Bake Buddies

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What is Bake Buddies? – Bake Buddies are Cake Molds that can be used to turn an ordinary cake into a 3D creature.

Bring life to cakes

Bake Buddies claims that it is one new age way to change the way you can present your cakes.
Cakes are an important part of celebration on each and every special occasion of life. And the kind of attractive appeal cakes have is an open secret. Children love their cakes to be designer ones but flat cakes can only be shaped in a character but will not stand up on its own. This is where the supposedly amazing Bake Buddies comes into picture where its special 3D mold helps in creating cakes and even cookies in the shape of cake creatures that later can be decorated in thousand different ways by creating hair, fur, eyes, etc with dressings and other cake toppings.

Plus the molds of Bake Buddies come in 3 different shapes – standing, right leaning and left leaning to bring variety in how the characters look. These cakes can certainly stand out on their own as individual cakes or can make as cake toppings to enthrall everyone especially kids.

Easy to use cake molds

Bake Buddies promises to be easier unlike other cake molds which need a lot of preparation to ensure the cake turns out well baked. This promise is due to the fact that Bake Buddies is made from silicone which helps in an even baking. All it needs to bake yummy cakes is to be filled with cake mix and placed in the oven for heating. The cake molds of Bake Buddies stand up on its own in the oven for providing perfectly even baking. Removing the cakes from the mold is also supposedly easy since the silicone provides a non-stick surface. Bake Buddies can be not just easy to use but also easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.


What do I get?

  • 6 Bake Buddies Cake Molds
  • Design guide
  • Piping bag with three tips

All this for just $10 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website

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