Chef HQ Mixer REVIEW | Chef HQ Mixer is a bogus ride

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About Chef HQ Mixer
Chef HQ Mixer’s Attachments
Chef HQ Mixer Review
Our Verdict on Chef HQ Mixer


About Chef HQ Mixer

Chef HQ is a 2-in-1 Lightweight yet heavy-duty rotating stand-cum-hand mixer that features a swinging arm and swiveling head to perfectly mix the ingredients thoroughly. On top of this the Chef HQ Mixer features a spinning bowl to further mix the batter evenly. The Chef HQ Mixer comes with a 5 speed motor.

Why is the Chef HQ mixer “2-in-1”?
Because the swinging arm of the Chef HQ Mixer can be detached from the stand to be used like a hand mixer. The detached Chef HQ hand mixer can be used to mix the mash potatoes right in the slow cooker, or knead the dough for home-made bread.
Chef HQ Hand Mixer

Whats special about the mixer head
The Chef HQ head swivels when it is attached to the stand. This makes sure that all the ingredients in the bowl are evenly mixed.


Chef HQ Mixer’s Attachments

Paddle Beaters – Contra-rotating paddle beaters combined with their swiveling arm and contra-rotating bowl does the toughest mixing jobs.

Spiral Hook Beaters – This handy attachment are perfect for pulled pork, chicken and shredded beef.

Bowl Scraper – Chef HQ mixer comes with a bowl scraper that you have to attach to the bowl and it easily scrapes the mix.

Chef HQ mixer scraper attachment

According to the Chef HQ Mixer reviews, even with the Scraper attachment you still have to use the spatula.

3 QT Bowl – The Chef HQ mixer bowl’s spinning action makes sure all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.


Where to buy Chef HQ Mixer
You Chef HQ Mixer purchase consists of:

  • 1 CHEF HQ 2-in-1 Mixer
  • 2 Paddle Beaters
  • 2 Spiral Dough Hooks
  • 1 Bowl Scraper
  • 1 3 Qt Bowl
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Recipe Book

Official website: | Price: $80 + S/h.


Chef HQ Mixer Review

The Chef HQ reviews have been disappointing and heave revealed the true nature of the 2 in 1 mixer. Chef HQ mixer has once gain proved that when you try to stuff to many features into a gadget none of them work satisfactorily. We began to suspect the Chef HQ mixer’s features from watching the video itself. No mention of motor wattage – that means under-powered, no mention of material – that means cheap plastic and rusty metals. The reviews than confirmed our suspicion about Chef HQ mixer.


Chef HQ Mixer Pros and Cons

  • The 2-in-1 mixer looks flimsy made from cheap plastic.
  • When using t mix thick batter, the beater handle bends causing the beaters to tangle with each other.
  • You have to have strong forearms to keep the hand mixer steady.
  • The Chef HQ mixer being lightweight it is not suited for heavy-duty work. Users complain in their review that the Chef HQ Mixer does not feel sturdy.
  • Chef HQ Mixer reviews also mention that the spinning bowl of the Chef HQ mixer does not lock in place securely. This happens when the mixture is viscous like a bread dough. You have to often push the bowl down to lock it in place.
  • One user of Chef HQ mixer review the the biggest disadvantage of spinning bowl is that it cannot be removed for cleaning. So if the content of the bowl overflows and gets beneath the bowl, you are going to have a hell of a time cleaning it.
  • The Chef HQ mixer infomercial boats of it being lightweight but that is not always beneficial. Many users mention in their reviews that this means the mixer is unstable.
  • You should also know that the position of the bowl cannot be adjusted.
  • One reviewer points out that the manufacturer of Chef HQ mixer does not mention the motor power (wattage) he suspects that is because the mixer may be under-powered.
  • There have been complaints of Chef HQ mixer heating up pretty fast.
  • No matter what you still have to use the spatula to mix the ingredients.
  • Chef HQ mixer reviews confirm that it is not powerful enough to mix oatmeal cookie dough.
  • You have to be careful when using the Chef HQ as a hand mixer, you could easily touch the bottom of the flimsy bowl, damaging it. Especially the spiral dough hooks.
  • Many reviews claim that the beater and the spiral dough hooks are not stainless steel and would rust easily.
  • The ingredients can be easily added to the bowl.
  • Unlike other stand mixers the bowl on the Chef HQ mixer spins automatically.

Our Verdict on Chef HQ Mixer

Chef HQ Mixer is not the sole stand-cum-hand mixer available, there are plenty of them out there. And unlike Chef HQ Mixer, they come from reputed brands like Sunbeam, Philips, Litchi, Hornbill, Hamilton Beach etc. If you are thinking of buying the Chef HQ Mixer by Cathy Mitchell please be warned, you are going to waste $80. Given the reviews of Chef HQ mixer we do not suggest buying this product. As mentioned earlier there are several branded models available on Use the keyword “stand and hand mixers” to find them online stores and buy one of those.

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