Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Reviews and Complaints

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About Big Boss Oil-less Fryer

There is no doubt that the taste of fried food is better than any other kind of cooked food in the world. You might love having delicious food which is deep fried but then might need to limit the intake since it has a very high content of oil in it. The fats in such oily food can result in increase in cholesterol, obesity; risk of heart aches and even the need for a bypass operation. Such worries can spoil the fun of fried and juicy food. What if there was some way that you could relish the taste of fried food and yet negate the effects of fats deposited by it? Well now there is a way by using the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer.


Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Claims

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is the latest innovative way to cook food which tastes like deep fried food would but uses little or no oil to cook it. The use of little or no oil makes this fabulous Oil-Less Fryer to be efficient in cutting the calories by more than half in food items. The unit of Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer contains Mesh Basket, 2 Grill Racks, 3” Extender Ring, Glass Bowl, Sturdy base with Handles, Lifting Tongs and is accompanied by a Recipe book and Cooking guide. It can easily cook food items like French Fries, Fish Sticks, Onion Rings, Hot Wings, etc.

The working of Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is very simple. It doesn’t need any preheating. The food which is to be cooked should be dipped in the favorite breading and placed in the basket tray. The panel comes with a timer and temperature controller which needs to be set depending on the type of food. The Fryer contains combination of halogen which makes the outer layer cook brown and crisp, convection and infrared heating which cooks the inner layer evenly keeping the food moist and delicious. Another attractive feature of the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is that it can be used to cook pre-made frozen meals in matter of few minutes. Last but not the least; it has a self cleaning mechanism which helps avoid the fuss of cleaning it altogether.

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer REVIEW

Jean Hodges complains in her Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer review that it would not get hot enough to cook very thinly sliced potatoes. After 45 minutes the potatoes were only warm. You can easily pick up the glass bowl with your bare hands. The fan never did come on. The customer service number is a recording that gives customer service numbers to a variety of other products but, not The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. The customer service number also has an operator option that went to voicemail.

Kathy Blade who reviewed the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer says making fried chicken looked like it was frying while cooking bit it didn’t come close to even tasting fried. At the skin was done and looked good, but the chicken was way under cooked and cooking till the chicken was done burnt the skin.

Nancy Brown reveals in her Big Boss Oil-less Fryer review that for the size of the product is, it doesn’t cook much. It is definitely not family sized and nor is it a substitute for frying, it was equivalent to baked food. Even after battering fish and spraying it with oil it still did not turn out like fried fish. It is the same with the chicken.

Madeline Simmons – a Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer user complains that if you look at the recipe book and the box you will see they show chicken on the bottom and French fries on the top rack; however, you cannot cook these together because the chicken is cooked at 375 degrees and the French fries at 450 degrees. They cannot be cooked at the same time. This is very misleading.

Teresa McMillan says the fries are horrible and the chicken takes the same amount of time as broiling or grilling but has no flavor.

Dana Redd is not happy with the cleaning part of Big Boss Oil-less Fryer, in her review she complains that it is heavy, clunky and needs to be carefully cleaned by hand.

Anna Hudson complains in her Big Boss Oil-less Fryer review that it does not cook. French fries were still hard and cold even after cooking it for 57 minutes. Even a whole chicken did not cook inside nor was it warm even after 2 hours. Tried making onion rings, and they did not even brown and they stuck so bad to the basket that even getting on solid ring was impossible.

Big Boss Fryer Questions/Answers

Q: What size is the basket?
A: It says it’s 16 quarts. The customers who have purchased it says an entire turkey can fit in the fryer.

Q: How much heat does it radiate? Will it cause room to heat up? Are there different heat settings?
A: It has temperature settings from 250 to 480. There is some heat but it’s not the kind of heat you’ll get from a stovetop or an oven.

Q: I’d like to get rid of my microwave. anyone use this for reheating leftovers?
A: Though some of the users have used big boss fryer for reheating purpose but it is not recommended as it is not an item that you reheat food in. It is better to hang on to your

Q: Can i put a microwave safe bowl plate in this to heat a meal?
A: No! You cannot put a microwave safe bowl plate in this to heat a meal.

Q: Does this have any teflon?
A: No, just glass and metal racks. No problem with using misto or Pam spray.

Q: Is the halogen bulb replaceable when it burns out?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: When using batter, how do you prevent the food from sticking to the grate?
A: Just spray a fine mist of oil using the included mister bottle.

Q: Can you use aluminum foil in the unit?
A: Yes you can use foil in the big boss air fryer to cover your food.


What do I get?

  • Timer & Temp. Control Unit
  • Mesh Basket
  • 2 Grill Racks
  • 3″ Extender Ring
  • Glass Bowl
  • Sturdy Base w/ Handles
  • Lifting Tongs
  • Recipe Book & Cooking Guide

All this for just 3 easy payments of $33.33 plus FREE S&H. Official website 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H. For customer service, please call 866-772-8523.

99 thoughts on “Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have used my air fryer for biscuits and frozen garlic bread and it only cooked on top side. I had to turn it over to cook both sides is this normal.


  3. My wife was cooking chicken in the oil less fryer. We heard a pop and the whole glass top shredded into pieces

  4. I just received this as a gift. Used it once and after eating some chicken wings and fries, I notice that there was a chemical taste and thought it was just from overcooking. I put in one more batch, when the timer went off I noticed a black gook that dripped from the top. When I removed this substance, it hardened up like a rock. Obviously I am returning this but I am very concerned with what happened and what could be in our bodies since we were eating foods prior to me noticing the black substance. It dripped out of a hole from the cover which is the heating system. I called and was unable to talk with someone. I left my number but still haven’t heard anything.

  5. I bought one of these and about the 4th time i used it tge bulbs burnt out??? Doesn’t look like i can do anything. I need a new top piece please. I really like this thing but it is not cheap


  6. I unboxed my Big Boss, after a year unopened. Started it up.. and the fan made a horrible clanking noise.. I tapped the top and the fan stopped all together.. Now it won’t spin at all.. To much time passed for me to send back..

  7. got big boss oil-less fryer for christmas worked well used it lots. on feb 25 turned it on and the heat lights went poof and wont heat up.

    • I just called the company and they are open 8am-8pm EST Mon-Fri so nothing has gone wrong for me but I have read all of the reviews and when it stops working, people seem to give up. The toll free number is 866-772-8523 and they advised me that if something goes wrong like the lamp or whatever, to call them, and they will have you ship it back and they will send you a new one. I just called. Great customer service

      • I love using mine but the information on the dials are all worn off and have to figure out what the time is. I can’t seem to find anywhere that I can get the new sticker to at least put around the timer knob. I barely wipe it down so its not because of cleaning it off. Since the only thing I do is get a wet paper towel and wipe the glass on top and on the inside.

  8. I bought mine last summer and have used it several times. We cook corn dogs, frozen fries, and small frozen pizzas mostly and it does a great job. I recently made seasoned chicken breast and they were incredibly juicy not dry like I expected them to be. I want to experiment more with different things but so far we have had great luck and everything’s still working on it.

  9. I got mine about two weeks ago. The convection process didn’t work out of the box. Got a replacement with no problems. Have cooked chicken legs, country style ribs, french fries and a few other things. The cooking times by the book are a little less than they should be especially for fries. After some use am getting it figured out and have had some darn good food. I like that it cooks very well, after a learning curve and is so easy to clean. Self cleaning works fine and otherwise just pop the bowl and racks in the dishwasher. No messy oil to get rid of and is so much easier than frying. Maybe the construction quality needs some improvement, as I said mine was bad out of the box, but the warranty is great and they sent me a whole new one. I just took the cooking top out of the box and replaced it with the defective one and sent it back. Didn’t need to unpack the whole thing as the bowl, racks and stuff were not broken. Going to load in a pile of breaded chicken wings today. Am looking forward to savoring them.

  10. Bought big boss oil less fryer. Got it today I made pork chops they turned out great. Went to cook potato fries and the thing quit working.

    • You can get great customer service on this product. Lifetime Warranty. I just called the company and they said to call them if the unit stops working in any way. The customer service number is 866-772-8523 and they are open 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri Eastern Standard Time. Great customer service.

    • You can get great customer service on this product. Lifetime Warranty. I just called the company and they said to call them if the unit stops working in any way. The customer service number is 866-772-8523 and they are open 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri Eastern Standard Time. Great customer service.

  11. I got this fryer right before Thanksgiving and have used it 3-4 times a week. LOVE IT. Extremely easy to use and well worth the investment. I have had no problems of any kind with this unit and I recommend it to everyone. It sure is better than heating up that big oven.

    • I got this fryer right before Thanksgiving and have used it 3-4 times a week. LOVE IT. Extremely easy to use and well worth the investment. I have had no problems of any kind with this unit and I recommend it to everyone. It sure is better than heating up that big oven.

    • Yes, and both are delicious. The fries cook faster than the meat. I am now doing wings and a corn on the cob. You put the meat on the bottom. Put the fries on the top on the tall rack.

  12. I have had the Boss for two years and I can’t live without it. I’ve had no problems with it and it cooks food fast and evenly. Chicken,pork chops,ribs steaks I’ve cooked everything with it. It saves me a ton of money not only in time but my electric bill went down too without the stove and oven being used twice a day. I would definitely recommend to any one that wants tasty fast food.

  13. I bought my Big Boss oil free fryer on line and have had it about a week. I have cooked French fries, steak, pork chops, stir fry vegetables and chicken and they all came out perfectly. I love it. I bought a package that contained 2 steaks. I cooked one outside on the gas grill & the other one in the Big Boss. The one in the Big Boss tasted the best and was very tender. The grilled one was sort of tough even after it had marinated for several hours. I love my unit and plan to purchase one for each of my daughters.

  14. I was lucky I only paid $15 for mine. Someone donated a brand new one in the box still wrapped in plastic to the the thrift store I work at. The first day it was great. I made chicken breast and curly fries. The chicken was moist and perfect cooking it from frozen. The fries were crisp and way better than in the oven. The next day the light went out and it wouldn’t work. It made one meal then stopped working. Very sad, that one meal was great.

    • Call the company! It happened to me too! the light seems to be rather delicate sometimes, but they stand behind their warranty and they sent me a mailing label and after they received my unit they sent me another…even though after I sent it I had forgotten to send a couple small items…oops. If you still have it I urge you to call!

        • You can get great customer service on this product. I asked them how long this is warrantied and they sais it has a Lifetime Warranty. I just called the company and they said to call them if the unit stops working in any way. The customer service number is 866-772-8523 and they are open 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri Eastern Standard Time. Great customer service.

    • You can get help if the lamp went out. I just called the company and they said to call them if the lamp goes out. The customer service number is 866-772-8523 and they are open 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri Eastern Standard Time. Great customer service.

  15. Got my Big Boss Oil-less Fryer in Feb. 1914 It cooks wonderful but timer works , lights work but….yesterday the cooker coils burned out. so disappointed. and it was expensive. would like to hear from someone. in all fairness with all these complaints we should be compensated. I am a single person who cooks very little & on fixed income.


  16. Followed directions and cooked a whole chicken with Big Boss Oil-less Fryer. Was not done inside and had to cook it longer, but it came out nice. It doesn’t make popcorn at all. Did spare ribs and they were perfect. Going to keep on experimenting.

  17. Got my Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer and the fan does not come on just the light comes on and goes out but does not cook is there any fix?

    • No, I looked everywhere on the web, and one thing I can do is research! There are, at this time, no replacement parts. But they have a great warranty, call them. If you can’t find your book or the number it is on the internet.

  18. My Big Boss Fryer has never worked since I took it out of the box and I can’t seem to get anyone to replace it or get my money back. I just get the run around. It never has heated up. Not impressed with product nor customer service.

    • You should write a letter to the head of the company that made it and to the better business bureau of both where you live and where you are located. Also contact the store manager where it was bought and the head of that company and add them to the BBB list. Demand a refund, and don’t let them walk all over you.

      • Problem is, it is made in China. So doubt they would worry about either BBB or customers. Advice to anyone wanting either this brand or Nu-wave is to find out if they are repaired here on in China. If you have to buy parts from them. Then settle for using your oven and stove to cook.

    • Have you contacted the phone number at the bottom of the big boss website – 877-772-8523 ?? They have been INCREDIBLY helpful. Have had mine at least a year. Husband broke the bowl a few weeks ago & they are sending me a new one – even though it was HIS fault! I use it a LOT!!

  19. I got my Big Boss Oil-less Fryer yesterday and I am going to try it this weekend can I put chicken on bottom rack with Panko? how long do you think will it cook? and if I marinated steak and cooked it which rack? any suggestions??? Thanks

    • If you are oven-frying the chicken you want it on top rack, I watch it pretty carefully and if it shows signs of burning I turn it. Stick a fork or knife in it and withdraw slowly to see if any pink colored fluid follows the knife, if so cook it longer. Can’t tell you about the steak as I am doing it tonight! I am going to use a pretty high heat, prolloy 400-450 and as I like it med-rare I am watching it like a hawk! Good luck, good eating!

      • I use low rack to roast a whole chicken. It is KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF GREAT!!!! I cook it a bit longer on each side than it says to, & I don’t do them frozen (partly because you NEVER know if there’s going to be a bag of giblets or not…) but mostly so I am more sure of when it is going to be done & not get too browned on outside before it is no longer pink by bones. But I use a meat thermometer to check it – can see juice flowing from that as well. The chicken is SO FULL OF JUICE I don’t like to poke it much & have it drain out!! Be sure to start it breast-side down, so juices flow into it. Then let it rest 8-10 minutes on a platter, cutting board, whatever before ripping into it. CANNOT be beat!

  20. I have had my Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for several months now and have had very good results. I use it to cook bacon and sausage, it does a great job and doesn’t take long. Like one reviewer said, you have to get used to it. It also makes great fries and roasted potatoes,and homefries. I’ll try just about anything in it. I have done chicken, fish,ribs, roasts and pork chops, some recipes out of the book and some I made up myself. Always good. The recipe for Italian sausage and peppers is excellent. I love my Big Boss. If you find your food burning then you may have it too high on the rack. Try the lower rack or put the expansion ring on. I sometimes cover the food tightly with foil (after it has browned) to lessen this event. It does corn on the cob wonderfully and it even toasts bagels and such. I have made croutons as well as garlic bread with cheese in it. The only limit is your imagination. I suspect some think it is a miracle machine and should take no effort or knowledge. It is not and it does take knowledge just like anything else. Put a little effort into it and you will be eating healthier in no time. The “only” complaint I have is that the numbers on the dials wore off, but by now I know what is what.

    • Hahaha!! You have really experimented & given me ideas!! My only complaint is the same as yours – but I know fairly well where 400* is…so I just go from there… Have had mine around a year & after you get used to it, you really can’t get along without it!

  21. A family member got us our big boss and we love it, use it almost every day. At first it was a pain cause it took a bit longer to cook or it burned the food. I find that the temp and cooking times in the book are more of a guide line. You need to figure out how long and how high to cook certain foods. Its all about trial and error with it. Once i found out how to cook the foods the way we like them i have made my own cooking guide. Don’t be drawn away from buying this item. If your not sure about getting this just ask some friends or family that owns one. People like to give bad reviews just because they cant figure out how to use the product, or people working for other companies trying to get you to buy their product.

  22. Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer works okay for me, takes a bit of getting used to, since it uses both a heating element AND a halogen light for heating (usually a convection oven, which is exactly what this is, only uses a quartz based heating element). Don’t treat this like a toaster oven or regular convection oven, it *does* tend to burn the outside of your food before the inside cooks or reheats. Warm it a bit in the microwave beforehand, then heat in the Boss.

    Otherwise, I’d almost guess the best bet is to set the thermostat to the temperature you want your food to be, not what the recommended cooking temperature (for example, conventional training says to cook a beef roast @350, but this thing burns the exterior of the roast within 15 minutes), so try it at 200-250F.

  23. I got my Big Boss Oil Less Fryer at Walmart and I haven’t had a problem with it at all. I cook pork Chops in it and they came out nice and juicy the french fries cooked fine everything I’ve cooked in it so far came out good don’t understand why all the bad reviews. Works Great for me.The Self clean works good too.

  24. I got my Big Boss Oil Less Fryer at Walmart and I haven’t had a problem with it at all. I cook pork Chops in it and they came out nice and juicy the french fries cooked fine everything I’ve cooked in it so far came out good don’t understand why all the bad reviews. Works Great for me!!!

  25. I wish I would have known about this machine before I took a trip to WalMart looking for a deep fryer. This Big Boss was located right next to the deep fryers and the way they advertise on the box it sounded really good. I wish I would have bought the deep fryer instead. I gotta say this machine isn’t the worst but it sure isn’t the best either. Where ever the machine medium browned the food thats where the food had a very strange flavor. I didnt like the way the freshly made french fries tasted. I made chicken legs and the chicken skin had a strange flavor but the meat was very moist and juicy. Nothing cooks faster in this machine and it does not self clean either. I didnt try anything frozen but I dont think this HUGE machine is worth the money at all. Its probably easier to bake it all in my over or toaster oven and it might cook faster than it did in the Big Boss. Another thing I really didnt like having to try and clean that HUGE glass bowl because its REALLY heavy.

    • Have you tried spraying the foods that burn lightly with oil? We had the same problem and found that helps a lot.

  26. Just purchased oil-less fryer from Walmart and the recipe booklet is in a foreign language which I do not comprehend. I would appreciate receiving a recipe booklet in ENGLISH. Your attention to this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

  27. Well, glad I found this site. I was very interested in this Fryer until I read all the Big Boss Oil-Less reviews. Thanks, now I won’t waste my money, sorry to all you that did. I guess I’ll just stick with my Nuwave. I may not be able to fry in it but for 7+ years now @ 4/5 times a week of use, it’s Never let me down!

  28. Why is this site not appearing in the search engine? This is the only site where I could find some reviews of Big Boss Oil-less Fryer and they were helpful. I was about to order, now I wont.

  29. I bought this Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer from Wal-Mart and am returning it. I am returning it because it does not work (does not turn on) but I don’t want another one. This will not save me time. The cooking racks are only about 10 inches in diameter which is not enough cooking space if you have a family. It would take me twice as long to cook most things for my family. It says it is supposed to cook up to 3x times however here are some cooking times:

    frozen french fries (single layer) 15 minutes
    Hamburger 1/4 lb. 10-15 minutes depending on doneness hot dogs 8 min
    frozen chicken breast 13-18 minutes depending on thickness
    fresh chicken breast 10-15 minutes depending on thickness

  30. Nobody’s saying if it works. I’m not spending money on it without an opinion. The article above was useless. I could that info from anywhere. Thanks, but no thanks!

  31. Review Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

    Does it really cook without oil?

    Is it durable?

    Is it easy and convenient to clean?

    Are you impressed with this product?

    • I bought the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer about 6 months ago and I LOVE IT ! It has consistently fried my chicken and fries to perfection. I love it…my husband loves fried chicken but doesn’t was to eat any kind of fried food from oil or shortening sources. The chicken stays moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. I have also made a 5 lb. Pork Butt Roast in it and it was wonderful ! I’m not sure why some people are not having success with this product…I love it ! Now I am trying other things not listed in their recipe book…the pork roast was one of them. Anything that is healthier eating is to my own benefit.

      • Any other recipes you can come up with Barbara would be greatly appreciated. Just got our Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for Christmas and can’t wait to try it out. Will be trying it out tomorrow. Gonna try a whole chicken in it on Sunday. We will see what happens.

      • I think they are not having any success with it cause they may be using it wrong. Have you tried cooking ham in it? Turns out good with a nice maple glaze on it.

        • Just got mine yesterday and used it to make a pork roast. Yes, it throws off quite a bit of heat, but yes it works. I probably could have made it a little quicker searing the pork in a frying pan and then finishing off in the oven, but it was way too hot for that. Wish there was a yahoo group for those of us who find the product a good investment so we could exchange recipes and how-to’s. Every product has some problem, none are perfect but you usually can make them work satisfactorily.

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