Big Boss Ice Cream Maker Review

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In those hot summer months your children crave for their favourite ice creams and you want to devour mouth watering frozen desserts too. But are you calorie conscious and don’t want your kids to eat ice creams from parlours too? Then how about making the ice cream or frozen dessert of your choice at home? It’s not as complicated as you might think, especially if you have Big Boss Ice Cream Maker at home, which lets you make ice creams with different flavourings and fresh fruits right at home.

How does Big Boss Ice Cream Maker work

Now making ice creams just like the parlours or frozen desserts for calorie conscious adults is a cakewalk. Whether it’s fresh ice cream you want to make, sorbet, yogurt, sherbet or frozen drinks, you can do so without any difficulty. Make these delicious treats for your loved ones at home or for your guests and get brownie points from them. When you use this versatile ice cream maker, you get a lot of options and can add wide range of ingredients from nuts to chocolate chips, crushed candies to crumbled cookies into the mix.

You can also use freshly pureed fruits if you are a health fanatic. For low fat recipes, there’s the option of using low fat milk to get the desired texture out of the dessert of your choice. But if you want something rich and creamy instead, you can go for whole milk and cream as well. With this ice cream maker there are endless possibilities to create divine recipes that will always hit the spot. You also remain in charge at all times as you can monitor the freezing process thanks to the transparent easy lock lid.

Ingredients are mixed and aerated in freezer bowl by the mixer arm. The cord can be stored inside the base of this ice cream maker when it’s not in use. Convenient, user friendly and versatile, this ice cream maker has all it takes to be your favourite kitchen appliance.



What do I get?
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9 thoughts on “Big Boss Ice Cream Maker Review

  1. The on button does not stay on. It says to let it run for twenty minuets but I have to keep turning it back on. Is there something I’m not doing to keep it on?

  2. I have tried, several times, to make ice cream with the Boss, but it stays liquid. The cylinder that the ice cream is made in does not stay cold. I have stuck the cylinder in the bottom of my chest freezer for months, kept the ingredients really cold, but still no ice cream. Just liquid.

  3. Since there are little reviews on this machine – could you please review it’s functionality? Other than the fact that the manual was missing, how easy was the machine to use? Was it noisy?

  4. There was no manual, warranty card or recipe booklet included in box. Tried emailing customer service who sent me instruction manual via email, but said sorry, can’t do anything about the recipe booklet … what the hell????

  5. We were given this ice cream maker for Christmas – a brand new, un-tampered box – with NO PAPER INSERTS whatsoever – no warranty paper, no instructions and no 20-recipe booklet as advertised and marked on the box. Contacted the manufacturer and customer service is lacking and almost “flip”. Told me I had a 1-year warranty when box clearly states 2 – corrected that. Sent me the instruction pamphlet via email and totally ignored the recipe booklet issue. When pushed against the wall, sent be back another instruction manual pamphlet and said she had no recipe booklet – too bad, so sad attitude. Asked for my complaint to the resolved and to escalate to higher level – no response at all. Poor customer service overall and attitude sucks.

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