Blend Buddy Blender Review

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Don’t you just hate fussing with the blundering blender, especially when you are on the go; and then you have to search around for a portable cup and deal with messy clean ups? Now, you have the Blend Buddy Blender, the world’s only blender that makes it right inside the portable sports bottle, so that you will always have a quick food ready.


Blend Buddy Blender
All you have to do is just fill it with your favorite fruits, press the button and in less than 30 seconds, your delicious blueberry smoothie is ready to go; then simply twist off for a nutritious meal on the run! The flip-flop straw of the bottle makes it easy to drink and eliminates messy spills; even the mixing blades are attached, so that there are no extra parts and no extra work.

The large 16oz container will satisfy even the biggest of thirsts and it’s dishwasher safe too. The best part of the Blend Buddy Blender is that its 23,000RPM can pulverize frozen fruit, ice and nuts into smooth, creamy drinks, smoothies, shake, juice and energy drinks. The Blend Buddy Blender is perfect for executives with their busy schedules and a must for moms on the go. Nothing is better than a banana shake for students to kick start their day and it is a perfect solution for drivers on the road. Joggers can grab it as they go for their run. It’s a great way to lose weight and feel great; so just twist and go!



What do I get?

  • 2 Blend Buddy Smoothie Maker Bases
  • 2 16-oz Sport Bottles w/ 2 Caps (2 White)
  • 2 Smoothie Guides

Order the Blend Buddy kit, which includes the 16-oz Sport Bottle w/ color-coded caps & Smoothie Guide today for only $29.95 + $9.95 P&H and you’ll receive a second complete kit FREE,*just pay $9.95 P&H.

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Blend Buddy Blender Video
Part 4.


7 thoughts on “Blend Buddy Blender Review

  1. I wouldn’t buy from this site! I couldn’t get a rep on the phone. after they cancelled my order they have a message saying go online to ask your questions.

  2. We order 2 Blend Buddys on Sept 17, says 2-3 weeks to ship, has been 4+ No word and the link they sent us has a “server error”?

  3. We ordered the Buddy Blender in August and have not heard a word from them. Two blenders, plus $19.90 S&H cost $59.85.

    We have not heard from them and are calling Visa to cancel any payment made to this organization.

    • when I called the customer service, I was told Blend Buddy Blender is on backorder until Nov, asked why we had not been told, they said the 2-3 delivery means after shipped? are they legit?

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