Chef Cradle Review

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Roasted food tastes great alright, but roasting it can be a hassle especially if you have an old fashioned roasting rack. If you do, then toss it away and get Chef Cradle , the revolutionary new roasting rack!


Chef Cradle
Chef Cradle is the easy and convenient way to roast and simply serve your family’s favorite meal in a jiffy! It’s a perfectly designed rack that makes it possible for you to actually roast meal fast and serve it to anyone then and there! That what you’d call direct from oven to plate!

Using Chef Cradle is easy and it’s the perfectly hassle free way to roast, plate and serve your favorite foods. Chef Cradle grips every meal tight without making it slip away, as it’s designed to do precisely that. Just keep the rack on the plate and pull the pin at the base and open the rack. You can now simply place the food on the plate and bite into it!

Chef Cradle also comes with excellent quality non-stick coating. It relieves you of the mess that traditional roasting racks leave behind, which just make the meal tumble and you end up scrubbing hard to clean the clutter. Chef Cradle grips every meal tight and prevents it from falling off and spoiling the oven. What’s more, it can fit virtually any oven pan, which ensures you can use it no matter which oven you use.

Chef Cradle is also incredibly flexible as it c an fold flat. You can simply flatten it and store it away in tiny spaces, such as between your recipe books or somewhere in your cabinet with other things. You don’t need extra space or time to take care of it and also to store it away.

The amazing Chef Cradle can also roast big sized foods effortlessly, including a 20 lb turkey. You can also drain the fat away from your favorite food, which makes it very healthy. Chef Cradle makes roasting and serving delicious dishes a breeze. You can use it daily at home and even when out, so make sure you buy one right away!



What do I get?

  • 2 Chef Cradles
  • 2 Recipe Guides
  • 1 Carving Knife Set

All this for just $10.00 + $15.98 s/h. Official website



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