Big Top Donut Reviews and Complaints

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Tired of serving the same old donut, you have had before? Guests think you’re such a bore and it’s never any fun when have to share just one. No problems now, for you have to just step in to the Big Top shop, the fast and fresh and easy way to make delicious donuts. It’s as big as your head! Everyone loves donuts when they are twenty times bigger, but making them is such a chore. But it’s not a job anymore for all you have to do is simply mix and pour the donut batter, place it in the oven.


Big Top Donut

The non-stick silicone pops out a perfectly shaped donut. Next it’s time to decorate the donut that’s big enough to feed the whole family. And they taste just like the original! Now you can easily make your favorite donut classics; cinnamon, strawberry and chocolate, that you have enjoyed for years. Whether frosted or glazed, your tea party will be amazed!

Make the Bavarian Creme donut and your business party will scream! It’s a breeze with the Big Top Shop optional insert. You can build a giant sized donut with fruits, pudding, ice-cream and jelly, just like the Donut Shops. They are now easy to slice, serve and share, making them perfect for parties, barbecues and more. Small donuts are no fun but giant sized donuts are a home run! You also get a bonus idea book and sweet scribbler decorating kit to personalize your donuts and cookie maker for colossal cookies.

Just Fill, Bake and Decorate

  • Just mix and pour in the doughnut batter.
  • Put it right in the oven!
  • Easily removed nonstick silicone mold.
  • Decorate any way you like it

Big Top Donut Complaints

Smaller than you imagine it to be
And that’s disappointing if you are keen on making bigger cakes.

Instructions are not easy to follow
In fact they are downright tricky, and very difficult to keep up with. You have to use smart manoeuvres of your own to get things done.

Cakes stick
And that’s something you just don’t want because you are struggling with scraping etc later. The Big Top Donut doesn’t come out easily, which is a shame.



What do I get?

  • Big Top Donut Shop
  • Big Top Cookie
  • Sweet Scribbler Kit
  • Donut Idea Book

Get the entire Big Top Donut kit for just $19.95 + $13.90 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



Big Top Donut Video


6 thoughts on “Big Top Donut Reviews and Complaints

  1. Big Top Donut works great! I had no problems with it and I’m the kind of mom that always messes up on cooking and baking. This is a must get item!

  2. I am a big baker, and this looks quite neat! I have been thinking about purchasing it (and want to!)…but does it really work? Or is it another of those TV commercials that are a piece of crap?

  3. I would buy the Big Top Donut, but the website does not offer the insert to make filled donuts. So I guess I’ll forget it.

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