Ceramicore Gold Collection

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What is Ceramicore Gold Collection?

It is a set of 3 pans of 20, 24 and 28 cm each and has a revolutionary ceramic coating that lasts a lifetime for non-stick cooking.


King of non-stick casseroles

Ceramicore Gold Collection promises to be the best set of pans that you would need for your kitchen to cook any type of food. Pans are irreplaceable when it comes to cooking and you may have faced the challenge of using the right cookware for your kitchen. Judging by the promises cookware manufacturers provide, there are hardly a few that actually stay true to its promise. Most non-stick pans have very short life spans and need replacement very soon. Ceramicore Gold Collection is said to be unlike such pans and is said that it has the capacity to stay non-stick for a lifetime.

Healthy Benefits

Ceramicore Gold Collection is apparently devised from a revolutionary method, which has become the greatest and most advanced evolution in cookware history in the last 50 years. This particular technology is called Ceramicore and is like no other non-stick casseroles. The reason why Ceramicore Gold Collection is said to be such is because it is designed to have a ceramic coating that resembles the water lily which has a utterly impenetrable coating. Also Ceramicore Gold Collection claims that the ceramic coating deep pan is assisted with an extra-strong handle that is ergonomically designed for easy handling of food and stays cool to touch even while cooking at higher temperatures.


Durable and easy to clean

Ceramicore Gold Collection is also considered healthy because the non-stick ability makes minimal use of oil and butter. Also since no food definitely sticks on the surface of the pan there is hardly any painstaking cleaning required for Ceramicore Gold Collection. The high-quality aluminum body is another advantage of the pan and increases its durability and lifespan. It also is quite good at even distribution of heat while cooking to provide juicy tasty food. Plus Ceramicore Gold Collection claims that it can be used over any type of cooker be it gas, glass or induction. The set come sin 3 sizes of 20, 24 and 28 cms each. Ceramicore Gold Collection supposedly is dishwasher safe making cleaning process a breeze.


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  • Official Website : islshop.co.uk

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