Chef Sheets

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What is Chef Sheets – These are multipurpose cooking sheets that can transform cooking surfaces into nonstick cooking surface that can be cleaned in seconds by just wiping.


Turn regular cooking surfaces into nonstick surfaces

Chef Sheets promise to do away with the pain of spending hours to scrub clean charred or spilled food stuck on cooking surfaces and grills in just seconds and with just the wipe of a cloth. If you love cooking, you must also deal with the annoyance of cleaning up the mess left by eruptions on your pans and grill that take hours of scrubbing to clean and the food chars and cakes on to the grill, which takes backbreaking work for hours to clean too. But the supposedly revolutionary cooking sheets Chef Sheets are meant to turn cooking surfaces into non-stick surfaces that can be cleaned easily.

Also cooks food perfectly and evenly

Not just preventing the food from sticking to the cooking surface, Chef Sheets promises to be so versatile that it will cook your food evenly and perfectly, no matter what you want to cook on it. In spite of being flat sheets, they claim that you will still get the gorgeous grill marks on your food without making you use sprays and oils that are unhealthy and fatty. All this not only saves your time, but also money and keeps the flab off your body. Chef Sheets are supposedly very easy to use – just cut the sheet to the size of your pan, throw it in and put the food to be cooked on it.


Lets you do any type of cooking

Chef Sheets claim to let you bake, saute, stir fry, roast, broil, and grill without the hassle of cleaning. The sheets are said to be so nonstick that even melted cheddar cheese won’t stick on it or fish won’t flake and they just slide off easily. You can apparently bake cookies, make grilled sandwiches, pizzas, flat breads and many more dishes in Chef Sheets. It also claims to work as lining for your oven to let you clean it easily after months, as work surface to roll dough and dust chicken wings, to prevent flare ups and food dropping inside the grill. You can believably use Chef Sheets for camping and outdoor breakfast because only with these can you make pancakes, eggs and bacon on the grill.


Chef Sheets Video

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