Betty Crocker 200 Piece Cake Decorator Kit Review

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You might be an avid baker and you might want to make different cakes at home for your loved ones. But you might have probably noticed like many of us that kids tend to opt for those coolly decorated cakes that you find in shops. If you have a party for kids at home, you want to be at your best as well and make cakes that are smartly decorated, which will go down well with the kids. And now that’s easily possible with the help of 200 Piece Cake Decorator Kit.

How does Betty Crocker 200 Piece Cake Decorator Kit Work

Decorating cakes can be easier said than done as you might have found out. It ends up taking a lot of time and you end up with mess that you have to clean up later. And often the results are nowhere close to what you’d like them to be. But now decorating cakes is so simple that you can do with as a fun activity with your kids and what’s more, get professional quality results every single time. Not only will these cakes be a hit with your loved ones, they will also end up winning you brownie points with your guests.

The multi dimensional applicator that you find in this decorator kit is the reason behind the magic you can work on cakes. And decorating cakes is so simple now because you just have to insert the disposable bag into this applicator. You can then fill this bag with icing and attach the nozzle. You can choose the applicator tip depending on what you want to create on the cake and get started. You can let your creativity run wild or make the most of stencils and sculpting combs you find with this kit. As you point and squeeze your cake will get decorated the way you want to.

The power is totally in your hands now as you can make those professional looking, fancy cakes and desserts at home. And it’s so simple to use, you can do it with one hand and importantly get the job done in a matter of minutes.



What do I get?

  • 200 Piece Cake Decorating Kit
  • 60 Additional Bag
  • 20 Decorative Sculpting Combs
  • 6 Large Tips
  • 5 New Stencils
  • Carrying Case
  • Storage Bag For Letter Tiles
  • Tri-Ster Tips
  • And More

All this for $14.95+$ 5.95 P.& H.
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Betty Crocker 200 Piece Cake Decorator Kit Video

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