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Chef Basket is the new cooking dynamo that transforms itself into dozens of everyday use. The Chef Basket starts out flat, but instantly expands into a flexible basket that makes steaming, boiling or deep frying foods easier. Making pasta can be quite an adventure; you have to grab tight with pot holders, draining it can be a mess, but with Chef Basket, you cook with ease.


How does Chef Basket work?
The specially designed handles stay cool to the touch, making it easy for you to take the pasta from the pot to the plate! Invert the handles and the Chef Basket becomes a free-standing colander and now you can go from the sink to the pot and then to the plate, directly! The uses are endless; blanch your veggies, cook your shellfish, and make perfect hard-boiled eggs by taking it straight from the pot to ice-cold water.

Use it when you deep fry delicious chicken or make those ultimate French fries. Chef Basket makes your cooking easy, quick and very safe; it is a must-have for every kitchen. Best of all, it doesn’t add to the clutter in your kitchen but folds flat for easy storage! You will also receive the ‘Chef Guide’, which is an easy one dish meal in minutes guide and the amazing Everlast Chef Knife that never needs sharpening.

The razor sharp blade goes through a nail, yet slices a tomato wafer thin; you can also cut right through the bone of meat, cut meat like a deli machine and finely chop veggies with ease.

Chef Basket Frequently Asked Questions

While the rest of the Chef Basket stays in boiling water, do its handles remain cool?
They most certainly do because they have been specially designed to stay cool to touch. Your Chef Basket can go from the pot to the sink and to the serving table without any discomfort to your hands or your food as well.

Does Chef Basket fit and work well in all deep pots and can the size be adjusted?
No, the size of your Chef Basket cannot be adjusted; hence it only fits pots that are big enough to hold it. But Chef Basket can transform into shapes that will work with smaller pots for certain jobs, like steaming vegetables for example.



Does the food that has to be deep fried stick to Chef Basket?
Not at all; you can fry up as much food as you like and not worry about any of it sticking to the Chef Basket. The food will be deep fried and your Chef Basket will be clean every time.

Is Chef Basket as sturdy as it looks? Does it work well if used with potatoes?
Chef Basket is definitely very sturdy and will be able to handle more than a few potatoes. You can safely fill your Chef Basket with potatoes to the top and not worry about it breaking.

Can I buy Chef Basket from stores?
Yes, Chef Basket is available in stores already and you are likely to find it in your local Wal-Mart of Walgreens. You can also find out about other stores that stock Chef Basket through the Chef Basket blog or twitter account.

I have been told that the shipping of Chef Basket takes about 3 to 6 weeks. Why do I have to wait for my Chef Basket for so long?
That’s because there’s a massive demand for Chef Basket. The manufacturer is doing the best possible to ensure that back orders are addressed as early as possible. However, you need to be patient because every attempt is being made to ship your Chef Basket to you as early as possible.

What can I do if I place an incorrect order?
You don’t have to worry too much if you place an incorrect order. The thing to do is contact the toll free customer service number 1-800-777-4034. The customer service desk will need to find your order and hence your email address, if provided, telephone number, last name and zip code might be asked for. Don’t fret; your order will be fixed without a doubt. But order processing takes at least 24 hours, so the customer service might not have a record for your order if you call before 24 hours have elapsed.

Although I have ordered Chef Basket, I don’t think I have been charged for the order. What’s the reason for that?
Your order might well be processed within 24 hours but you are only charged for your purchase when the order is ready to be shipped. That should explain the not charging for your order yet.


What do I get?

  • 2 Chef Baskets
  • Everlast Chef’s Knife



Chef Basket Video

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  2. Sometimes I wish online search engines had the feature of eliminating or not accepting fake reviews about products.,,,,,, are the sites having manufacturer promoted reviews of Chef Basket. Every time I opened a site, thinking that it will yield the types of user ratings and comments I wished to refer, it turned out to take me to the payment page directly. Most sites contained only “buy me” or “order now” buttons which linked to the online payment page. Some of the pages which stated to contain reviews only had a few words here and there, which comprised of the product and other such brand names. This was getting to my nerves then. I was so irritated with my research on the quality and details of Chef Basket that I decided to skip it completely. But then I changed my mind again in order to ensure an appropriate purchase. I kept asking myself “Is it really so difficult to find a genuine review before purchasing a product?” But then I came across this site and bam!! I finally got what I wanted. I only needed more information regarding its performance, colander and quality of Chef Basket; and here it was. It is such a relief! Now, I need not go to any other site in the near future. I hope to find every product review on this site.

    • We are pleased to hear that this site helped you. We do not contain SEO techniques which only ultimately revolve around monetary advancements. We do give customer reviews, commentaries and scores their own importance and space, which we believe is essential.

  3. I had read a lot about Chef Basket; with reviews in hand I had understood the product to be the ultimate kitchen gear. However, I wish to raise the bar of the Chef Basket’s potential in kitchen.

    The Chef Basket does an amazing job helping out in the kitchen with all of the normal cooking tasks like boiling, draining, and deep fat frying. But their also our jobs which have probably not made its way with Chef Basket users but following “slightly different job” which take a tender touch makes health safety much.

    Ever thought of using Chef Basket for sterilizing baby toys? What do you currently use to sterilize your babies little toys? The paediatricians recommends the use of boiling water occasionally to sterilize all those tiny toys your baby loves to put in their mouth but it not always the easiest thing to do is it?

    One easy way is to get the water boiling nice and hot, fill up your Chef Basket with toys, and then turn off the heat before you put the toys in. A word of caution: Do not put toys in more than the needed temperature of boiling water.

    Once you leave the toys soaking for a few minutes just grab the handles, lift out the Chef Basket and set the basket down on a clean towel to dry. In only a few minutes you have absolutely germ free toys for your baby to play with again. This works great for sterilizing nipples, nipple rings, bottle lids, and smaller bottles, too.

    While this use of the Chef Basket is not one officially suggested by the company it is one more great way to use the basket. It makes the chore of sterilizing the baby’s items much simpler.

  4. Can someone please give me a phone number for these jerks at Chef Basket where I can actually talk to a live person? After reading the other reviews, I am convinced that many people have gone through exactly what I have – $80 for $20 in merchandise. These people need to be reported to the better business bureau by each of us.


  5. I ordered the Chef basket package online. What I actually ordered were 2 sets at $10.00 each with no shipping for buying 2 sets, which SHOULD total $20. I see a pending charge of $80. on my bank account, so this is a rip-off. When I called to order, I had to wait through 15 minutes of offers that I had to decline – it was all automated, so I NEVER got to speak to someone to confirm my order. Obviously, I am not going to pay $80 for $20 worth of items. Don’t fall for this gimmick. You can purchase them at various stores for the $10 without being cheated. I will report them to the better business bureau.

  6. Thanks for the Chef Basket reviews glad I read them before buying they saved me money and probably a headache. I started to call customer service for any item I seen on TV and thought about ordering before I order it to see how they are and if I can understand them, if I don’t like the customer service I don’t bother buying the item because if there was an issue with it I want to know I can be helped by someone I can understand.

  7. I bought a “Chef Basket” at the “As Seen On TV” store at the Mall of America. I was very excited to get it home and use it. I was so excited and convinced it would work, that I prematurely threw away other equipment that did what this basket claimed to do.

    Quick Chef Basket Review (details below):
    1 – Nothing small can be put into basket, it falls right through.

    2 – Too flimsy to use as a cullender, the handles flip out…needs to be placed in something to prevent this from happening.

    3 – Not a good steamer – if you try to steam anything of weight (potatoes) the flimsy basket stretches to normal length. It might work if you have a very tall pot.

    4 – What a waste of money. I’m throwing mine away and buying different products.

    Detailed Information
    First thing I tried cooking was medium sized shell pasta. As I added the pasta to the boiling water, I noticed that the shells were falling through the Chef Basket. I thought, well that’s disappointing, but the shells will swell during cooking and the remaining will stay in. Wrong! When I went to remove the cooked pasta, more fell through the basket. I dumped what was left into a bowl and attempted to use it as a cullender…lol…what a joke…it doesn’t stand on it’s own, so you have to place it something so the handles don’t flip out.

    Next thing I tried was steaming frozen broccoli. Again the smaller pieces fell right through the Chef Basket into the water. Also noticed that I needed to use a large pot to keep the basket out of the water…the steamer side stretched when weight was added.

    The last thing I tried was steaming a couple of medium sized potatoes. I used a tall pot, because I knew the basket would stretch some. As I added a few potato quarters the basket stretched as I thought…then I added a few more quarters and it stretched some more…by the time I added all quarters the basket had stretched to the bottom of my pot. So much for steaming…they just ended up being boiled.

  8. I bought the chef basket at CVS , 14.99 sent in for the free chef knife plus shipping. Never received the free knife after two phone calls and my check cleared ( shipping fee ). I am not happy with the basket and I am very disgusted with the whole ordeal so lesson learned ……. skip the ” wonder ” things and just go on.

  9. I’m a 60 year old widower and a former professional cook. I bought the Chef’s basket after reading a few other reviews. However, I bought it at Walmart. I don’t deal with phone ordering for items like this..the headaches are just too much. It pretty much does everything it claims to do, but I have to warn you, it is pretty flimsy. And I would advise using towels or a pot holder to pick it up. The handles usually stay pretty cool, but sometimes when steaming, they can heat up.

    I mainly use it for boiling potatoes, making hard boiled eggs and steaming broccoli and other larger vegetables. I wouldn’t advise doing spinach or something that could get caught in the “spokes.” You’ll have a devil of a time cleaning it. But for normal steaming it works pretty good.

    The holes in the mesh are large so if you’re doing pasta, about the only kinds you can use are rigatoni, ravioli, penne, large shells and basically your larger pastas. Stringy pasta like spaghetti, linguini and angel hair just falls through the holes.

    Personally, I don’t use it as a colander, I have a very nice plastic collapsible one, but I suppose for small amounts it could be used that way, but because it is so flimsy, I wouldn’t advise it. Although, once you’ve removed your boiled or steamed items, it does stand up, somewhat unsteadily, in the sink so you can run cold water over it.

    If you’re like me and make a week’s worth of boiled potatoes or hard boiled eggs at a time, or steam or boil vegetables a lot, you know that removing them with a slotted spoon is a pain. The Chef’s Basket does make it much easier, and though it does what it claims to do, some of the things it does can be done much better with a dedicated a colander. One other point, about the only size pots you can use with it are dutch ovens, or pots with a wide mouth. It won’t fit inside anything smaller.

    I haven’t tried deep frying with it because I don’t cook fried food, but from the design and the way it works in water, I don’t see where it would be much different in oil, but I would still advise not picking up the handles with your bare hands.

    And the lady above who said that this isn’t a new product is absolutely correct. While digging in a box of my late wife’s old kitchen utensils I found the exact same item only made much stronger. I know that she had it for quite some time.

    Summarizing, the Chef’s basket does do what it claims for the most part, however because it is so flimsy, I’m not sure it will hold up in the long term. And I think $14.95 is a bit too much for it unless you use it a lot.

    One big plus of course, is the fact that it collapses into a flat circle that can be stored in most any depth drawer.
    It may not be worth the high cost to most people, but at least, unlike a lot of other infomercial products, it does do what it claims to do.

  10. I bought my Chef Basket at Walgreen’s so it was only $14.99 with no shipping charge. I like that it folds flat and goes easily in the dishwasher, and that you can flip the handles so it stands on its own. However, the mesh is so large that even jumbo shell pasta can slip through it. Since I intended to use it mainly to cook pasta, I would not recommend it because there’s not much pasta large enough that you can use this.

  11. I purchased this item at a retail store. Not happy with. Purchased specifically to use for pasta/spaghetti – most sizes of pasta can slip through the holes. Not a good solution for draining pasta. I prefer the pots with small holes in top to drain, but can’t find anywhere. To anyone thinking of buying I would say don’t waste your money.

  12. I love how they claim that this is a “new” product. I used to play with the exact same item back in the “60’s in my mom’s kitchen. In fact she still has the item in her kitchen. Obviously the patent must have expired and some enterprising “make a quick buck” artist jumped on it and is hawking his wares. Talk about false advertising. This thing has been around for fifty years. I am not knocking the product, it works but, I have a problem with dishonestly claiming that it is “revolutionary” and “new”! Be honest folks! That’s all I ask.

  13. I’ve seen your commercials and to tell you the truth I don’t believe it’s actually worth the money! If something’s free, then it should be free and not double shipping. It and so many other double shipping offers I see on TV is simply just nothing more than cheap junk and all of you know this too. A seasoned cook isn’t going to pick up a hot steaming pot of pasta, potatoes or anything else ’cause then that would make anyone with good sense seasoned or not an idiot. You make people think that they’re stupid anyway with such an ignorant as well as an un-common sensed person as the lady in your commercial and she’s not exactly a 16-18 year old young lady but a mature woman who ought to know better anyway. I have had my stainless steel solid colander for many years now and it works so much better than that flimsy excuse of a basket you show on TV. I’ve seen how weak and soft it is and I wouldn’t spend hard earned money on two, much less one of a sorry excuse for a utensil that I’ve seen with your product. It’s a piss poor sorry, excuse for trying to sell a not-so-good product for that much money, and believe me, “It’s really not worth all the money you want for such a stupid and dumb product such as the chef’s basket. Emeril would laugh right into your face with such an idiotic product that you’re trying to pawn off on good the good people of America. It’s nothing more than a modern day “SCAM”!!!

    • This review is nonsense, it provides no help and should be removed. All we read is the rantings of a very negative person, who didn’t even try the product. Ms. Miller just wants to voice an opinion, but not about the actual product.

      • Jeff, you must be a representative of this pitiful scam company. The rip-off experience is shameful! Charging more than people expect – no way to confirm you order on the phone because you don’t ever talk to an actual live person until the end when someone tries to scam you further by offering you a “free” trip. Oh, and he can’t confirm the order. Then when it goes through the bank, it’s $60 more than you authorized. If you read ALL the reviews, you will find it isn’t just ONE negative person. We are many trusting persons who were scammed by a fraudulent company – they will be reported to the FTC and the better business bureau.

    • Thanks Everyone who took the time to write a Chef Basket review!

      I appreciate “scam” warnings. You can fool some of the people some of the time…

  14. I also ordered Chef Basket online was supposed to be $14.99, (Red Flag) they ask for credit info first, they ask you for upgrades and to sell you more products, they do not give you a chance review your order. My order turned out to be $50.95. I instantly called and got the same run around as the others. I called my bank and canceled my bank card. I have to wait a few days for the new one but no charges can be made to the number they have. I hope that their is some way to shut these crooks down.

    • Seriously? You’re blaming the company because you didn’t pay attention and understand there’s a $6.95 shipping fee for each basket ordered? You apparently didn’t have the backbone to say “NO” to the extras offered and somehow that’s the company’s fault. Your review was of no help either.

      • Jeff, go away – you are exposed as a company rep. Sprout a brain and realize the we DID say “NO” to the additional offers and were charged anyway!

  15. Tried to order two Chef Baskets late one night when they advertised two for $10 with free shipping. When I called, I was connected to an automated ordering system which ask for a credit card number stating the price ($10) plus $4.98 shipping, and said free shipping would be explained later. After entering credit card information, the system went into an extended sales spiel. At that time I decided I wanted to cancel the whole order. I tried “0”, “#”, “*” to get an operator to no avail. I hung up.

    A month later I received a post card stating that some order would be delayed more than thirty days and if I did not care to wait, return the card to cancel. I returned the card the next day.

    The day after that I received a package with four chef baskets. I checked my credit card to see that I had been charged $63.92. I called Chef Basket to see about returning the items I did not order which they said I could do but I would be charged $13.98 shipping. At that time I ask for a post paid return label and assurance that I would be credited for the entire order which I had cancelled. Haven’t received it, so I have sent a complaint to the FTC, which I would recommend to everyone who has posted here so we can establish a record of shoddy, probably fraudulent business practice. has an online complaint form which is easy to fill out.

  16. I got two baskets in my order (which went through just fine) and I like them except they both rusted after just one use each!! I didn’t think stainless steel was supposed to rust…. disappointed but I will probably use them anyway, at least until they rust completely…

      • To keep metal kitchen items from rusting you should dry them in the oven. It is very easy for water to get into the little cracks and be very difficult to really dry completely. Drying in the oven at a very low temp drys them thoroughly and prevents rusting.

  17. I am SO GLAD I found this website before I ordered Chef Basket! I bought my Chef’s Basket at Walgreens for $14.99 – no hidden charges, no shipping, no waiting!!! So far I have used it only for hard boiled eggs, and it worked GREAT! Handles stayed cool, easily flips from one position to the other. Might not work for angel hair pasta or finely chopped vegetables, but otherwise I am quite happy with it.

      • Just to let some of you know….I too was going to go to Walgreens, but there are several on eBay for $9.99 and free shipping.

  18. This is a fraud, I had placed an order over internet, not only did they NOT have a spot to cancel order but it shows you can order what you want w/out the extra. When I ordered only the Chef Basket, I was charged for the knife only! It gets worse, I was waiting for a month & nothing was getting sent to me, was repeatedly told that it was on back order & I have to wait 15 business days. This happened through the month, so I finally called to cancel order & ended up being charged w/out my knowledge, called them was told told I have to wait 1st it was 5-7 days, than 5-10 days which is already past tomorrow it will be 12 days. When I call, I keep getting the runaround. They are money thieves, I wasn’t getting my order, after cancellation was charged, I will be taking action, anyone ordering from this company..BE CAREFUL.

  19. Big ripoff in shipping on Chef Basket. Pay to send back return, pay to receive. Shipping fees cost more than item if returned.

  20. We received five baskets and two knives. Were supposed to receive the two baskets and knife for $14.95 with free shipping. Guess what- we were charged $63.92 to our credit card. Definitely is a Fraud and Scam.

  21. If you want to try the Chef Basket Deluxe without having to go through the trouble of ordering & paying shipping & handling and getting all the extras, WalMart sells them in their “as Seen On TV” section. One basket is $14.88. I am sure they sell at Target and Walgreens as well with all the other TV-sold products.

  22. “BEWARE” not only do they over charge you but ask to sell you a hundred other items along with a vacation when you order, then if you upgrade they will charge you more then the actually stated price and you will have to go through hell just to cancel the order, this company uses words like toilet paper to try and get more money from you don’t even bother because the basket is so cheap and if you upgrade you will be paying more then what you excepted and they don’t even give you a total at the end you have to call in 48 hours to find out anything just long enough for them to charge your account and screw you! This company is a scam! oh yeah the non English speaking Indians are the best!

    • Yes Sarah I purchased the deluxe set and now I am not sure if the one that they show you trying to get you to buy the baskets should have been the one I should have brought. Saying this don’t throw the restrainer away you’ve been using you’ll need it when using the deluxe set because the noodles that I have cooked using the Chef Basket comes out into the boiling water and you will have to use a restrainer.

    • Dear T, Yes I can! You c an go to Walmart in the kitchen aid appliances or to one of those stores that sells only kitchen and cooking supply stores and buy a solid stainless steel colander, and you may have to pay a not-so-high price or even fork out an extra few dollars more. but they stand the tests of time over many. many years. There are handles on the sides for easy lifting and pouring and it’s not a flimsy or a cheap overpriced piece of junk. I’ve had mine now for at least 8-10 years and it’s even got a minor dent or two in it but it’s solid and strong as well in one piece that won’t flip or flop on you. Good luck in your hunting and you’ll only have to pay only one price plus tax. No shipping and handling or having a sales associate trying to get you to upgrade or sell you something that you feel pressured into buying more than you need anyway. Jackie…

  23. Ordered Chef Basket online and did order the knife set and upgraded to stainless steel basket when I got to check out screen the order was practically doubled and cost almost $80.00! I then went back to the main order screen started over and ordered what I wanted this came to $50.00 which I approved but then I noticed the previous order went through also. They give you no chance to confirm the order before it goes through! I am a net-shopper and am used to being able to confirm my order before I accept this company is highly suspect. I had to go to a whole different site in order to get a number to cancel the costlier order and was told it would be flagged but must call back tomorrow same time to get confirmation. I will never order from this site again be very careful!

  24. I ordered my Chef Basket through eBay. Paid $20 total including super fast delivery! Now.. here’s my take on this item. Great idea, took some time to “stretch” it to the shown “perfect basket shape”. Next. It’s a bit harder to flip around than they show in the commercials.. perhaps some time in boiling water with weight in it will loosen it up a bit. I’m going to try it tonight with potatoes, so will comment again after that. Lastly, the metal seems strong enough.. but whether or not it won’t rust will remain to be seen. As everyone above has indicated – the ordering process was absolutely ridiculous and I just gave up. Try eBay. At least you’re going to have some communication that way!

  25. I ordered one Chef Basket with regular shipping & got absolutely no total amount. I had to call a toll free number & found out that I was being charged $70.97. Over $50.00 of what the order should have been. I said I wanted to cancel my order, but was told that it would be corrected to $28.97 plus they would credit my card with an additional $5.00 which would bring my total to $23.97. I said ok, but then called back a few days later just to confirm & found out that they added $10.00 for priority mailing & my total now was $38.97. I then got very upset & told them to cancel the order completely.

    I was given a confirmation number, but then called back & was told that it was not canceled. I asked to speak to a supervisor & was hung up on two times. Finally I got through & now am waiting to see if my credit card will be charged. If so I’ll have to take further action. BE AWARE BUYERS THAT THIS IS A HUGE SCAM. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

  26. Ordered Chef Basket from TV. Said I could upgrade to a stronger quality basket but didnt specify if I get two of those also. Shippng was $6.99 – I refused all the other offers including quicker delivery than 3-6 weeks. Did anyone get the stronger basket, and were there two of those and the knife as in the original offer? Please let me know.

    Thanks Ginny Klein

    • Ginny I did order the deluxe Chef Basket set and when I cook noodles the come out into the water and I needed to use my other original restrainer to pour the noodles that fell into the boiling water. Yes I got two baskets and one knife, spent total $34.57. and received in 2 weeks.

  27. I purchased one Chef Basket from Walgreens for $14.99 I just seen the TV ad saying “buy one get one free” plus free shipping. I’m glad I found this site before I returned the one from Walgreens and ordered online. How awful to everyone who has been scammed on the shipping. Companies should not be able to scam people like that. I was wondering if it was going to rust. It says it’s steel on the package but not stainless steel, I wonder if that means it will rust in a few months.

    • I got two baskets in my order (which went through just fine) and I like them except they both rusted after just one use each!! I didn’t think stainless steel was supposed to rust…. disappointed but I will probably use them anyway, at least until they rust completely…

  28. Chef Basket is a Telebrands product and I’ve been scammed twice on 2 different products. They double your order, makes it almost impossible to speak to a live person and, when you do but you’re not aggressive enough to fight for your rights, they’ll try to batter you down. After 3 months I managed to get all my money back. Anything handled by Telebrands is most definitely a no-no for me. So buyer beware!

    • Maria one time I ordered the Heel-Tastic a Telebrands product and I declined everything offered and sure enough my total bill came out to be $66.00. A product that should have come to be $10.00 plus ship and handling. I found that out by checking my bank balance the next day like I do after I order things. Those automated systems don’t work right.

    • Maria,how did you finally get you’re $ back,cause I’ve been very aggressive w/ them even told them I’ll be going to the police but it’s almost 3 months now & still haven’t gotten my $ back, so how did you go about it?

  29. Do not order from this company! I first ordered this Chef Basket on Dec 4th and never heard from them; and have not seen where the item cleared my account, etc. So I assumed the order did not go through. I went on line on Dec 27th and ordered again. The website doubled my order and the shipping/handling totaled to be more than 20.00. There is no place to change or cancel the just confirms this price and order for you. The total came out to $50.95 which just cleared my back yesterday. Today I realize they put a new 800 number on their website so I called it. Spoke to a nice rep who politely told me that I used their automated system and that is what I ordered. First of all..I did NOT use their automated system..I ordered it on the internet and I did not double the order!!! Best I can do now is put the item in dispute with my bank and see what can be done. She let me know I could return the merchandise but they still make out with with non-refundable shipping/handling. This is a scam!!!!!! I still do not have the product and now I’m having to fight them over this. DO NOT ORDER FROM THE OFFICIAL CHEF BASKET WEBSITE.

  30. For those who don’t want to call to get “free shipping,” don’t worry — you wouldn’t get it anyway. You’d be charged $6.99 “handling,” which is exactly the same price you’d be charged for “shipping.” Yes, they just call it something else, so they can say that shipping is “free.” Utter b.s.! Can you say “disreputable company”???

  31. I am very dissatisfied. Not with the product as I haven’t tried it yet. I called wanting to buy one and get one free and it went on for ever buy 2 more, etc etc so I hung up as I only wanted the 2 and in the mail this past weekend I received 4 with a bill for $50.95. $20.97 of that was shipping for 2 baskets I didn’t even want. Plus I hung up never got a confirmation number but yet you chose to send me FOUR and taking $50.95 out of my checking account. Isn’t this FRAUD no conformation of sale given?

    • Exact same thing that happened to me called to order buy one get one free for $14.99, recorded message went on & on trying to get you to order more only reason I stayed on phone as long as I did was I was hoping to get confirmation of price (never happened) So finally I just hang up. Today received 4 baskets total and a invoice that I was charged $50.95. Long story longer anyone want to buy 2 chef baskets with bonus knife??

  32. I stopped ordering that kind of item on the phone a long time ago. They ALL just want you to buy more stuff, and it’s beyond annoying to have to keep saying “NO”. I do it on the internet if I want something. it;s worth the shipping just to not have to deal with the ridiculous phone ordering.

  33. What a rip-off. I was so turned off by the ordering process that I hung up. I think the best thing to do as far as some of these products is just wait until you see them in the stores. If we waited this long for a new kitchen gadget a few more months won’t kill us. I want to know that shipping and handling aren’t the same, and like others of you got the same run around. A friend of mine just told me after going through the same thing that the regular fry basket for really does everything but fold.

  34. I ordered one Chef Basket a week ago so I don’t have the product to review yet but just like Faye said everything is automated and they just keep trying to get you to order more products. It was ridiculous! If I hadn’t already given my credit card number I would have hung up but I was afraid if I did they would have charged me for a bunch of crap I didn’t want. They even want you to buy an amethyst ring for four easy payments of only $39.95!!!! The computer kept repeating itself over and over again after I pressed the key to decline the products! As for the free shipping…not really free because they are charging everybody (phone and internet) a processing or handling charge which sucks but they can say free shipping that way to suck us into buying!

  35. I called to order Chef Basket. All is done by recording-no human contact. They say free shipping, but charge you $6.99 handling (is this not the same as shipping?) Then they offer you a better basket for $4.99 more. Then they offer to let you buy multiple baskets. I said “NO.” They talked on and on and on and finlly they said How many baskets do you want? I said one. They said “OK one ‘additional basket’. I did not want an additional basket. Then they offer you a coupon book for $24.95 and the only choice you have is “yes” or push #1. I figured if I pushed #1, I was stuck for sure with the coupon book. Then they offer youU a trip to the Bahamas and talk on and on and on. The only way to shut them up is to hang up.

  36. Why does the Official Chef Basket Website not give a total before asking to process the order. Why do they offer free shipping over the phone and not online.

    • I just ordered as chef basket on-line. I kept waiting to talk to a human, but that never happened. The whole transaction was confusing. Press this, press that, I had no way of asking a question and as soon as I finished ordering, I called back and canceled the transaction. I should’ve done that before I completed the transaction, but, human error. I recommend that they change the on-line order procedure, but I’m sure it will never happen. I have ordered many times through this company, but have always been able to speak to a human. I was able to speak to a human when I canceled my transaction. Had I to do it over again, I would definitely search the site for yays and nays before I placed an order. I’m quite sure that TeleBrands could care less, because for every cancellation, there’s a transaction taking it’s place. My advice? Don’t order from a machine when a credit card is being used. I’ve learned my lesson.

  37. I have seen this Chef Basket on T.V. now and it looks incredible. My question if anyone can answer does it cook large noodles; how about smaller like macaroni, spaghetti. Won’t those smaller noodles fall through?

  38. Don’t understand why those of us snowbirds who don’t have a phone can’t get the free shipping…sucks big time.

    • Have you ever felt the gush of heat rushing across your arm as you pour the hot pasta into the colander to drain? You know if you are not very careful you could end up burning yourself severely. This and many other such situations may happen due to negligence or improper kitchenware.

      The Chef Basket will change the way you cook. Your first look at the Chef Basket may have you wondering “so it’s just another set of culinary tools?” It does not look dramatically different than other colanders when it is sitting up on the stand.

      Your opinion will change rapidly once you see one Chef Basket in action.

      The Chef Basket can do many different kitchen chores like a proper structured basket which can be safely used for deep fat frying cooking process. No more spill threat while you safely drain Pasta and other dishes. You will be happy to use hands-free colander.

      Also in the basket is a vegetable steamer which helps get boiled veggies, stew and soup additions.

      Once done with your cooking job, mess is not what you should be worried about. Chef Basket covers that worry with its specially designed washing basket.

      The real magic however is in the transition between all of these tasks.

      This is the perfect addition to your kitchen that gets you all what you need. This versatile, expandable basket takes on several different roles with ease as you prepare your daily meals. Whether you need to boil, deep fry, steam or strain foods, this Chef Basket set makes a great go-to tool. You will never have to look for cooking woe solutions ever again.

      Don’t just cook when you can chef it!

      Once you have tried the Chef Basket yourself, you are going to realize how indispensable it is in the kitchen. The product offers safer and most efficient chef kitchenware tool basket. The next time you are at your parents, sisters, or friends’ house to help with a meal you will very quickly be able to notice how inefficient their kitchen is in specific pointers.

      Imagine how much better the lives be if you have a Chef Basket product in your kitchen. You could drain foods with ease. You could boil pasta and drain it right in the same container. You would be able to steam vegetables in the Chef Basket. You can even deep fat fry with their new kitchen necessity.

      What you don’t know is how invaluable the Chef Basket will quickly become a quality habit of efficient chef cooking. Do not take over your own Chef Basket to have them borrowed by your neighbour or friends and family. You may never get the opportunity to take it back home. Once you see the Chef Basket in action you are going to latch on to it and try to keep it for safe in your kitchen.

      Avoid all of the trouble and just order an extra set of Chef Baskets to share with family or friends. You know it is a product you will use several times per week if not every day so you might think about making it a gift option adding value to the feelings. Each time they use their basket for boiling, frying, draining, or steaming you will be fondly remembered for your so thoughtful and kind a gift. Of course, you could always ask for the big thank you and tell them you expect a free meal on a random occasion. After all, you have earned it.

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