Ceracraft Knives

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About Ceracraft Knives

They are non-stick ceramic coated knives that provide clean and flawless cutting without carrying messy stuck-on food with the blades.


Ultra sharp knives for precise cutting

Ceracraft Knives are high quality knives that proclaim to have an edge over other on various counts. As the name suggests, Ceracraft Knives have special ceramic coating on their extra-sharp blades which are made of stainless steel. The blades guarantee to make cutting any food a breeze without creating mess from food stuck on them. Ceramic coating is known to be exceptionally enduring that makes cutting through hard foods easy. The promoters of these knives state that its baked-on ceramic coating provides non-messy, clean and precise cutting and also assures you of safe and fresh treatment of foods.


No messy trails

According to the makers of Ceracraft Knives, one of the key features it promises is its ability to cut so smoothly and precisely that not even a speck of food gets deposited while cutting. It claims that it cuts through recipes very meticulously so that there’s no food stuck behind on the blade so you don’t have to put in more time in washing and cleaning it.


Constructed with super blades

The blades of Ceracraft Knives may be termed razor sharp super blades powered with non-stick ceramic coating. The blades effectively block various flavours and odours from spreading between foods. They boast of helping you chop vegetables, fruits, meat and more with a gentle cut due to the laser sharp edge. You are assured that they are of high quality and do not rust.

Comfortable to grip and use

The high quality and sharp Ceracraft Knives come in their own individual protective sheaths. They are provided with rubberized handles for easy and soft-grip so you don’t face any discomfort or problem while cutting foods. The makers of Ceracraft Knives emphasize that they are lightweight and handy, which allows you to use them with utmost comfort. In addition to that, the knives are also easy to clean as they are fully dishwasher safe.


What Do I Get?

  • Price of Ceracraft Knives starts from £14.99
  • Set consists of:
  • 6” cook’s knife
  • 4.5” all-purpose knife
  • 3.4” paring knife
  • Official website: jmldirect.com
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