Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set

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Cooking is an art and the greatest of foods cannot be made without the right kind of cooking equipments. Pans are the most universal and important ones amongst them since they’re used to cook most foods. There are lots of pans available but Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set claims to be the most superior one of them. Since it’s important to judge how much heating is available along with the amount of oil it needs to cook in any pan, Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan is said to have all these abilities to make it the best pan.


How does Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set work?

Main Features:

Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set comes with a set of 3 pans standing at 20cm, 24cm and 28 cm each with a glass lid that provides additional cooking options. The pans are supposedly made from a sturdy ceramic materials fused with extra strong titanium that provides Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set with tough cooking surface for durability. This strengthened mould also facilitates the surface of Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set to be nonstick. Apart from being nonstick Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set promises to provide a scratch resistant surface. Additionally it has an extra high rim to fit more in and keep spitting inside the pan.


The nonstick surface compared to other surfaces is a healthier option since one can simply cook without the need for additional fats or oils. It means that the toughest of grime and burnt foods can be easily wiped off the Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set surface. This enables the use of even metal utensils without any risk to the surface. Also Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set is said to have an excellent thermal conductivity on all types of cooker hobs making the distribution of heat even throughout to cook food in a better way.




What do I get?

  • You get Bratmaxx 6 Piece Pan set for £89.99
  • You also get
  • 20cm pan with lid
  • 24cm pan with lid
  • 28cm pan with lid

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