Chef-O-Matic Pro – New Design

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What is Chef-O-Matic Pro

– It is cooking appliance that has the capacity to cook any type of food with the push of a button. It has 10-in-1 functionality and can be used as a grill, steamer, wok, fondue pot, oven, crock pot, fast cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and a warming pan.

Cook everything:

Chef-O-Matic Pro is supposedly the king of new age appliances when it comes to cooking different types of food. It is difficult for anyone to maintain different types of pots, cookers and pans that are suitable for cooking only one type of food. It takes a lot of effort to cook them and the amount of space they take is enormous.

Chef-O-Matic Pro is said to be the invention that was made to correct this issue and enjoy cooking all types of food without worrying. It is said that the unique patented smart cook technology in Chef-O-Matic Pro is the reason why one can use it for performing the work of 10 different cooking appliances in 1.
Smart Cook Technology:

Chef-O-Matic Pro claims that it has a smart cook technology which is the reason why with one push of a button one can use it as a rice cooker, grill, wok, steamer, fondue pot, oven, crock pot, fast cooker, slow cooker and a warming pan. Chef-O-Matic Pro comes with the ability to do all this due to the programmable setting available on its panel along with a LCD display. The cooking programs cover Rice, Fast Cook, Soup/Stew, Steam, Pasta and Oven to suit the requirement. What Chef-O-Matic Pro basically claims to cook is all types of food in a budget without adding fats to eat to provide healthy food option all the time.


Chef-O-Matic Pro comes with a pot that is apparently removable and washable in the dishwasher. It comes with a 3 liter capacity and can cook food for 4 people easily. The timer setting can be used to program 24 hours in advance the cooking time and the moment the cooking time is up it automatically shuts off. But Chef-O-Matic Pro is said to keep the food warm even after that and also locks in essential nutrients and vitamins in the food to make taste great every time.

Chef-O-Matic comes in 2 sizes: the standard 3 litre capacity, and the family-size 5-litre capacity. It is fast and easy to use and makes cooking a whole lot of fun.

The Chef-O-Matic Pro is perfect for those who don’t have time to cook, don’t know what to cook, and those who don’t know how to cook. With the Chef-O-Matic Pro preparing delicious, tasty and healthy meals is just so easy. It takes just minutes to prepare and anyone can do it.

To use the Chef-O-Matic Pro simply put the food in, press the desired button and your meal is ready in just a matter of 3 minutes.

Chef-O-Matic Pro adds flavor to your food and retains vitamins and essential nutrients that you require. With the Chef-O-Matic Pro you can cook pasta, rice, steam fish, roast meats, prepare soups, bake desserts and even cakes. It even cooks frozen meat and uncooked pasta.

Chef-O-Matic Pro is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. When you are done simply remove the non-stick insert and put it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


What do I get?
• Chef-O-Matic Pro (3 litre or 5 litre capacity)
• Steaming basket
• Spatula
• Ladle
• Convenient measuring cup
• Chef-O-Matic cookbook packed with over 100 recipes
The Chef-O-Matic Pro also comes with a 12-month extended warranty for just £9.95, that’s just £0.83 per month. If for any reason you require any service for your Chef-O-Matic Pro, it will be repaired or replaced, after your standard 6 month cover.

The Chef-O-Matic Pro 3 Litre is now available for just £99.99 and the Chef-O-Matic Pro 5 Litre comes at a cost of just £149.99.

The Chef-O-Matic Pro Warranty (extended 12 months cover) costs £9.95.

Order the Chef-O-Matic Pro today and you will also receive a steaming basket, a spatula, a ladle, a convenient measuring cup, and the Chef-O-Matic cookbook packed with over 100 recipes.


Chef-O-Matic Pro Video


15 thoughts on “Chef-O-Matic Pro – New Design

  1. I already have a chef-o-matic pro but have lost the cookbook. Can you please supply this to me and let me know the cost.

    Kind regards

    Sylvie Da Costa

  2. I live in the netherlands and want to know where I can buy the Chef-O-Matic? Is there a cookbook with it and do i get garrante?

  3. I live in Calgary Canada. Is the Chef-o-Matic Pro available in Canada and if so where can one purchase it. The infomercial says, Call right now, and we will make one payment for you” but it does not give a telephone number.

  4. I love my chef-o-matic but the button that opens and closes it broke, the button was made poorly but the product is excellent. Can anyone assist me in getting the replacement button so I can continue enjoying my chefomatic?


  5. This Chef-O-Matic Pro is good but unfortunately the after service support is very bad. I bought one in Egypt and after 2 weeks the handle was broken. I called the supplier A1 Shop and for 2 weeks now no action was done. They took the machine and left me. I hate that. I am really sorry that I have bought it.

    • dear Manal,
      I’m going to purchase it, have your machine repaired or replaced ??? the after sale service is very important.

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