Burrito Perfect

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What is Burrito Perfect?

It is a foldable and versatile device that helps you wrap perfect burritos in three steps. It is a simple and mess-free way to fold stuffed tortilla packed with any ingredient neatly.

Relish delicious, manageable burritos

If you are a fan of burritos, you must check out Burrito Perfect, a special device that claims to help you prepare perfectly delicious burritos right at home. It is an innovative device that promises you the delicious pleasure of biting into burritos filled with your favorite stuffings without worrying about them spilling out. It guarantees steady burrito folds that wrap and hold ingredients like rice, beans, chicken, lettuce, cheese and more perfectly in your tortilla. All you have to do is place atortilla on your Burrito Perfect, fill it up with ingredients of your choice and then fold it along the three sides one by one. To prepare perfect burritos, you need to fold the bottom up of the device followed by both the sides. In just three steps the folds stay together and the stuffings in the tortillas remain intact. The taste remains the same and the texture of the burrito exactly as you desire so you can look forward to enjoying perfect burritos prepared by you all by yourself.


Sleek, smart and handy

Burrito Perfect is shaped like a square-shaped dish on which you keep a tortilla to be filled with ingredients. It is a lightweight, convenient and accommodating device which also doubles up as a plate from which you can eat your burrito directly. The creators of Burrito Perfect proclaim that it’s a user-friendly and versatile device hence anyone can use it. It assures you of delicious burritos that won’t fall apart as they normally tend to as it helps you apply the right amount of force required for it to turn out perfect. With Burrito Perfect, you can look forward to enjoying your favorite Mexican recipes which require foods to stay upright. It helps you prepare burritos as well as desserts that taste great..

Safe and BPA Free

If you are worried and feeling doubtful about the effect Burrito Perfect can have on your health, its makers reassure you that you can rest easy. Burrito Perfect prepares burritos just the way you want safely as it is made from BPA free material.

Easy to clean

Burrito Perfect states that cleaning it up is a very simple and easy task that does not demand much time. Since it’s handy and manageable, it guarantees it will pose no problems while you clean it since it’s dishwasher safe. It creates no mess while you use it nor does it create problems when you clean it.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Two Burrito Perfect &Two hard shell taco holder for $9.99 plus $13.90P&H.
  • Official website: burritoperfect.com
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