Breville Boss to Go Plus

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What is Breville The Boss to Go Plus?

The Breville Boss to Go Plus claims to be a super personal blender from the house of the famed Breville Food Thinkers. It is used in making smoothies of an extremely fine consistency with minimum pulp, thus ensuring extraction of maximum nutrients. With these smoothies The Boss to Go Plus claims to boost nutrition and makes it far more enjoyable than your regular smoothies. It comes with an inbuilt kinetic blade system, a large and powerful 1000W motor and ergonomic travel ready tumblers. In other words, The Boss to Go Plus is a great tool to pack in loads of nutrition every single time. Whether you’ve had a heavy workout or you are simply in a mood to enjoy a healthy drink, The Boss to Go Plus claims to churn up delectable smoothies in an instant. All said and done, we are in no position to believe all these claims until and unless we analyse The Boss to Go Plus reviews.


How does The Boss to Go Plus work?

Given the alarming rise of a health conscious world, more and more people are changing their preferences to health drink as opposed to sodas and colas. Vegetable smoothies especially has become quite a favourite. Rather than buying readymade smoothies, homemade ones turn out to be more beneficial. Breville’s Boss to Go Plus super blender claims to offer respite for those seeking green smoothies made of fine consistency. Its super-efficient and powerful 1000 watt motor blends up to 42% finer particle size in comparison with other popular blenders. Now that’s a lofty claim to make. The Boss to Go Plus reviews can affirm whether this claim actually holds any water at all.


Kinetix Blade and Bowl System – The Boss to Go Plus super blender is armed with Breville’s kinetic blade and bow system that proclaims to pulverise the toughest ingredients to blend down pulp and result in a smooth consistency. The Boss to Go Plus further guarantees that the lump-free smooth taste will surely win over kids and fussy eaters too. We’ll have to wait for The Boss to Go Plus reviews to make up our mind.


1000W motor ensuring up to 42% finer particle size – Combining a mammoth 1000W motor and an efficient kinetic blending function you can enjoy a superior blend that is up to 42% finer than other conventional products. The makers of Breville Boss to Go Plus emphasize on the fact that you can just forget about tasting any lumps or hard particles in the smoothies that are difficult to swallow. They are going a little overboard with the claims you might wonder. Let us know what you think in your reviews of The Boss to Go Plus.


Smooth Edge tumbler – Once you have made a smoothie and are rather satisfied with the consistency, drinking it can at times become a tedious task. Most of the tumblers available in the market today have rough edges which makes pouring uneven, not to mention spilling all over. The Boss to Go Plus asserts to have taken care of this issue with its smooth edge café tumblers. The rims of these tumblers feature a soft, smooth bezel with no external threads and notches for comfortable drinking. Plus the travel lid lets you carry your smoothie anywhere you go.


Die-cast metal base – Breville’s Boss to Go Plus super blender features a die-cast metal base which makes the cleaning process a child’s play. Plus it ensures longevity and durability and perfectly works with other blenders of the Breville House.


BPA Free – Premium BPA Free Tritan tumblers are made of high quality if the claims are to be believed. They tend to be shatter resistant and dishwasher safe.

All these features in a personal blender seem too good to be true. The Breville Boss to Go Plus reviews will soon reveal the facts.

What do I get?

Get the Breville Boss to Go Plus BPB620BAL for $299.95 (AUD) at

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