Chef 360 REVIEW

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What is Chef 360

Chef 360 proclaims to be a food prep system that helps in completing kitchen chores and cook mouth-watering meals in mere minutes. Chef 360 alleges to have three interchangeable blades that can be fitted easily over its bowl. Simply place the food to be processed over it and move in the 360 degree fashion to cut it safely and easily.


How does Chef 360 work?

Exceptional Features – Chef 360 states to have the capability to grate, slice, and julienne food perfectly using its interchangeable blades. Chef 360 promises to help prepare food items easily with the help of its smart design. Currently there are no Chef 360 reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. Apart from its 360 movement, it states to offer non-slip base that stays in place during cutting, chopping, or julienne. Does Chef 360 really offer an innovative and easy way to prep food? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Comes with Measurements – Chef 360 emphasizes that its bowl comes with measurement so users can know how much they have prepped and how much more is required. Such farfetched claims made by Chef 360 will be proved once we receive Chef 360 reviews for further analysis.

Chef 360 Review

Melody Watts complains in her Chef 360 review that the plastic is so light that you have to push down the entire container to spin the blade. Her son had to help her spin the blade as she held down the container. Needless to say, they had sore wrists afterwards.

Anna Goodwin states in her review that the Chef 360 is okay. The handle is a bit weak and just not sturdy.

Jennifer Nichols, who used Chef 360 mentions that she specifically bought the Chef 360 for chopping veggies but it didn’t work on onions, not even cut them up. She explains, surely the Chef 360 would work on something relatively soft like pitted, black olives but no, instead of chopped olives she got big pieces and tiny speckles.

Brandy Murray review complains that the Chef 360 is trash and works very poorly.

Laurie Brooks claim in her Chef 360 review that the Chef 360 is unhandy, hard to use and cumbersome!
Sarah Burke states in her review that her Chef 360 broke within the first few months.

Ella Barnes review claims that while the Chef 360 has a lot of features, the angle you have to use your hands is not at all comfortable. She only used the slicer, but it was awkward to use and wasted a lot of the vegetables. She claims that another simpler mandolin slicer that she owns is easier and takes up less space.

Minnie Mullins in her review of Chef 360 claims that Chef 360 is terrible and there are better options out there. She was hoping that the hand crank was used for more than just the chopper… it is not. Everything else is completely manual and she had no use for that since she already had a juicer (electronic), and the cheese slicer is just like a hand held one only with a container. According to her not much is convenient on the Chef 360.

Kelly Davis review states that the Chef 360 is a great idea but was a little chipped and smaller than what was expected.

Freda Cohen complains in her review that she used the Chef 360 only once so far. Chef 360 cut cucumber and tomatoes too small, with lots of juice from the tomatoes. She states that the Chef 360 is good if you want to make salsa, but if you are trying to make salad with larger cuts, it is not good.

Jessie Floyd in her Chef 360 review reveals that you can use the Chef 360 for so little. Salad, tomatoes – any soft structured food, and you cannot put more than 1/3 in it at a time, otherwise it will not spin around.

Helen Perkins mentions in his Chef 360 review that it feels like the handle will break when using it. You can see the handle wobbling from side to side.

Maureen Kim in her Chef 360 review complains that the Chef 360 has cheap plastic mechanical gears and other parts that won’t last beyond a few uses. He states that it is impossible to process hard vegetables like potatoes, carrots, or cabbage with the Chef 360. Chef 360 is best suited for processing soft vegetables, such as those used in salsa.

She further states that Chef 360 comes with several useless accessories, so poorly constructed that they create a risk of cutting your hand. She also adds that accessories were likely included, as an afterthought, to make the product seem more versatile than it really is.

Pauline Price in her review on the Chef 360 says that the blades of the Chef 360 are extremely sharp, and it is very easy to injure yourself if you are not careful. She also states that when using the slicers and other attachments use protective gloves or something to save your fingers from getting cut.

Vera Sutton who used the Chef 360 says that the danger with the Chef 360 slicer/grater and other cutting attachments is that you have to apply a lot of pressure to force the blade to cut the item, such as slicing carrots or potatoes. For the reasons of increased chance of injury due to the nature of how this works for those functions, she decided to get an electric food processor. With it, there is little to no danger of cutting yourself unless you don’t use it according to the instructions.

Marian Mcdaniel who bought the Chef 360 says that the chopping function, rotating blade works pretty well, but if you put a whole onion cut into quarters or smaller, it is hard to get started turning the handle.

Phyllis Taylor who used the Chef 360 explains in her review that she was very disappointed with the Chef 360. She further adds that the Chef 360 is constructed out of thin plastic & did not perform at all.

Sophie Thompson mentions in her review that after 4-5 uses the bowl broke. It’s made of hard plastic and cracked just like that. And you cannot buy the bowl separate.

Chef 360 Questions and Answers

Q. Can the Chef 360 chop ice cubes like in the Chef Dini infomercial?
A. No.

Q. What is the capacity of the container/mixing bowl?
A. Probably about 4 cups.

Q. Does the Chef 360 have a “holder” to hold veggies while using the mandolin slicer (to protect fingers)?
A. Yes, there is a holder that has prongs to poke into vegetables prior to slicing them.

Q. Will the Chef 360 shred lettuce for tacos, etc?
A. Yes, Have used the slicing attachment that comes with the unit, but experiment if you get this. Just watch those blades. It does come with a holder that holds your potatoes and other veggies, but never used it for lettuce as it is a little awkward.

Q. Does the Chef 360 slice and dice at the same time?
A. You’d need to slice your vegetables into manageable sections first, e.g. an onion into quarters before you can dice it.

Q. Can you make smoothies with the Chef 360?
A. Don’t think the Chef 360 would ever replace your blender. Cranking by hand would certainly never crush ice nor break down fruits and veggies into a smooth, creamy consistency. It’s more for making chunky dishes like salsa.

Q. Does the Chef 360 have 2 blades or 3?
A. Chef 360 has three blades.

Q. Will the Chef 360 chop tomatoes?
A. It depends on how ripe the tomatoes are.

Q. Could you make baby food with the Chef 360?
A. It may leave some chunks in it.

Q. Are the Chef 360 blades sharp enough to chop carrots?
A. Don’t think so. There are separate attachments for slicing.

Q. Can the Chef 360 be used as a dough maker?
A. It is not recommended.

Q. What is the size of the Chef 360?
A. The base is about 8 inches and when put together it is about 12 inches tall, but comes apart. Unfortunately, the pieces don’t fit into the base so you either have to put in on a tall shelf or use more lateral space to store it.

Q. Are all parts washable in a dishwasher? If so, top rack or bottom?
A. Have washed the bowl in the top rack with no issues but have never washed the lid or the blades in the top rack. For safety reasons, it is better to hold the blades with one hand and with the other hand very carefully hand wash with a dishcloth – they are very sharp.

Q. Can the Chef 360 cut potatoes into strips for fries and is it hard to turn?
A. Yes, the Chef 360 does cut potatoes into strips. It is not hard to turn.

Q. Can the Chef 360 shred potatoes easily?
A. Yes.


What do I get?
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