Boardwalk Tater Tornado Review

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Have you ever wished that you could make your own spiral potato snacks, like the ones you can only find at the boardwalk? Well, now you can, thanks to the Boardwalk Tater Tornado! Tater Tornado maker is the hottest treats to hit the boardwalk this century. You can now make it at home; it’s so fast and easy.


How does Boardwalk Tater Tornado work?
All you have to do is grab a potato, then simply insert a skewer through your potato and load it onto your special Tater Tornado unit. Spin away, and in moments, your giant sized Tater Tornado is ready to go. Whether it’s baked, fried or even fresh; it’s a scrumptious snack, anyway you make it! The handle of the unit turns and your potato browns on the perfect Tater Tornado flame, to make your Tater Tornado a perfect spiral every time.

If you want more fun, shake on some seasonings like garlic Parmesan or spicy barbecue; dunk them in rancho honey mustard dip or coat them in sour cream; to create that great snack that everyone will love! And the Boardwalk Tater Tornado isn’t only good for potatoes. Try zucchini, cucumbers, spring vegetables or other vegetables and you’ll have a nutritious treat instantly! It’s perfect for families! Brown on grills, your kids will be thrilled! Tater Tornado is the twisted snack that will keep everyone coming by! You get 15 bamboo skewers, a recipe guide and a free Curly Q Blade that creates healthy apple twists as well as tons of curly fries!



What do I get?

  • Tornado Blade
  • 15 Bamboo Skewers
  • Recipe Guide
  • Curly Q Blade – Absolutely Free



Reviews and Complaints
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Boardwalk Tater Tornado Video


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  1. I got stuck into ordering from this company and immediately tried to cancel my order which I was unable to do. I tried emailing them as well as calling them for days.

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