Big Boss Soup Maker Review

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Are you a foodie that loves different kinds of yummy gourmet soups, smoothies, sauces or juices? But does just the thought of all the efforts in preparation and the mess it makes put you off and eating out all the time is not quite an option for you? Well, now you don’t have to hold yourself back from eating your favorite soups or juices at home and you can even make baby food right at home any time of the year. And all this is possible with the Big Boss Soup Maker, which cooks, blends and serves right from the blender.


Big Boss Soup Maker
Big Boss Soup Maker is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in the blender and hit the setting you desire – whether smooth soup, chunky soup or smoothie. The ingredients would blend for 20 minutes after which the soup maker switches off automatically and you can enjoy the hearty and healthy soup or whatever you wish to prepare. The secret of such amazing soup lies in the 800 Watt heating element and the sturdy professional blades that enable one to cook, blend and also serve right from the blender itself. You can choose from smooth or chunky settings for the kind of soup you want to enjoy. For warm season, you can make chunky soup by adding all the ingredients, which will blend into a consistent and hearty chunky soup, which you can then refrigerate and enjoy later.

Big Boss Soup Maker is accompanied with a recipe book that has 50 different drinks and soups recipes. You can make tons of smoothies and frozen drinks with the soup maker and thereby save pots of money and stay healthier too. With the puree option you can also use seasonal fruits and vegetables to make baby food right at home. You can also enjoy nice hot chocolate that can be prepared in the Big Boss Soup Maker. What’s more, with the use of filter setting you can make juice at home, which practically means having a juice extractor with the device free of cost.

With this amazing soup maker you also get a turn-n-store 51 pieces storage system that will help you preserve leftover soups and juices for free. You get all this for a 30-day trial and at a very reasonable cost.



What do I get?

  • 1 Big Boss Soup Maker
  • 1 Turn n’ Store

All this for just $119.85 + Free Shipping. Official website



Big Boss Soup Maker Video


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  1. Review Big Boss Soup Maker

    Can Big Boss Soup Maker really make smooth as well as chunky soup?

    Is it easy to use and switches off automatically?

    Can one also make homemade baby food in this Soup Maker?

    Does it also make juices and frozen drinks?

    Does it also come with a turn-n-store storage system?

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