Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition

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What is Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition

It is a revolutionary cookware that is virtually indestructible, non-stick and dishwasher safe. It is a fusion of stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic materials that together deliver a high performance cookware that lasts for lifetime.

Best non-stick cookware

Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition guarantees to be the most efficient cookware that is available in the market today with its amazing structure that is unlike any other cookware available. Standard cookwares are not really non-stick and as a result a lot of unhealthy calories need to be added in the form of oil, butter or sprays. Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition declares to help get rid of this unnecessary use of oils to cook food and provides a healthier cooking option. The design of Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition is stated to be designed after a lotus plant and hence is the most advanced PTFE and PFOA free non-stick cookware with a long lasting durable body.

Next-Gen technology

Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition is allegedly very different than other non-stick cookware that are really not so efficient in their functioning. The concept behind this amazing cookware is the use of highly conductive steel core that regardless of the temperature and pressure is applied will not warp or bend. It also alleges to provide even heat distribution for much tastier cooking. Then it is also stated that Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition has light and durable aluminum cooking area that is raised to help with cooking of all kind of food and later its surface is capped, bonded and fused under 4000 pounds of pressure with hardcore ceramic material. Lastly the locking of heat and flavor in Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition is asserted to take place with the help of emerald color coating. The lotus effect is introduced for its construction to repel anything off its surface immediately with the help of molecularly bonded ceramic material. This makes it easy to clean when it comes to the toughest of burnt food and is dishwasher friendly too.



Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition convinces to be very flexible as it can be used on electric, gas, ceramic or induction cooktop. Also it is safe up to 450 degrees centigrade of temperature. The flexible handles of Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition are stated to be interchangeable and removable so that it can be placed in the oven to cook food safely up to 250 degree centigrade.

What do I get?

You get one set of Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition for £99.99 + £6.99 p&p.Official website thanedirect.co.uk


5 thoughts on “Cerafit Fusion Emerald Edition

  1. Just shows how false the claims made in the sales pitch can be, if they performed the same as they did initially they would be great but unfortunately in a very short period of use they perform worse that the old stainless pans with no coatings, if they could capture the performance that they supply new & give it some longevity they would capture the market but for now they fall into the category of another set of less than worthless pans that I only hesitate to throw away because of the cost.

  2. Totally waste of money. these are the worst pans I have ever bought. Food stuck from day one. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, no way. More of my hamburger is stuck on the pan than what is on my plate, eggs no way . pan snow on the way to the recycle depot.

  3. I am incredibly disappointed with my Cerafit Fusion Emerald pans. I have not experienced the pleasure of fat free non stick cooking with any of the cerafit pans. They are discoloured, the bottoms have bowed, they have to be scrubbed clean, and when I cook steak without oil, the juices from the meat spray up the sides and bake on, leaving a mess that has to be scrubbed off. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Hi, yes my Cerafit pans are crap, the non stick lasted a week, now everything sticks. They are also discolored on the base ,total waste of money.

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