Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer Review

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If you are into healthy living and want to inculcate healthy eating habits into your loved ones, then the importance of a quality juicer for your home cannot be overemphasized. You need a juicer that will bring you all the natural goodness of fruits, is easy to use and energy efficient. And Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer is all that and a whole lot more. With the help of this juicer, you and your loved ones can enjoy the natural taste of all your favourite fruits and vegetables and what’s more get all the vital nutrition from them as well.


Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer
This 120V/60Hz/150W juicer is as power packed as they come to make things easier in the kitchen and bring the freshness of fruits in a glass for you. It also has many sensational features, which add to the experience of making your favourite juices and vegetables soups in the kitchen as well. For example this juicer has Stainless Steel Strainer, which works brilliantly for most types of fruits and vegetables. It also has a large feeding tube, which means you won’t make a mess in your kitchen while using the juicer, which you will have to clean up later.

It’s a high juice extracting juicer; hence you can get the most out of your chosen fruits and vegetables. There are so many crucial nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables that often go to waste, but not any more thanks to this juicer. Its powerful low wattage motor is another delight and makes it so powerful and energy efficient at the same time. This juicer is also known for its easy and smooth operation because it has a reverse function feature. This juicer is safe for use and comes with a safety feature, which protects the unit from overheating.

What’s more, it has easy to clean parts too, which saves you a lot of hassle. You get your juicer with a collection cup. Now making your favourite juices is ever so easy and convenient for you and your dear ones.



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5 thoughts on “Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer Review

  1. It doesn’t squeeze out the juice like you’d want to. There’s moist pulp remaining at the end, which is quite disappointing. You can use it for different items, including carrots but the results remain the same. If you are expecting it to do a fine job of juicing fruits and veggies then you are going to be left feeling let down.

  2. Juicer gets clogged up easily, which hampers its performance. What’s worse is the cleaning is a pain as it is and it becomes more difficult because of the clogging.

    • Late night TV infomercials are known to sell scam products like Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer since these “as seen on tv” products do not stay true to its claim at all. The main reason is the additional exorbitant charges due to shipping/handling, gift cards, etc along with an auto-shipment program enrollment. Plus these charges are never totaled in the final summary and no way to cancel it once the order is placed.

      Also there is chance that your personal information is sold to telemarketers. If you have query regarding the product there is no “human” to get in touch at the customer service helpline. And if you wish to return the product back than you will have to bear the cost of one-way shipping.

      Stay away from purchasing products like Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer impulsively. Research thoroughly and don’t get fooled by FAKE reviews that are posted by affiliates of manufacturers who benefit from selling crap products like Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer. Use words like complaints, rip-off and scam with the product name.

      If you be patient and if the product is good it will appear physically at a store like Wal-Mart, at a very less price.

  3. Review Big Boss Vitapress Pressure Juicer

    Is this juicer easy to use?

    Is this juicer well made?

    Is the safety feature reliable?

    Does the juicer bring you natural goodness of fruits?

    Does the reverse function work well?

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