Bake Pops Cake Pop Maker Review

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Bake Pops is the new delicious cake on a pop stick that you can make at home. It is fast and easy to make with the help of the remarkable new bake pop pan. Everybody will just love the Bake Pops Cake Pop Pan to make yummy double chocolate and strawberry cream pops. You can even add your favorite cookie crunch to it. Simply put any cake mix in the Bake Pop pan, place the custom lid, and insert it in the oven.


Bake Pops
When it’s done you get 24 perfect sized delicious baked Bake Pops Cake Pops. It features an exclusive design and durable non-stick coating that makes each of the bake pops come out with ease. You can even put in some fun decoration on top of it.

Bake Pops Pan lets you make fun animal shapes and make them seem like real. They are ideal for birthday parties, showers, holidays, anniversaries, and more. With Bake Pops you can make ice-cream cone shapes too.

Bake Pops Cake Pop Pan combine the delicious taste of cake on a pop stick. It gives you the perfect size cakes so you will never feel guilty about eating large pieces of cake anymore.

With Bake Pops Cake Pan there are no hassles of spoons, forks, plates, and no mess. It is dishwasher safe too for easy cleanup.

Regular cakes are boring and treats at the bakery can be very expensive but with Bake Pops you can make treats everyday for your family and friends.

Bake Pops FAQs

What are Bake Pops all about?
Quite simply, Bake Pops are small bits of cake, round in shape, at the end of sticks. Everyone seems to want them today and they have become a popular alternative for cupcakes amongst those who look for mouthwatering cake food.

Are Bake Pops similar to treats you see in bakeries and cafes or cake shops?
It’s quite possible that you may have seen cake pops in cafes and bakeries near you. But now you have the option of making them yourself at home.

If I am not sure about the kind of Bake Pop to make, will I get guidance from a recipe book with my order?
Yes, most certainly. With your Bake Pops order you get a recipe book that will give you myriad ideas and recipes to make Bake Pops for every party and occasion.

Is Bake Pops available in stores? If not, when will it be?
Bake Pops is not available in stores at the moment and the retail release date is still uncertain. However as soon as Bake Pops is released in stores, you will be notified through blogs and social media profiles.

Why does the shipping of Bake Pops set take as long as 3 to 6 weeks?
That’s because there is a massive demand for Bake Pops and the manufacturer is dealing with a huge order. In fact the manufacturer is doing the best to meet the back order that is quickly adding up. But you can be rest assured that your order will be delivered as early as possible.

What can you do if you placed an incorrect Bake Pops order?
You don’t have to fret if you have placed an incorrect order. All you need to do is call the toll free customer service number 1-800-777-4034. You might be asked for your phone number and email address, in case it was provided, last name and zip code. This is to enable the customer service to find your order. You don’t need to worry; your order will definitely be fixed. However you need to note that order processing takes about 24 hours; hence your order might not be available in the customer service system before 24 hours have elapsed.

Bake Pops Instructions

Important Guidelines
You need to read all the instructions carefully before you start using your Bake Pop pan set

  • When handling Bake Pop pan set from the oven or when it’s hot, it’s advisable to use dry oven mitts to avoid any kind of injuries, including serious burns.
  • Bake Pop is not meant to be used by children without adult supervision.
  • You need to use Bake Pop pan set only in a conventional oven. It’s not meant to be used in a microwave oven.
  • Caution needs to be exercised while using Bake Pop pan set to avoid injuries.
  • Bake Pop pan set should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 375 degrees F.
  • Sharp objects and utensils should not be used on the Bake Pop pan set to avoid damage to the non-stick coating.

How to get started with Bake Pops

  • Use one standard box of cake mix and make cake batter according to instructions. For best baking results, you can use one extra egg and replace milk with water. You can also use half as much as what’s called for in the recipe. You can also add a pudding mix that goes with your cake choice, for example you can use chocolate pudding mix for chocolate cake. It will create a denser cake for you.
  • You can then spray the top and bottom pans with baking spray, preferably one that has flour in it. It’s also a good idea to flip the top pan over and spray this surface too. It’s advisable because cake batter can bake up through the holes and possibly stick to the pan. Note: You shouldn’t use Canola or any other kind of vegetable oil on the pan as doing so can lead to unevenly baked cakes.
  • The next step is to pour batter in the bottom pan. Make sure all the cavities are filled. For best results you can start filling from the center of the pan and working your way out. Spread the batter around with spatula to do the job evenly.
  • The top pan, which has the holes in it, can then be placed on the bottom pan. Secure the pans together using clips.
  • You can bake it at 350 degree F for 25-30 minutes. Remember, the baking time can vary because of variations in ovens.
  • You need to let the pans cool down before removing the top pan. In case the cake has baked through the holes, you can easily scrape it off before you open the top pan.
  • You can decorate the cake by following the decorating instructions.

If you want your cake to have a crispy exterior, place the cake balls into a cookie sheet and bake them further for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to take care of your Bake Pop pan set:
It’s recommended that Bake Pop pan set is cleaned with soapy water. You can then rinse it and let it dry well.

How to decorate Bake Pops:

  • Once you remove Bake Pops from the pan, you can let them rest for about 10 minutes.
  • You can then melt a bit of candy coating in a microwave.
  • Use this coating to dip Bake Pop stick on one end, before inserting it into the cake ball.
  • For best results, you can place Bake Pop in the freezer for about 10 minutes. You can also refrigerate it till the coating turns hard. It will ensure that the cake ball adheres to stick.
  • You can prepare topping bowls by heating bigger batches of candy coating in the microwave.
  • Now take your Bake Pop out of the refrigerator.
  • Dip Bake Pop in the large batch of candy coating you’ve just made.

Note: You will find instructions to make an easy candy coating on the back of semi sweet chocolate chip bag. If the coating appears to be too thick after microwaving, you can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

  • Once your Bake Pop is nicely dipped in candy coating, you can sprinkle other toppings over the topping bowl.
  • That’s it, your delicious Bake Pops are ready to be eaten.

Note: You can also chill Bake Pops in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and let them harden, if you wish to.

Tips and tricks while using Bake Pops:
You can use a foam block (floral block for example) to let Bake Pop cool upright. It will make things easier while preparation and as you decorate as well.

To get best results while baking:
You can use an extra egg and substitute milk for water. It’s advisable to use half as much as what the recipe asks for. To make a denser cake, you can add pudding mix that’s appropriate to your choice of cake.

Making Brownie pops:
To make brownie pops you need to fill the pan with brownie batter and place the top pan on the bottom one. Then fill the squeeze bottle with the batter that remains. You can use it to fill half the cavity in the cake ball.

Bake Pops Cake Pop Maker Features

  • Make your own Bake Pops with any cake mix
  • No forks, no plates, no hassle
  • A perfect snack for family and friends anytime
  • The custom pan and lid make perfect cake pops everytime
  • Ideal for birthdays, holidays and more

Bake Pops Cake Pop Maker Pan is Telebrands answer to Tasty Top Pop Cake Maker. While the manufacturer does not mention the material of the pan it has to be food grade silicone.

You can make 8 Cake Pops with the Tasty and 24 with the Bake Pops. The Bake Pops is the clear winner here but could be overkill. I am not sure of the dimensions of both the pans.

Tasty Pop offers you 100 Pop-sticks while the Bake Pops comes with 50. Both Cake Pop makes give you decorating idea guide. While Telebrand’ s Bake Pops comes with 50 wraps and ties. The Tasty top comes with a decorating Pen and a Cupcake bakeware.

Bake Pops Cake Pop Maker – $34 (including shipping) + Sales Tax.
Tasty Pop Cake Pops Maker – $29 (including shipping) + Sales Tax.

Both these products seem to be promising and can not comment on them right now. Lets wait for the customer reviews. If you are not comfortable with “As Seen On TV” items there are better alternatives at – especially the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker looks nice.




What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• 2 Bake Pop Cake Pop Pans
• 50 Wraps and Ties
• 50 Reusable Pop-Sticks
• 2 Decorating Idea Guides
• 2 Squeeze Bottles

Order your Bake Pop pan and decorative ideas for just $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. You also get 25 reusable pop-sticks you can use for any celebration, a decorating squeeze bottle for finishing details, and 25 clear wraps and 25 ties.

The best part is that if you order right now and pay just $6.99 processing you will receive 2 bake pop pans, 50 wraps and ties, 50 reusable pop-sticks, 2 decorating idea guides, and 2 squeeze bottles. Official Website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Bake Pops Video
No video yet.


37 thoughts on “Bake Pops Cake Pop Maker Review

  1. Just FYI I purchased my set in Dec 2012 ad Sears. The pans were on sale for $10 (normally $19.99 everywhere I see them) & I couldn’t resist.

  2. This is AWESOME!! I don’t generally purchase “as seen on tv” products but I’m glad I bought this one. The pops come out of the pans easily. I wipe the pans with a paper towel then spray for the second round. After baking 2 x in the pan I wash it, otherwise the 3rd x they stick. I ALWAYS wash & dry my pans by hand & put them back in the box when I am done. I use them often & have NEVER had any problems.

  3. My daughter received Bake Pops for Christmas but it only had 9 sticks in the box (supposed to have 18) and the clips for the sides of the pan also missing.
    Is there a way these can be sent to us?? Cant return item cause she already used it and it was a gift too.

    Thank you
    Diana Conyers

  4. THESE PANS SUCK!! my granddaughter purchased it at a store and had her heart set on cake pops for her daughter’s birthday Saturday. she brought me the set and asked me if I would make them, being the avid experienced baker I am. the directions on the set say to add a box of pudding mix to the batter for a denser cake. I followed all directions and the cake did not rise into the round pop as it shown it should. I thought it must be the pudding is making the cake to heavy to rise. So I tried again with just the cake batter and even added an extra egg to make it fluffier. the cake over flowed out the top holes but still did not rise. all I got was burnt looking pyramids. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

    • Did you use ready made pudding or pudding mix? You should have used a package of pudding mix (ie. a box of Jello brand pudding)

  5. Bought Bake Pops for granddaughter. Got the extra one to give as a spare gift. Recieved product in just 4 days and I live in a rural area. Marketing very misleading. When I called, I only had option of automated system, you can’t ask questions.

    The bake pop is OK, granddaughter loves it. I will not order from this company again.

  6. Don’t buy from telebrands.

    (My daughter bought the bake pops last night at Walmart). 1 set for $19.99. No shipping and no ‘other’ charges, but she is using it right now and it says to fill the bottom pan with cake mix then put the top on. Well, the batter ran out of it and didnt fill the top to form a round “pop”.

    But anyways, as I said do not buy from telebrands…I went to their site months ago to buy their tv headsets. The one they advertise so you can hear your tv while your partner sleeps. I have difficulty hearing the tv so I thought this would be great. I wanted 1 headset and they ended up charging me close to $60.00! Of course you never get to see the total $$ until after it goes through. I never got an email confirming my order. I thought well good, I hope it didnt go through. Well, that is until I saw my bank statement and nearly crapped. Tried to cancel. no luck. Then about 4 months later, my headset arrive. it is still in the darn box. I ended up attaching 2 little radio speakers to my tv so I could hear and it works just fine. The headsets are useless to me. I am so ticked off that I wont even use them…

    I also bought the Aluma wallet at Walmart. I didnt realize it was from telebrands. It says it is indestructible. Well, as soon as I opened the package, one side of the Aluminum was detached. It is only held with double sided foam tape. I stuck it back together. So far, it hasn’t fallen off yet. It will though because the instructions were stuck to the tape so the full area of tape is no longer sticky. You cannot carry coins in this wallet. A few cards and maybe one or 2 bills. Otherwise it will not close. it is very cheaply made….

    Then there’s the “bra’s”. I dont know if Telebrands sell those bras, but dont buy them online. my MIL did and she got charged a fortune and it stuck with bra’s that she cant wear….. Buy one at Walmart and see if you like it. Walmart has a “As seen on TV” section. At least most of them do.

    How about those wearable blankets? Last year I order 2 for my daughter and her husband. They live in another state. The commercial and website is very misleading. It said buy one get one free. So I did. They ended up with 4 of them! Apparently their “1” means 2. So when I ordered 2 blankets, it meant 2 sets of 2. Not to mention all the shipping they tacked on. I paid a fortune. I noticed my mistake right away after hitting the PAY button. It wasn’t till after I paid that the total charges and quantities showed up. I called right away and was told, yep, you guessed it, that is was already processed. What? really? After 10 minutes? I think not. But my bank couldn’t reverse the charges until it went through and that was too late.

    These online or call in order companies make their products sound so great and easy to resist. But once you pick that phone up or start ordering, they rip you off.

    I will NEVER buy from telebrands again!

    Unsatisfied ex customer…..

    Oh here is telebrands Facebook page. Them em have it. But good luck. Seems the guy is Pakistani and I think his home-base is there and in India. You cant get much help going through companies outside of the US. The US has certain laws, whereas, other countries may not…

  7. I am so upset. I wish I read these reviews before ordering. I already got scammed out of an extra $19.99 beyond the $35 cake pans. My order total is now $55.96. I am now dreading dealing with them on Monday.

    I called my bank Citizen’s to cancel the charge on my Visa debit before they process the order but the bank would not. They said I have to wait for them to take my money and I can dispute the charges later. I don’t know which company I am madder about.

    Monday I am contacting the Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.

  8. Wish I would have seen these postings before ordering. I ordered on a Saturday night..I did receive an order confirmation..but there was an extra charge for one additional pan bring my order from what should have been $35.97 to $55.95? I called first thing Monday morning..they informed me that I would have to wait 24-48 orders to correct since they did not show my order yet. I call back the following morning just to find that the order was all ready processed..even though the person the day before claimed she would send a note with details, and that I should call back the following day for confirmation number. The confirmation number given was an employees’ number@#? I told the next customer service rep that I did not order the second pan for the additional $19.99 she said the product already shipped (REALLY? not sure, I doubt that)..but she would credit me $15.00 and I could keep the extra pan. I’m very skeptical about this one…****But if you have not read the fine line on the site*** if you cancel your charge order and they do not agree with the cancellation they will charge an extra $25.00 to your account you may be in for another surprise!! good luck to US all! This will be the First & Last time that I do one of these AS SEEN ON TV orders.

    • I too have had the same ridiculous experience with this Bake Pops. I placed my online order 11-11-11 and was mislead by multiple claims of a second set free as well as was prompted to free shipping site at the end of my order. I had not approved the order yet as it was the first time I saw my total. I misunderstood – it said that the shipping was going to be far cheaper!! I called the next morning to cancel my order and was told my order was not in the system yet. Of course customer service was an “over seas” call center and the customer service agent kept repeating herself over and over and would not listen to me. I demanded a stop on the order and she finally advised she would note the system but I needed to call back the next day to confirm. I called the next day with the same story of not being able to find my order. I then received email confirmation that my order had already shipped. I am more than dis-satisfied! This is ridiculous and I will never ever order an as seen on tv product again! $80 for a buy one get one free set as well as free gifts of extra sticks. Also there was no way to check the order to make sure it was correct. It automatically processed the order and charged me for an extra set! DO NOT BUY THIS BAKE POPS PAN!

      Order Detail

      Item Offer Quantity Ordered Bake Pops S_H
      1 BAKE POPS DELUXE “3 YEAR WARRANTY 2 $69.96 $0.00
      2 BAKE POPS DELUXE “3 YEAR WARRANTY 1 $14.99 $0.00
      3 BAKE POPS 100 STICKS KIT 2 $0.00 $0.00
      4 $7.99 PROCESSING 1 $0.00 $7.99
      5 DISCOUNT 1 ($12.74) $0.00

      Payment Date Amount
      11/14/2011 $80.19

  9. I had ordered Bake Pop Cake Pop pans in July. Tried to cancel order, didn’t happen ,received them on Nov 1st. Charged me$ 54.00! for two kits, suppose to have been buy one kit get the other kit free, plus that included $14, shipping! that also was suppose to be free. Tried calling several times, all lines are busy, call back..that is BS..and I paid w/debit. Stupid move on my part. I’m not happy at all w/cake pops!!

  10. SPARE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND RIDICULOUS SHIPPING CHARGES! I ordered off the website and as you can see below it states $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping/handling. WRONG! Yes, it takes you through several prompts for additional add-ons and offers a second set with same offer. WRONG AGAIN! The shipping and handling isn’t $6.99, it turned out to be $44.99 (come on!), plus they charge you $14.99 for the second pan as well.

    No where did $6.99 shipping and handling show up for the one pan or even the second pan. Total order charge was $101 and change. Ohhhh, but that’s not it, in the email confirmation I received it has a link to another website where I can get a rebate on my shipping if I choose to. That is not listed in their advertisement either. And to add insult to injury the total order charge does not show up until “after” the order is placed.

    You think (like reputable websites routinely do) it is going to take you to the order confirmation page so you can check it for accuracy, but no, it just processes the order. I only became aware of the outrageous charge after I happened to check my email and found the order confirmation. I immediately called my bank and stopped payment. There is no company address on the website. Yes, I too tried to call the number listed on the website and only to be directed to another number.

    Finally got a hold of someone and he tried to offer me free shipping if I would change my mind. Too late Tasty Pop!

    As it says on their website:

    Order your Bake Pop pan and decorative ideas for just $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. You also get 25 reusable pop-sticks you can use for any celebration, a decorating squeeze bottle for finishing details, and 25 clear wraps and 25 ties.

  11. I order the bake pop pans. Never got an email that said my purchase went through. After 6 weeks of not knowing. It came in the mail one day.

    I followed the directions and they overflowed / didn’t come out like they said they would. They are over-sized.

    I dislike the Bake Pop Pans. I wouldn’t tell other people to purchase them. I Rather make them by hand.

  12. I ordered my Bake Pop set August 15, I check every week to ship, but nothing…Really I am upset. The website said “let us 2 – 6 week to ship” but my order have more o 6 week. today I called and a machine said what my order will be shipped in the next 30 days… so what can I do? I don’t know…

    • I just ordered mine about 2 weeks ago. Have you even received your order yet? I hope I didst make a mistake in ordering them!

    • I placed an order for Bake Pops in September and has not received them yet. I called once a week to see if they have a ship date, was told they would be shipped soon..I like make them by hand it more fun..just thought I would try the product because I make them so much.

  13. Im scared that I have been scammed. I am calling the bank to stop payment on this one. I received an email with a supposedly order # but not one telephone # to call someone. The website nor the email has a contact #. Is there any way we could report them to BBB?

  14. I am questioning the whole Bake Pops order process I called the phone number today and after doing my order over the phone with the automated process, it took me to a zillion offers I didn’t want and declined. I didn’t know how much longer it was going to go on and after numerous ones I hung up. Now I don’t know if my order went through. Was told to call back in 24 hours. Strange!!! Going to be watching the credit card on this one.

  15. Just got off the line with a sales rep. I too am having difficulty receiving my order. I was told they are on backorder until Sept. 19th. I questioned why I wasn’t told that at the time I placed my order on August 8th and they could not give me an answer. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Not sure if it was an actual supervisor or just another sales rep. He said he could give me a $5.00 discount. I was still not satisfied with that answer so asked to talk to a supervisor that could answer my question about not being told they were backordered. Waiting for that person to call me back.

  16. Hi, I was trying to order bake pops kit and was wondering are they for real. At first I ordered on-line two weeks ago & the agency claimed they got my order, then I ordered it over the phone today. Maybe I’m extremely naive, but wondering is TELEBRANDS for real or does the bake pop pan really work? I was trying to get a “jump start” on creating my cake pops.

    • OK This sounds so familiar to me. I also ordered a pan set two weeks ago! Paying extra shipping for it. I can’t find my receipt for the order so have to wait for my credit card to see if it was ever taken out.. but when I called the company! They said they couldn’t find my order. seems strange! I am hoping I’m not the victim of credit card fraud here. I have waited two weeks & haven’t’ gotten it.. I’ll check my credit card to see if there was a charge against it.. it so! I will have to follow up to find out where my pans are.

      • Same situation here exactly! Am in the process of checking My charge bill, but customer service also said no record of my order. I have been waiting 4weeks! I too fear something is awry, and am fearful this is a scam!

      • They keep telling me the same thing!! I am very frustrated with them. I am supposed to “call back” again tomorrow. I feel like it is a scam. I am going to call my credit card company tomorrow and have them block payment from them if they can’t “find” my order. I think it is weird that their is no order number, they did not send an email receipt, etc… I hope we have not all been had!

      • Same thing, tried to order Bake Pops 3 times from internet, received no confirmation number. But my card has not been charged either. Then tried to order by phone, I had to sit through at least 5 other offers, which I declined. Then I was transferred to the big free Bahamas vacation for just $59.00 port charge. I informed the operator I was not interested and she was very rude to me. “How do you know if you are interested because I haven’t even told you about it yet?” She went on and then asked when I wanted to book the vacation; I informed her again that I simply was not interested. “Well, we aren’t going to drag you down there” was her comment she asked me what product I had purchased I told her and was disconnected. I did not receive a order confirmation number again. All of their additional items came with free cards from Wal-Mart just for trying the products. Is this just a crock or what?

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