “chef” who is anything but. Being a fast talker does not equate to being a professional cook.

    • And your credentials are exactly what Andrea? Chef Tony is great. If you learned to read, you could prepare any food in the Tastiwave. You need to learn to read and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

  94. PS- I checked and “Chef Tony” did not graduate from culinary school and he is NOT a real chef. What he is is a TV pitchman who sells junk on infomercials and says what he is paid to say. Gee, a fake chef selling something that doesn’t do half of what the lousy company says it does; you can fool some of the people some of the time….

    Times are tough & you already own pans that will cook meat & vegetables, so use them and save your money.

  95. Food comes out the same as it would cooking w/ the pans you already have. Save your money – TastiWave does almost nothing it does on the commercial & the teflon flakes off after a couple uses. The fact they have to pay , oh… excuse me, remunerate the people in the commercial should tell you something. If you pay people enough, they’ll say you can cook a twenty five pound turkey in it. I got one as a gift and it was in the trash in less than a month. If you want good food fast from the microwave, buy some Stouffers!

  96. In one word YES! I don`t like chicken without the skin BUT cooking with the TastiWave cooks like it has just come off a grill! Most of all If it can make me eat something I never liked the rest of the Meat`s,Game, and Seafood will be no problem for the TastiWave, also it save on washing-up and the MAIN thing it keeps my Wife happy…

  97. Chef Tony’s TastiWave is one of the finest microwave products available today! The food tastes so good! I have chicken, steak, bacon, sausages, juicy burgers all cooked in the TastiWave and all cooked to perfection at super quick speed. Oh yeah baby! Chef Tony is a nice guy, I’ve known him for a few months now and he’s not a con man as other reviews might suggest… he’s my friend!

  98. I wish I had read these TastiWave reviews before I ordered this product. I just opened it,,and nothing as a guide on how to use it, or cookbook. Why do I have to use my So. Sec. money to print out the directions or cookbook?

    Well, its going back today. I don’t even have to try and cook in it.
    Sad,,people can rip off the people of this country. It hard enough trying to make ends meet.

  99. You can tell from the commercial that the food were not cooked inside the Tastiwave cookware, pay attention to the grill mark on the zucchini …. how the Tastiwave can make grill mark on every piece of vegge?

  100. I can’t believe all the posts asking for usage info. The instruction manual from their website explains 99% of all the questions asked here.

    • Sorry, but do you work for the company? I must have missed the part of the infomercial which told people to order this only if they have internet access and can visit the website and download the instructions from there. In earnest, I had my suspicions about this, and having read so many complaints (and even taking into consideration your defense of this), I’m going to pass!

  101. I was just about to order TastiWave. But after reading all these negative reviews will not buy one thanks for the input.

  102. Biggest piece of junk out there. No paperwork, had to download and printout the recipe guide. NOTHING COOKED CORRECTLY. We have bought many products via infomercials and been happy..NOT so in this case. Also,customer service leaves much to be desired. There is something wrong when you have to address the return box to RETURN RD.

  103. I just received my Tastiwave cooking pan set, but it didn’t include any paperwork, such as packing slip and recipe guide. I hope to enjoy your products. thank you

  104. You guys got a guide with yours. Gosh, you’re lucky. We got no instructions at all save a warning sheet saying not to use the product until we had completely read and understood the (un)enclosed instructions.

    S. A. Blair

  105. Save your money. This piece of junk doesn’t work and they will tack on additional charges for merchandise when you order. BUYER BEWARE!

  106. I have just seen the commercial on telly and I am intrigued that chef Tony and other demonstrators seem to be able to remove and display the so-called cooked food straight out of the microwave with BARE HANDS! And no steam rises when they lift the lid. How does THAT happen? Does this mean that there is some mysterious quality about the material it is made of that keeps really hot food inside, yet the outside remains cool enough to pick up without an oven glove?I don’t think so!

    Is this TastiWave worth buying?

    • not buy this piece of junk; we bought 2, so we could give one as a gift. We are returning both of them; I would be ashamed to give this to anyone.

    • I couldn’t agree more! info como so cheesy it made me sick, love the idea but its a con! frozen steaks in under ten minutes? its fraud. thanks for the advice folks.

  107. This does NOT work. It makes a mess, does NOT cook thoroughly and makes the food taste like a bland piece or shag carpet. Dry and dirty!!

  108. I just bought this Chef Tony’s TastiWave Cookware, and I have to say….it Does Not Work!!!!!! Followed the guide very specifically (not that there were any guidelines) and everything I put in there comes out gross, disgusting, flat, and tasteless.. AWFUL!!! An absolute waste of time and money.

    • Microwave must have a revolving turntable and the interior must measure at least 14” wide x 14” deep x 7 3/4” high.

  109. I just bought this Chef Tony’s TastiWave Cookware, and I have to say….it Does Not Work. I follow the guide very specifically (not that they were very detailed) and everything I put in there comes out disgusting, flat, and tasting as if I hadn’t even used a Tastiwave. Yuck. An absolute waste of time and money.

  110. I’ve just purchased the TastiWave, but the guide doesn’t really tell you a-lot, anyone tell me how to cook chicken breasts on their own and how long, and do I need to turn halfway through cooking, and do I use the griddle lid for these, also can I steam fish and do I put water in the bottom and if so, how much? any good tips will be greatly appreciated

    • I put 2 chicken breast with salt n pepper with some garlic powders and lemon powders and cook for 6min and flip 4more and it came out really nice. My kids love using this products. Have fun..

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