Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker Review

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Family meal time can be so exciting if there is an entire full course meal to eat. But with so little time in day to day life, preparing a full course meal can become a dream. Plus imagine the number of utensils needed for different food items and the amount of cleaning they would need. Not to forget the loss of flavor and essential nutrients while preparing these food in ordinary conventional way. To evade all these problems and facilitate an all-in-one food preparation Big Boss has launched an electric Oval Pressure Cooker.


Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker
Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker is a powerful 8.5 quartz pressure cooker running on a high power of 1300 watts. It is developed keeping in mind cooking of healthy meals. It is also designed in a way to provide safety during the usage unlike any other pressure cookers and is housed with a locking mechanism safety feature for its top. Its new age mechanism allows cooking food in almost half the time than any conventional method of cooking. It also helps in preserving the flavor and the nutrients of food items to provide maximum taste and juiciness to the cooked food.

Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker consists of a removal pot which is completely non-stick which makes it easier to cook a large variety of food items without the worry of cleaning it. The pot also provides even heat distribution to cook food items properly. It is made out of stainless steel for durability and houses a cool to touch feature for easy handling. Cooking different food items can be adjusted with the electrical panel that comes on it with certain pre-set settings. It can be easily turned into a slow cooker, for browning, as a stock pot, Braiser, Sauce pot, etc. It has a unique feature – delay start which can help warm food slowly for 3 hours time period. Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker is huge enough to cook meal for an entire family. So be it cooking steak, ribs, steamed vegetables, rice, stew, sauces and many more, preparing dishes is easy as one two three.



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5 thoughts on “Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker Review

  1. I really liked the unit, especially for making deviled eggs. I cooked nearly 60 eggs and had one unusable one. However, after using this unit about a dozen times, it quit. I read somewhere else there might be a fuse that could be replaced, but I am not a handy person and can’t even identify the fuse. It appears a lot of users have had my same problem after only a few uses.

  2. I bought ‘The Big Boss’ pressure cooker at Christmastime 2013. I used it once or twice and didn’t think too much of it. However this Christmastime I’ve used it quite a bit and I plan on using it more in the future. I made stew and meat loaf in 20 minutes and I made pinto beans in an hour. I plan on making lasagna sometime soon. The cooker is cool to the touch, and takes less than ten minutes to build pressure. Its very easy to clean, but does not come with any accessories. I used a stainless steel collapsible vegetable steamer to put my meatloaf on and it came out moist and flavorful. (I used a recipe that a family friend gave me then just followed the recipe book included with the cooker for the directions to brown and cook the meat)This cooker is easy to use and large enough to make dinner plus leftovers for tomorrows lunch. The only drawback I’ve had is overcoming my fear of a new way to cook.

  3. I would be grateful for information on how to replace the pressure regulator knob I have misplace mine ,,Otherwise this Big Boss pressure cooker is first class a cooking experience that every family should have in their home/kitchen (

  4. Review Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker

    Does Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker really cook food in half the time than normal ways like it claims?

    Is it really safe to use and cook to touch?

    Can it preserve the food flavors?

    Is Big Boss Oval Pressure Cooker really non-stick and easy to clean?

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