Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner Review

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A fresh salad goes perfect on the dinner table and is loved by everyone. But the process of cleaning them and then slicing, chopping, dicing all the vegetables can be painstaking. Well by the time it is over the appetite for a lovely salad will be just gone. For such purposes many cutting and chopping products are available. Most of them might be useful in a performing a particular function but there is nothing like the latest multi-functional Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner which is the most easy and definite way to make salads.


Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner
Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner is a versatile countertop solution for making salads. Its body is built with outlets which facilitate rinsing directly in it instead of using a different bowl. It has 5 different cutting blade settings to perform tasks necessary for salad making. It features sharp blades to grate vegetables, chocolate and cheese with ease. It’s another blade setting provides slicing and dicing veggies easily. It also can provide amazing julienne and shreds for food items like carrot sticks, cabbages, French fries, etc without any precise cutting boards or knives.

Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner comes with a total of 8-pieces including bowl shaped lower bottom and different top settings which fit the head of the bowl using secure lid locks and carries the blades mentioned above. Since it contains all in one settings it saved a lot of countertop space and reduces clutter in the kitchen. The stainless steel blades are highly sharp and accurate and designed in a way that they do not require any sharpening whatsoever. It is completely dishwasher safe which makes cleaning easy as a breeze. It also can be used as a simply storage bowl for storing the salad in the refrigerator or can be even used during traveling.

With the ease provided with it, anyone can make salad in matter of minutes be it a mixed salad, fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad and much more types. Its use cannot be restricted to make only salads but can also be amazing to make soups & stew, side dishes and even desserts.



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  1. Review Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner

    Does Big Boss Salad Maker Spinner really is all in one salad maker with option of slicing, grating and julienne?

    Is it easy and quick enough to use?

    Is cleaning it really easy and is completely dishwasher safe as it claims?

    Can it be used to store salads?

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