Better Strainer Review

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Do simple chores in the kitchen like straining become the bane of your existence? Do you end up having unwanted accidents because of the wrong strainers? Are bulky and awkward sized colanders making things difficult for you? Then you need Better Strainer, which will make straining items in the kitchen a complete breeze for you.

How does Better Strainer Work

The biggest advantage of Better Strainer is that it can fit any size pot, pan or bowl. Thus you won’t need multiple strainers to do this regular kitchen job for you on a day to day basis.

Better Strainer is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs in the kitchen. You can make the most out of it when you are straining pasta for example and it will also be handy when it comes to draining grease from the cooked food items in the kitchen. If you are sticking to a healthy diet, you can use Better Strainer to drain fruits and veggies as well, before using them in your soups or juices for that matter. Better Strainer is also very easy to use and you just fit it on a bowl, skillet you want, snap it in place and drain.

The Flext Fit design of Better Strainer is a highlight and it is responsible for grabbing on to the mouth of any pot and holding on tight. If you are using Better Strainer with cooked dishes, then you will be pleased to note that the non stick surface used here will not lead to any damage to delicate food, like ravioli for example. It is dishwasher safe for your convenience and importantly it’s compact and is known for its space saving design. Thus the Better Strainer will not only do the straining job efficiently, but it will also save you space in the kitchen.




What do I get?

  • 1 LARGE Better Strainer
  • 1 Universal Spill Stopper

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official



Better Strainer Video

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