BBQ NU Review

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What is BBQ NU

According to the TV ad claims BBQ NU is a grill cleaning solution that cleans them in an instant without the need of scrubbing. Its cleaning solution and bag works together to provide a new-like feel to the grills while removing any new or old burnt-on messes effectively.

Clean Barbeque Grills Easily

BBQ NU promises to help you clean your grills in such an easy way that it will outmatch all the solutions currently sold in the market. There is no one who does not like to eat barbequed food and it is the perfect way to spend a nice day with friends and family. The problem is the job of cleaning the grill later since all types of food gets stuck on the grill leaving a mess behind. The current solutions available in the market are simply not good enough as they need a lot of scrubbing without giving good results. Some solutions can even damage the grill. BBQ NU allegedly is created to nullify these issues and let everyone enjoy hassle free cleaning of barbeque grills.


Revolutionary Formula

BBQ NU guarantees the cleaning of grills so effectively because it has been developed with a lot of research regarding how the food gets burnt and stuck on the grill and what can make it clear off easily as opposed to manual cleaning. The special solution is not the only arsenal in BBQ NU’s package but compliments the bag that holds the grill for magical cleaning. It has been declared that BBQ NU is safe to use on grill and does not corrode or damage the grill which harder solutions can over a period of time.

Three Easy Steps To Clean

It is asserted that BBQ NU provides pristine cleaning in simply three easy steps. The first step is to take the grill out of the barbeque and place it inside the special BBQ NU bag. Once the grill is secured inside the liquid should be poured in it. The next step is to seal the bag securely so that no solution spills out of it. Later BBQ NU should be swished over the grill where it starts to clean. Lastly the grill should be taken out and rinsed using water to give a new look. The special solution while in the bag keeps in constant contact with literally every inch of the dirty grill and disintegrates the food particles in such a way that even older food stuck on the grill cleans up in a breeze. The cost effective wonder solution BBQ NU also allegedly works very well for cleaning oven racks, trays, catch pans, stove top burners and virtually anything for an easy cleaning.

What do I get?

you’ll receive 2 – 16 ounce bottle of BBQ NU, bags & 2 gloves for only $10 plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

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