Boil-Over Safeguard Review

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How many times have you run across to the kitchen to switch off the stove to avoid a spillover from boiling food? Or is it that you have to stand guard while cooking to make sure you turn off the stove in time to avoid such a mess? Boil-Over Safeguard is a unique asset for everyone who happens to run in situations like the above.

How does Boil-Over Safeguard Work

Trying to suppress or subdue the boiling using a simple lid on it can do the job generally but can affect with the boiling process and the food might be left a little under or over cooked. Boil-Over Safeguard is also a lid but it is way too different than any other known till now.

On hitting particular temperature a food products starts boiling and eventually swelling but the problem is each of them has a different temperature to boil which will not affect how well Boil-Over Safeguard will work. It is a silicone material made sort of lid that is designed to canvass and cover entirely just about any regular pots having openings of 6 to 10 inches. The usage of Boil-Over Safeguard is no complexity since it is simply needed to be placed over the pot while boiling something in it. It has couple of well placed holes in it that pop when the bubbles come up and Boil-Over Safeguard catches them and spreads it over the surrounding tray like depth so that there is no spill or splatter due to the boiling.

Boil-Over Safeguard also comes with an optional lid made from the same silicone surface that can be placed upon the holes formation to cover the entire pot and speed up the process of boiling. Another feature of Boil-Over Safeguard is that it can be used amazingly well inside a microwave since silicone is cool to touch and is heat resistant up to 400 degrees. Cleaning the Boil-Over Safeguard is also easy and is dishwasher safe to minimize manual toiling. Now making Pasta, starchy foods, dairy and Sauces can be much easier and safer than before all thanks to Boil-Over Safeguard.



What do I get?
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