Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven Review

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Do you love to eat fried stuff? Fried food can be very unhealthy for you because of the oil and grease that goes into cooking it.


How does Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven work?
Introducing the Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven that cooks food up to 3x faster than a traditional oven and that too without the fat and grease. It also uses up to 80% less energy than a regular oven.

You can use the Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven to air fry and make tasty steak fries, onion rings, and crispy fired chicken. You can also roast turkey, prepare steamed vegetables, bake fish, grill hamburgers, broils steaks, and prepare mouth watering cakes and desserts.

The Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven even cooks frozen food perfectly. Simply set the time and temperature and Rapid Wave Oven Cooks the frozen hard steak into tender and juicy in just 12 minutes.

The secret of the Rapid Wave Oven is the triple cooking power technology that combines a Halogen Heat Lamp which seals in natural juices. The Convection Cooking Fan circulates the heated air ensuring the food is heated evenly. Lastly, the Infrared Light Waves gently cook food from the inside out.

The Rapid Wave Oven is the only lean meat cooker where the excess fat and grease drips into the bowl to give you perfectly healthier and quality food every time. It is very easy to clean too.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven
• Glass Bowl
• 2 Cooking Racks
• Control Lid
• Tongs
• Instruction Manual
• Recipe Book
• Extender Ring
• Big Boss Baker’s Kit
• Mini Muffin Pan
• 2 Bread Pans
• Cupcake Pan
Unlike other counter top ovens using triple technology that cost up to $120 but the Rapid Wave Oven is now available for just 3 easy payments of just $29.95. You will also get a glass bowl, 2 cooking racks, a control lid, tongs, instruction manual, recipe book and stainless steel extender ring, Big Boss baker’s kit, mini muffin pan, 2 bread pans, and cupcake pan. Official website



Reviews and Complaints
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Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven Video
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13 thoughts on “Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven Review

  1. The machine should be taken off the market, it is a fire trap. Programed setting for a whole chicken is 460 degrees F for 45 min. what you set is charcoaled chicken, your house can catch on fire cooking this way. Do not purchase it. I called the 800 number on the box, said they had to put in a note to have someone from Corp. Office to call me. No one ever has called. You have been warned what will happen if you purchase this product.

  2. Purchased one Rapid Wave Oven, 1300 watts, 16 quarts, at WalMart 3 or 4 months ago. Cooked fast and worked great; however, the burner died a couple of days ago.

  3. I have had mine for about 3 months now and we love it. Big Boss Raid Wave Oven does take up a lot of space and It does take some experimenting but I can honestly say It fits our needs. I don’t know how someone can say it doesn’t get hot enough…we have made everything in it and it does cook evenly.

    It has never disappointed. Even my 13 year old uses it to make himself snacks. To fire up a full sized oven isn’t worth it for us as there are only 3 in the house and my husband works offshore.

  4. The worst convection oven I have ever bought!!! Have three other kinds!!! the rapid wave oven never got hot, the company would not take it back until I shipped for $26 which I did they only gave my purchase price money back $74.80 no shipping money back refuses so I paid $26 for nothing. Do not do business with them.

  5. This product has at least something for everyone to dislike. It’s very heavy! The unit gets extremely hot, and during the cooking process, should you have to turn your food as they suggest, the hot cooking top must be removed and placed on something that won’t burn. We started baking a fresh chicken at the suggested 45 minutes and flipping it over half way through the process. It wasn’t easy, and the glass pot was very hot. A pair of poultry forks were necessary, and plenty of care to keep from getting burned. At the end of the process our table was set and everything was ready but the chicken. If you like rare chicken, you were in luck! It took an additional 25 minutes, and probably could have used 5 more minutes to be fully cooked. Cleaning is bulky and handling a heavy glass bowl wet and full of soap is a challenge. Save your money and time and buy a crock pot! Now the return process!

  6. As of the current date (May, 2012), the best price for the Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven, as yet, is on a television ad that is currently running (in some parts of the U.S?).

    The price of Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven is 3 payments of 19.95 (plus tax, where applicable). The shipping is FREE. 800 616-9400. BUT, the offer is slightly different from what is offered at this web-site.

    I don’t see any muffin or cupcake or bread pans, with the TV ad. They include the extender ring, however, and recipe & instructions booklets, as well as a stainless steel extender ring. There is also a stick blender (200-watt?) that you can keep, even if you return the product, within the 30-day Warranty Period.

    I cannot “speak to” the functionality of this Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven, though. I have not purchased it, yet. It looks like a Flav-O-Wave (viz., Flavorwave) Oven, to me, though.

  7. I just bought the big boss today and so far I like it. It does require a lot of counter space though. I am on a low fat diet and have been cooking for 50+ year’s so decided to try something new that promised fried foods without the extra fat. I made the French fries from raw potatoes, not frozen and they are delicious. I cooked them a little longer than the recipe book said to and they are crispy. I then tackled the fried chicken, I am so pleased with it. I put shake and bake on them after soaking the pieces in water. I cooked them 35 minutes at 375 and then tested with a meat thermometer. They were at 175 degrees and crispy perfect.Very moist inside. I got mine at Wal-mart for $69.00, they are higher elsewhere. I will be trying the salmon with mint sauce that is in the book. The book that came with it is small, not that many recipe’s. I will be trying my own recipe’s and learn timing through trial and error. If you have no oven or don’t want to heat up the kitchen or like me, on a diet you will love this product. I am very pleased. This would be great on a camping trip too. [Just thought of that.] This one does take out the fat, it is the best product like it I have tried. It is easy to clean,I sprayed the cracks with sink sprayer and washed the bowl. You can cook foods from frozen state and they cook evenly. I would rate it 5 stars.

    • I have found that vegetable do NOT get done in this Big Boss Rapid Wave oven, even in a bowl with water. Just got my daughter one and she had the same problem. Baked potatoes do cook, other veggies, even squash, do not cook even at 1 hour.

  8. We plan on using our Big Boss in our home as well as when camping. Can I make soup in the glass bowl? Can I use muffin pans in the Big Boss?

    • Have you found your answers? I keep getting run around. I would like to know if I can make goulash in the glass bowl, or do I need special dishes for it?

  9. The manual for my New Wave Oven was misplaced before I tried using it. Is there an e-copy out there that can be forwarded to me or is anyone willing to mail a paper copy to me in Trinidad.

    When I press the on knob at the back, the oven starts and the light come on etc, however it does not stay on when I move my finger from the knob.. Can someone please help me.

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