Cerafit GOLD Edition Ceramic Cookware Reviews and Complaints

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Cerafit GOLD Ceramic Cookware is said to be non stick, dishwasher safe cookware that can be indispensible to your kitchen. Your cookware is of great importance to you because it can make things easier for you on a regular basis and let you explore your passion for cooking further. That’s the reason why you look for good quality non stick cookware and that’s what Cerafit Ceramic Cookware is meant to be for you. It claims to have taken ceramic and non-stick technology to a whole new level and created a cooking surface that is virtually indestructible.

Built to last

The solid stainless steel base is one of the highlights of this cookware as it is responsible for even distribution of heat. Moreover Cold Compression technology is used to bring together components of stainless steel, industrial grade aluminium and ceramic at under 4000 pounds of pressure. Cerafit Ceramic Cookware is then wrapped with exclusive gold outer coating, which is supposed to make it so durable.


It is meant to work with different types of cooking ranges, from induction to ceramic, gas and electric. Hence it’s quite versatile and also said to be stovetop safe up to 450 degree Celsius. Cooking at temperatures you want is now meant to be possible thanks to this cookware. Suitable for the stove, gas hob, electric cooker, ceramic or induction hob.


The ceramic surface of the cookware means nothing you cook will stick. It also creates a Lotus effect, which further ensures that foods don’t stick to the surface. The surface is also said to be quite robust and scratch resistant, which is an added advantage.

Healthy Cooking

It promises to let you cook without any additional oil or fat. That makes sense for those who are trying to eat healthy. Food also gets cooked evenly and quickly according to the claims of Cerafit Ceramic Cookware. Thus it is also meant to save you energy.


Easy and Convenient for use
It is supposed to be dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean up.


What do I get?

  • 1 x 20cm Ceramic Pan
  • 1 x 24cm Ceramic Pan
  • 1 x 28cm Ceramic Pan
  • 1 x 24cm Ceramic Pan Lid
  • 1 x 28cm Ceramic Pan Lid
  • 1 x Nicer Dicer Plus Compact

All this for just £99.99 + £6.99 p&p. Official website ThaneDirect.co.uk


How to care for Carafit Gold Pan

You need to oil the ceramic surface and heat the pan to a high temperature till the oil is burnt off before first use. Once it cools down you can wipe it clean. It’s a good idea to clean ceramic pans after every use.


Although you can clean the pan in the dishwasher best results are seen when it is hand washed. You can use a normal washing up liquid and a soft cloth for cleaning. You can also use a soft brush under running water for cleaning. It can also be wiped with a soft tissue but mostly depending on what the pan has been used for.


Scouring pads and aggressive cleaners should not be used. Ceramic coating should be oiled after very use and after putting it in the dishwasher.


What is “Lotus Effect”

The high repellence of this ceramic surface is a bit like lotus flower leaf. Water gets drained away in droplets and all particles are taken away with it. It’s because of the complex micro and nanoscopic architecture that results in an advanced non stick surface. The ceramic material and unique heat conducting base also mean it has brilliant cooking and frying properties. And since nothing sticks it can be cleaned easily.

Pros and cons of Ceramic Cookware


Pros/Advantages Cerafit GOLD lets you cook at high temperatures and since it retains the heat for some time it can also be used for serving. It is dishwasher friendly and you can also use it in the microwave. Glazed ceramic cookware is also quite attractive and meant to be durable.


There are some dangers when it comes to ceramic cookware like Cerafit and that comes from the glazed type of cookware. Although it is meant to be durable and resistant to corrosion, during the actual process of glazing materials like cadmium and lead get used. When these elements are exposed to high temperatures for a long time they can get transferred into your food. Regular use can also cause lead and cadmium poisoning.


Keeping that in mind manufacturers are taking measures to minimize the risks, but the problem occurs when there is wear and tear in the surface. It can cause the safety measures to be eroded as well. But you have to remember that if a ceramic pan becomes eroded you should discard it immediately. It can also be protected better by less use of dishwasher to clean it. Attention should be paid to quality and reputation of manufacturer while buying it.



108 thoughts on “Cerafit GOLD Edition Ceramic Cookware Reviews and Complaints

  1. this cerafit is by shopjapan through tv shopping, you will regret buying it. try to check o shopping at abs cbn, and check out coocan golden wok or the ilo vivid set of pan, its cheaper but the real thing. i have bought all of them and cerafit really has nothing against these other two brands, cerafit wil just be a waste of your money. not real.

  2. this cerafit is by shopjapan through tv shopping, you will regret buying it. try to check o shopping at abs cbn, and check out coocan golden wok or the ilo vivid set of pan. i have bought all of them and cerafit really has nothing against these other two brands, cerafit wil just be a waste of your money. not real.

    • hi Shey, didi you return the cerafit pan ? It has 30 days money back guarantee right? I was just new and purchased it yesterday. If I will experience that within 30 days I will definitely return the items.

  3. I just bought my cerafit last March 21, 2016…first I dont want to use it in my simple cooking coz its too expensive..then, I decided to try it after 2 weeks…and I discovered that it is FAKE!!!…all you watched in tv are not true…I fried egg and it stick on my pan…i hardly removed it…

    so disgusting!

  4. I bought a Bambillo mattress cover. Because I paid outright I was given a Cerafit frypan set. I read the reviews on this site and thought “well I don’t expect much for nothing because there were terrible reviews. BUT – I have been thrilled with them. Frying, simmering, whatever they are so shiny and white afterwards you could wipe them clean with kitchen paper. Thrilled with the Bambillo too.

  5. Cerefit pans absolute crap, my old cast iron is way better non stick then these overpriced pieces of garbage, even with a little oil these pans do stick,never ever buy crap off home shopping on TV, it’s all overpriced garbage,

  6. I bought flavorstone from Danoz, followed all instructions to letter and binned them within 2 yrs from purchase! The lady below getting all narky at all bad reviews here needs to know her flavorstone only has short life. She will discover this soon enough…lol.

  7. Just watched the advert and had a good laugh at the absolute crock that this product is.

    Ever heard the phrase, “if it looks too good to be true”?

    Seriously, if anyone believes buying supposed non-stick cookware off tv shopping channels will deliver you perfect results you need to have your heads read.

    Fairdinkum why are so many people so gullible and naive?

    As was mentioned by another poster, spend proper money on quality cookware and you won’t be disappointed.

    Wake up Australia!

    • Cadmium hint (nuclear reactors), Lead hint (nuclear chambers), Are these suppose to be pans or equipment for nuclear power stations.

    • I am totally disappointed and disgusted that my cerafit pan , which I paid a lot of money for and only bought less than six months ago is starting to deteriorate already . I did all the right things in regards to its use but obviously that is not enough ! I want my money back Cerafit and you can have your pans back !!!!!

  8. Theses pans are crap, they don’t do as advertised. They turn up with imperfections in the pans and when the pans are replaced you get more pans with imperfections. They don’t just wipe the grease etc out, they have to be washed out. They suck, I want my money back.

  9. Cerafit Gold are disappointing pans, no longer non stick that’s for sure. Still using them but on low heat and plenty of oil!!! Same performance as a cheap Pan from the supermarket. Don’t waste your money like we did!!!!

  10. I too am disappointed in the Cerafit pans. Bought the set of three, to start with the white coating was chipped on the edges of one pan so we were going to send them back. Hence we took to long and decided to keep them. As long as the pan worked we would be happy as it’s simply a hassle as many have experienced to send these things back. Our large pan after a month of using it has began to stick quite badly so you can’t wipe anything off like in the ads. I literally have to soak it over night, it butchers my $11 a kilo sausages it tears apart my eggs. It also has scratch marks on it from using metal utensils which the ads says you can. Simply put I’m pissed off. I’ve had the Stonedine pans too, same problem. Followed all the instructions altogether I’ve lost a s*#t load of money. Don’t fancy my chances of a refund with the comments already.

  11. Dear sir/madam

    I would to get more details on your product. And your price. Awaiting your reply soon


  12. Hi I have purchased these Cerafit GOLD pans (the set of 3) and I am extremely disappointed. I have only had them since January and they are already sticking and not cleaning properly and I have followed the use and cleaning instructions completely. Only 1 out of the 3 pans still works as it is advertised to do so. If I had have know this would happen I would never have purchased them as they are definitely not worth the money.

  13. Bought the Cerafit Gold Edition in Sept 2013. After about 1 month (just after the refund period), cooking started to stick. Re-read the instructions, and re-seasoned them but they still stick. So I rang TV Shop/ rand Developers to ask for a refund. They first asked me to perform a re-seasoning for 3 days, but I said that’s all been done. They then offered a replacement only. Not interested. I’ve contacted Dept of Fair Trading. Hopefully they’ll provide some satisfaction for my $323 purchase. Also, I bought my daughter a set for Xmas. They only cost $260??? Definitely looks suss.

  14. I bought some Cerafit pans. Great the first 2 or 3 cooks. Now they stick like any other pan. I wish I didn’t but them and just bought good quality stainless steel pans.

  15. I have bought Cerafit for $308.00 including postage. I cook lot of foods as it is my hobbie and was looking for a superior product. I seasoned the pans as instructed, but while using one of the smaller pans the non metalic spatula that I used melted and stuck on the pan. This is cemented to the pan and I cannot get this off the pan. The pan looks a mess. On TV it shows nothing sticks pan and therefore I am extremely disappointed with the result. I am contacting them to get a replacement/refund.My $20.00 wok when seasoned properly performs better than the cerafit. It is a ripoff.

  16. These Cerafit Gold pans are good except food now sticks to the large pan does anyone know how to make it non stick again I don’t want to send them back because the other 2 cooks beautifully.

    • Hi, Yes I have tried it and indeed the Cerafit GOLD pans are a waste of time and money! How do I know this? Well on the tv, the scratch resistant coating is a scam!! On the telly the Cerafit pans are scratched with a penny and the coats got no dents or engravings. Just tried scratching the scratch resistant coating on the Cerafit after buying it and the coatings destroyed. So many scratches. We’re absolutely disappointed! I’m saying this because I’ve experienced buying it!!

      • Hi, You see the scratches even on the tv. If he makes a shadow with his hands. They just overlight it. The reflection of the white makes the scratches invisible.

  17. I bought these Cerafit Gold Pans about 2/3 months ago for my partner as a present. Fantastic product and I rarely cook but do now cause they are fantastic! However if ordering by the phone they offered me the 3 pans plus the Swiss knife set and nicer dicer for $250+. I told them to keep dreaming and they offered me the same package again for $180 with free shipping! So well worth the price!

  18. TV Shop,
    Please be aware that you can be scammed from these people. I have had all the money deducted from my account and still do NOT have the product. The actual run around and time taken on my part to get a resolution is incredible. Australai post says it was delivered, its not their problem. TV Shop says, we sent it, not their problem. Now I have to get statutory declarations fromt said post office, fill out that i do not have product. Their own protocoles say it is to be signed for, and even though they dont have my signature, i stll have to fight to get money back or even the product.

  19. I’m interesting in this product but there’s lack of reviews online.
    Did some research:
    Registered in 15/10/2012
    ( http://www.trademarkia.com/ctm/cerafit-942792_en-US.htm )
    by Genius, a German company.
    ( http://www.genius-germany.de/en/information.html )
    Their online shop:
    ( http://www.genius.tv/ )
    3piece set and the salad press for Euro 79.90
    Today’s currency = $122.43
    Seriously, you have to be an idiot to agree to such overpricing.
    I like German products and their reputations.
    I can’t read German but I’m pretty sure as usual they don’t ship to AU.
    Such overpricing is a stupid way to make sales, do they think that we can’t Google or something?

  20. Hello

    Just want to say I have not bought the cerafit pans.WOW,they make it look too good not to have.What was bugging me though was.Why ar,nt those suckers selling in retail stores if they are that good.They would be well known everywhere.So dont want to take the chance that they end up looking worse than the pans I have now.White is a bad colour for a pan.

  21. I have purchased these pans for $249 + $19.99 postage. They offered me a deal of 30 days trial and then 5 payments of $49.99. These pans have been just brilliant……..until today. Everything is sticking! Very disappointed. I have a photo and video ready to send them. If they offer to replace that pan, I will accept as long as the trial starts over. I have contacted them as I am still within my 30 trial and am now waiting for a call back.

  22. Are you all on drugs. who gives a rats how much the damn things cost … somebody just use the bloody thing and tell us if the work. If they work as the advertise then the price is worth talking about.

  23. A whole lot of talk with very little useful information….
    Question: What’s the best genuine price?
    Question: What’s the website and or, the phone number for the best price?
    Question: Has anyone actually used these pans?
    Question: If so, are the pans as good as advertised?
    Question: Is the company a fly by night?
    Lot’s of unanswered questions…


    • Great Janette, thanks you so much,,
      I add 2 more questions to cerafit sale.
      1. When is the removable handle pan coming to Australia ?
      2. Can you offer each of us a free pan to try at home? We will definitely give you best reviews online if we are happy with it, this will definitely increase your sales…

  24. I called 1800399399 in Australia, they offered Cerafit for $249+$19.90 with free knife set & dice cutter. I didn’t buy, but they called again on the same day to ask the reason and I said too expensive, so they offered $200 including postage & free knife set & dice cutter. I think it’s still expensive, the UK site is selling 99 Pound including postage &free dice cutter only = A$ 167. Should I buy..??

    • Hi Jon Jon,

      I think you should wait for more feedback and comments on-line. I know I am. Note: Everything on tv looks amazing. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. It’s also too expensive.

      • Thank you Miles,, let’s wait for the deluxe version which has removable handle …Cerafit sales, please send us each a pan to try AND if we are happy with the product as promised on tv. We will definitely give you the best reviews online to increase your sales..

    • Hi, Yes I have tried it and indeed the Cerafit pans are a waste of time and money! How do I know this? Well on the tv, the scratch resistant coating is a scam!! On the telly the Cerafit pans are scratched with a penny and the coats got no dents or engravings. Just tried scratching the scratch resistant coating on the Cerafit after buying it and the coatings destroyed. So many scratches. We’re absolutely disappointed! I’m saying this because I’ve experienced buying it!!

  25. DON’T BUY ANY CERAFIT PANS. They are NOT non-stick, even if you COVER the pans with oil. Buy a $10 pan from Woolworths and that will last you 3 months or so, buy cerafit? Won’t last a month. DO NOT BUY CERAFIT PANS.

    • Hello Candy

      We are sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience.

      Not sure if you work for a competitor however we have heard nothing but great feedback.

      Please be aware you may even be have sold a counterfeit copy so please double check your sources.

      If you want to shoot us an email with hi res pictures of the item sticking we will be happy to confirm if they are fakes. Usually the fakes are well made but tend to break down after a while.

      Please upload to http://www.imgur.com and shoot us the link through our site contact form.

      • We bought these a couple of months ago (from TV advert) and they are awful and ridiculously hard to clean. Nothing simply “wipes off” and putting them in the dishwasher makes it even worse.

  26. Hello All

    We will be selling these pans online for $329 shipped Locally from Australia.

    cerafit dot com dot au

    • $329 is a lot of money for something that doesn’t really works what is says. This is a big problem with most of the shopping channels they are such a ripped off and a con, nothing they say is true! I’m just gonna go to Aldi to buy the $20 pan.

    • Cannot understand the price. There has been enough documentaries on Companies ripping Australians off on price and here you go $329 when we can get the same thing in the UK for approx. 107 British Pounds Approx $183. You can Also get just the 24in with lid from the Swiss for CHF 59.90 which is close to $70.

      Can you please explain why you believe Australians should pay so much more than the rest of the world???

      • Hi David,I see (Cerafot Sales says:) have not answered your question yet I wonder why? And I also wonder if the spelling is different Cerafit Cerafot? Wonder if they are actually pushing a good vibe to increase Sale’s…..

    • I rang the phone number many times and each time the sales people give me different prices for the same product. Sometimes they even ring me back after and offer me at a lesser price. I can smell something fishy with their products, all they want is to rip you with your money. The product itself does not live to what it has been advertised.. Dodgy sales…

      • Hi, Yes I have tried it and indeed the Cerafit pans are a waste of time and money! How do I know this? Well on the tv, the scratch resistant coating is a scam!! On the telly the Cerafit pans are scratched with a penny and the coats got no dents or engravings. Just tried scratching the scratch resistant coating on the Cerafit after buying it and the coatings destroyed. So many scratches. We’re absolutely disappointed Dont buy it

  27. Just watched the TV advertisement for these pans. Jumped online and can find nothing about the performance of these pans. That to me speaks volumes in itself. NO user reviews, hardly any information and to actually buy them? well, even DanozDirect (Australian distributor) doesn’t list them on their site!

    ALL you get is a 1800 number to ring.

    Seems to me their looking for suckers to purchase inferior products via spruced up TV advertisements. People today want to be informed and have user feedback before they purchase. Seeing there is no information on these pans, with zero user feedback, I will consider these pans to be nothing more than TV gimmickry and will keep my money.

  28. Try tvshopping24 .com…it’s an international site that has this set in red but for 49.95 Euros plus 22.95 Euros delivery. Totalling 73 Euros = $109 AUD
    No knives or choppers free but the same cookware under a different name.

    Have tried the ceramic non stick from Aldi and it works with eggs, pancakes, chops and pork chops…no marks easy clean and cooks perfectly on lower heat.

    • I have bought a Stonedine from HN ($40.00) A good pan but not as non stick as advertised, still easy to clean as you can use scourer etc. Bought the ceramic from Aldi ($20) and so far is a ripper. Eggs slide off, cooked schnitzel with a tiny bit of spray oil and they slid all over the pan. Wiped clean with a paper towel. Directions say to use plastic tools but I think they are being cautious. The only thing I need is a lid.

    • They don’t post to Australia…they refer you to danoz direct which didn’t have it on their site. How come it’s dearer here than in Switzerland or UK or Germany?

  29. Has anyone tried the pans?

    Please advise if they work as they say.

    Also what’s the warrantee on them?

    And can they be put in the oven?

    Kind regards


  30. Hi I contacted 1800 399 399 they advised price on 5 piece Cerafit at $249 + $19.95 for P&P. I was offered Stonedine 5 piece with free larger pan, Swiss knifes for $149 + $19.95 P&P. Anyone please advise are these pans any good. I searched reviews on Stonedine which had a lot of disappointed people.

    • My aunt has a stone dine and says she really likes it. I commented on it and now she has just given me a Cerafit gold pan. Once I have tried I will report back. I just hope she has not been ripped off with the price as she tends to be a bit gullible

  31. Other than finding the best price. Has anyone actually USED any of their pans? I’d like to know if what they say is true – non stick (for more than a single or even a months use) strong & durable etc etc. Thanks.

  32. I phoned the 1800 and the best price for Cerafit pans was $250 — Mike and Joh Geddes how did you get them down to $180 and $220 — was this definitely for the Cerafit Pans??? Did anyone else get a good deal???

    • Hi Kerrie,

      I just asked Mike the same question. They wouldn’t budge on the price. The Cerafit looks tougher and more durable on TV, but they only come with a 12 month warranty. Did they offer you the Stone-dine instead? It comes in a 9 pc set with 2 pots and a saucepan on top of the frying pans, costs slightly less than $500 but has a 12 YEAR warranty. I was all set on the Cerafit, but now……

      • I was offered the same product and freebies for $399 with the same 12 year warranty.. I didn’t get it as I still have doubts with their performance and durability…

  33. You can buy them at the listed number and get totally ripped off, as they want over $300 for the 3-pan set with 2 lids. At http://www.teleshop.ch the same Cerafit Gold 5 piece set costs about 110 Swiss Francs with 63 Swiss Francs postage to Australia – under AUD $200 landed. Could possibly find it even cheaper, and I’m still looking.

    • Daniel,

      That’s good information which you have posted. So far, it looks like that is all the info available on the web. I have emailed the “brought by” people, viz Genius GmbH, about the quality and user reviews, but so far have not received any replies. If you do come across any new information, Would appreciate your sharing it on this “forum”? If the product is as good as they claim it is, they may be the only pans that are suitable for my “cave woman” wife. All the other pans I’ve bought have either been damaged by her or on the way there fast.

      Thank you.

    • I refused to pay the 299 dollars, they rang me back with another deal of 220 plus a knife set, so I bought them…great deal, great pans.

      • Joh, you’re referring to the shopping channel on TV – Extra 2? How long did it take for the package to be delivered? Thanks for the headsup.

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