BladeLock Knife Set Review

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that your knife set is practically indispensible to you. That’s why; people often look at them as investments and spend huge amounts on them as well. You need to use them for your cooking prep on a regular basis and they can be of great importance to you when you go camping or indulge in other outdoor activities for that matter. However it’s a misconception that you need to have many different knives for different tasks, especially when BladeLock Knife Set can be the versatile solution for you.

How does BladeLock Knife Set Work

The highlight of the BladeLock Knife Set is that it’s the only knife that can easily go from your regular kitchen knife to a hunting knife. You can use it for several jobs you might have in the kitchen; it can be used to cut and prep veggies for your cooking. At the same time it can be used as a carving and fillet knife, which as you know has its great importance for you. But that’s not all; BladeLock Knife Set works well as a utility knife to take on jobs around the house and as a saw too.

In fact the hunting knife in the BladeLock Knife Set can be used to take care of any outdoor job you might have on your hands. And the carving knife has its advantages when it comes to campsite prep for you. If you have to fillet fish and meat you will find that the fillet knife makes the job a lot easier for you. BladeLock Knife Set also has the saw option that can be your answer when it comes to cutting tree limbs or giant frozen fish for that matter.

BladeLock Knife Set has the utility knife too for the tougher jobs like carpet, ropes etc. This knife set is quite sharp, just like you’d want it to be and extremely durable, which makes it fantastic value for your money. BladeLock Knife Set is also known for the all weather handle that has an ergonomic grip that locks into place every single time.



What do I get?

  • BLADELOCK All-Weather Blade Handle
  • Hunting Blade
  • The Carving Blade
  • The Filleting Blade
  • The Utility Blade
  • The Bladelock Saw
  • Camouflaged Custom Carry Pouch
  • Designed knife sharpener
  • 11-in-1 Survival Tool

All this for $19.95 plus $15.90 shipping and handling.Official website



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