Butter Blade

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What is Butter Blade

– As per the infomercial it’s a butter knife for easy spreading of butter with its heat-conducting technology and serrated edges that shave off fine curls of butter.


Butter knife for easy and perfect spreading

Butter Blade is a special butter knife which promises to spread the hardest lump of butter evenly without the bread breaking to crumbs. It asserts to have heat-conducting technology that melts the butter enough to spread it evenly. Butter Blade also assures to have serrated edges that shave off fine curls of butter for perfect spreading. Currently there are no user reviews of Butter Blade to verify these claims.


Safe for kids
Even though it’s a knife, Butter Blade guarantees to be safe for kids to use. It declares to not need any battery or heating and works as soon as you pick it up by using your own body heat to melt the butter. Butter Blade proclaims to be dishwasher safe so cleaning it is a breeze. Are these claims true? Let’s wait for Butter Blade user reviews. Butter Blade assures to also be great for spreading or cutting cream cheese, peanut butter, ice cream cake and even ice cream. Butter Blade user reviews will reveal more.

Official Website:softerslice.com

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