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What is Slice-A-Roo?

It is a new kitchen tool that singlehandedly performs virtually all functions like slicing, shredding, dicing and more besides curling fruits and vegetables in seconds.

Save time and energy for better things

Slice-A-Roo claims to do what numerous other appliances and devices do but in a far better, faster and effective way. It is an innovative kitchen tool that promises to reduce a major part of prep work for cooking and also help you serve a variety of salads, curly fries and mouth-watering foods.


Lots of functions!

Use Slice-A-Roo for slicing, shredding, dicing and even curling as according to its makers, it can perform all your kitchen tasks with ease. They further explain that the tool slices onions, potatoes, cucumbers and even apples in seconds. It also shreds cabbage, carrots, beets and more as easily and quickly. Apparently you can also use it for curling vegetable and fruits, which you can’t really do with other kitchen tools.


Just three simple steps

Slice-A-Roo aims to make everything easy for you, including its usage in three steps to be operated. It comes with three different blades you can select from as per what you wish to process. You need to first suction the legs on the counter, insert the fruit or vegetable and then turn the handle to process foods as you desire.

Three changeable blades

Slice-A-Roo comes with three different blades you can choose from for different functions. You get a slice blade, a curl blade and a shred blade that can be changed easily. The slice blade is used for slicing apples and to make homemade pies. It can also turn potatoes, squashes, sweet potatoes and more into homemade chips for healthy snacking. Curl blade is used to make curly fries and foods which everyone loves. For the health-conscious, the shred blade is there to prepare Cole’s Law or Zucchini noodles quickly and conveniently.
Healthy and delicious varieties at home
Slice-A-Roo promises to ease your burden with a range of features it offers such as multiple adjustable settings, integrated storage and more besides being safe to use.


    What do I get?

  • You get 2 Slice-A-Roo + Perfect Slicer just for $29.95 + 15.90 S/H.
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