Cake Decorating Kit Review

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Get the amazing Cake Decorating Kit and create wonderful, beautiful, mouthwatering desserts and cakes that look professional. You can create different designs and novelty cakes making you the best cake presenter. You get everything you need to create those wonderful cakes with the Cake Decorating Kit.


How does Cake Decorating Kit work?
The secret lies in its unique, multi directional applicator. It is really simple. Just point to the cake and squeeze. Insert a disposable bad and fill it with icing. Then attach the nozzle on. Select from the different tips (6) and you are ready to go. The complete kit comes with 60 additional bags, 20 decorative sculpting combs, 6 large tips, 5 stencils, a carrying case, a storage bag for letter tiles, a tri-star tip and much more.

Create unique designs using the different tips. For gorgeous flowers use the Flower Tip. Create braided ropes or fabulous shell borders with the Star Tip. You can even create stunning roses with the Petal Tip. In addition, you can create accents and that too using just one hand. One of a kind of novelty cakes can be made striking with the Grass / Hair Tip. Use the 3 Profile Icing Knife to smooth and sculpt the cake or even to create special effects. Use the Letter Stencils to write out a special message or carve a name. wonderful messages can be accented with the special pattern presses.

Just imagine creating such wonderful cakes all by yourself with your own Cake Decorating Kit. Get your own one and churn out professional cakes.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 60 Additional Bags
  • 20 Decorative Sculpting Combs
  • 6 Large Tips
  • 5 New Stencils
  • Carrying Case
  • Storage Bag for Letter Tiles
  • Tri-Star Tip
  • This 100 Piece Decorator Kit for just $14.95 – plus $5.95 s/h. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
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