BBQ Dragon

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What is BBQ Dragon

It is an easy to use charcoal tool that claims to start charcoal grills in less than 10 minutes.
BBQ Dragon promises to be the right tool for those who love to have barbeques at home for their loved ones or when you have guests over for that matter. Of course there’s nothing like bonding outdoors over barbeque but the problem is getting things started can be a huge hassle in the first place. That’s where BBQ Dragon comes into the picture ensuring that you get can get the job done at the earliest.

BBQ Dragon claims to be an effective and convenient option

BBQ Dragon is a patent pending tool that maintains that you can start charcoal grills under 10 minutes and you won’t have to fan fires anymore. You won’t be wasting 45 minutes as you often do to get the fire started as well. BBQ Dragon claims to have an edge over chimneys and electric or chemical starters for that matter. The good thing about using it is that you get superior flavour and aroma of cooking on charcoal, which is just what you want from your barbeques.

BBQ Dragon is known for its design

The design of BBQ Dragon is contemporary and sleek, while it’s boosted by technology. Its stainless steel body makes it cool to touch and also durable. It also has a long stainless steel neck, which means you can have air whenever and wherever you want. BBQ Dragon has a heavy-duty, spring-loaded clamp, which opens wide, and can be attached to fireplaces, grill pits and fireplaces.

BBQ Dragon is versatile for your needs

With BBQ Dragon you can control the amount of air thanks to the variable speed motor. As you control the oxygen delivered to the fire, you can start fire fast and maintain perfect temperatures for grilling, according to its claims. BBQ Dragon can be used by the beach or campfires where you can have the setting to high or it can be used on low when you want to light your fireplace or control the temperature in the smoker. From wood stoves to pits and grills, you can start practically any fire with it and without the need for fanning with plates.


BBQ Dragon features

The high powered fan ensures that large amounts of cool air is delivered at low velocity to fire coals fast and without blowing ash.
The inlet and discharge grills in BBQ Dragon ensure that unwanted things are kept out.
If you want to charge the optional NiMh batteries you can use the Micro-USB port to make it work with home or car chargers.
The variable speed motor ensures that right amount of air is delivered to fire of any size.
BBQ Dragon maintains that it has ergonomic handles, which stay outside the grill; hence they remain cool to touch.
The spring-loading clamp can open wide and attach to different types of grills and fire pits.
BBQ Dragon also asserts that it has a grid lock design for your convenience. It can hold onto the grill tight and reduce movement. Hence it naturally reduces any risks that might be otherwise involved.

What do i get?

You get BBQ Dragon for $49.99 plus $8 S&H.Official website


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