Better Beater Review

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Whipping and beating with a regular beater can be really painful way to get the perfect smoothie or cream. Firstly you will never get the perfect mix and secondly the damage to the wrist is high with all the painstaking movements involved with it. The worst of all is the mess created around the mixing bowl because of the intensity required to mix using a regular beater. Electrical beaters can also create a mess around the bowl and are heavier to operate. Also these kinds of beaters can damage and scratch the pans and coatings on the bowls. At such times your life can be much easier with the latest Better Beater.


Better Beater

Better Beater is an innovative product which solves all the problems of blending, beating and mixing easily. It is the new generation kitchen tool which utilizes mechanics to produce the beating action with a simple tap. Its head comprises of technically designed blades to whip and beat. The handle actually works like a tap on switch and when pressed upon produces a whipping and beating motion to the blades on the head. This in turn makes it easier to whip even for people having arthritis. Better Beater has a multi pulse action which gives 10 times faster whipping, beating and mixing than any other hand held beater out in the market. This means the 10 times faster action gives 10 times easier motion and a 10 times quicker and better results too.

Better Beater another advantage is that it is completely dishwasher free eliminating to manually clean it. Since the motion of the Better Beater is not like the motion of a hand held ordinary beater it does not scratch the pans, cups, mixing bowls, etc and damage the coatings inside them. Imagine now making the perfect eggs in a pan, smoothies in a glass, dips and creams, gravies, sauces and dressings can be so much easier.

Better Beater beats, blends, mixes and emulsifies like no other beater and definitely the best tool made for such purposes. For a limited time offer purchase of one jumbo Better Beater gets a large Better Beater absolutely free.

Late-night commercials might be fun, but think before you commit to a product. Most products advertised on “as seen on tv” hardly actuate their hype, with products promising performance they clearly can’t deliver. A far-cry from being the ultimate kitchen solution, it would bleed your bank by charging huge shipping and handling charges. The scam is that they would justify these charges by trying to con you with cruise coupons, holiday deals and gift vouchers. End result – you get enrolled in some phony auto-shipment program, paying for something you might not even like enough to use regularly.

When you order the Better Beater online, or through your credit card, your personal transaction-details, financial I.D and contact details reach unscrupulous telemarketers, with your emails being bombarded with random newsletters and promotions. Should anything go wrong, it’s up to you to send it for service, while paying for shipping yourself. With all this to happen, customers are never welcomed for their complaints.

So, if you really like a product, wait for it to come to trusted chains and stores. Try it, opt for a store demo, and if you’re satisfied, you’re still getting it without shelling any extra money for the product.



What do I get?

  • 2 Jumbo Better Beater
  • 2 Large Better Beater

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website



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    Can Better Beater be really used by people suffering from arthritis?

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