Baby Bullet Blender Review

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How about making and storing a week’s worth of organic baby food ten times faster, cheaper and healthier than any store bought baby food in a jar? Now, you can with the amazing Baby Bullet! It makes fresh organic nutrient rich baby food, in an instant! You can make a plum and apple puree that’s full of vitamins and oxidants in 7 seconds!


How does Baby Bullet Blender work?
It uses only the healthiest and freshest ingredients; you get to make banana and mango puree with no sugars or fillers. The secret is the Baby Blend Blade which perfectly purees any food to perfect consistency that’s perfect for any stage eater.

All you have to do is just push and twist for silky smooth purees for stage 1 early eaters; push and pulse for chunky textures for stage 2 older babies. The flat milling blade grinds rice and other grains into the finest of meals for the first meal.

The versatile Baby Bullet system also consists of two Baby Blend cups that blend and combine ingredients to create your own fresh baby food and the easy to grip handles makes mealtime a breeze. You get a batch bowl big enough to puree larger vegetables. You get storage jars with a unique dial feature and cups, batch trays with twelve servings.

The Baby Bullet system is non-toxic plastic, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You will also get a Baby Bullet Cookbook and Pocket Nutritionist and a Thermal Tiny Tote too. Save money and make your baby happy!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
2 Baby Bullet Blenders and 1 Stay-Fresh Thermal Tiny-Tote Bag for just 4 Payments of $19.99 + $79.98 shipping/handling.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Baby Bullet Blender Video


39 thoughts on “Baby Bullet Blender Review

  1. We purchased the Baby Bullet a few months before my daughter was born. She started to eat solids 6-months in and this was in December 2012. The power base stopped work a month later.

    Even though we are still covered under warranty, I have been calling and e-mailing warranty for over two months. When I finally got in-touch with warranty this last time (you have to leave your phone number and they will call you back) she said my warranty was all set-up. Here it is, 2 weeks later, no mailing label and no Power Base. I have no idea what is going on. They do not respond to e-mails.

    I love the product in general. Luckily, we got the regular bullet blender which works just as well, they are just bigger. If I didn’t have that…I would be one super angry person.

    Even with the Baby Bullet Steamer, the food may not always come out totally steamed. You have to make sure the lid is closed well all around and make sure you have enough water in it.

    The blades have dulled on us and we have taken them to be sharpened.

    The extra storage containers leave a plastic-like smell in the food but I didn’t notice a plastic taste.

    Very small, easy to throw in a back-pack if you are going on a road trip and might need it.

    I recommend it but please be aware of issues you may have trying to return it under warranty.

    We use our Bullet system every day.

  2. Baby Bullet

    I write this reluctantly because I have saw the Baby Bullet in action and loved the result for my daughter-in-law. Recently, I decided to purchase a shower gift for my daughter for her new baby that is due in October. Since I had earlier purchased a Baby Bullet for my step daughter, I decided that is what I would also get my daughter.

    I did a search and went online to the Baby Bullet website and proceeded to order a new set of bullet accessories for my daughter. I went through the obvious marketing scam and got to the end of the website. When I looked at the “Combo Deal” that Baby Bullet had put together ( they did it on their own, I did not want), I saw the total price would be $149.00. They had added a bunch of stuff that I did not want. For that reason I decided not to purchase and went to Amazingly, they had a deal on Amazon for the basic Baby Bullet set for $59. I purchased the Baby Bullet on Amazon and did not complete the transaction on Baby Bullet.

    This is where it gets really weird. Baby Bullet decided, on their own, to complete the order. They immediately shipped the $149 set to my daughter. My daughter received the set from Amazon and the set from Baby Bullet.

    I had a difficult time reaching Baby Bullet but finally got in touch today 8/15/12. I talked to a very obstinate customer service agent who finally connected me to a supervisor. Here is the bottom line: they agreed to refund the Baby Bullet but I had to pay shipping. I told them to pound sand! I explained to them, “hey, I am a repeat customer and have two other daughters.” “you would think Baby Bullet would understand their mistake and simply pay to ship the product back. NO WAY!!!! They are out to screw the customer!!!! Every way they can.

    This is like the strangest group of people that I have ever done business with. I am now worried about the sanitary issues with the Bullet, since they ship it willy nilly all over the place.

    If you are thinking of buying a Baby Bullet – DON’T – I think you should consider what will happen if you need some kind of service or help. Do not expect Baby Bullet to help you.

    Terry Hicks

  3. Blindly believing in product promotions is out of question. Doing a research on the product has become extremely essential. So I began reviewing ‘Baby Bullet Blender’, but the process of finding a genuine user review infuriated me. I cannot believe how extensively internet is flooded with fake reviews. Some pages claimed to contain reviews, but redirected me to the ‘order now’ page without letting me examine the product. Some pages which said that they contain user experiences, contained nothing but statements like ‘Buy Baby Bullet Blender immediately’ or ‘This is once in a lifetime catch, grab this opportunity’ which are seriously of no use to any review seeker. Some websites even tossed this one. They only contained the name of the product without any links to reviews or information. God knows how it ranked up so high on my search engine. Luckily, I found this site which gives me details and user comments on such a large variety of products. So I would really like to thank this website. Some of the sites having fake Baby Bullet Blender reviews are,,

    • You are most welcome. Actually most of the companies usually adopt the SEO technique. It is done so as to make their website popular in searches. In this technique the product names are repeatedly used as keywords, thereby making it to the top of the search list. But our site is different and we do focus on user ratings and what they have to say about a product. We would be glad if you stay tuned!

  4. If you live in Canada they sell he baby bullet set at Canadian tire for $79. I guess its better than having to pay a huge shipping charge. Just to let you guys know 🙂 I’m going to buy it next payday~!

  5. I can’t wait to receive my baby bullet! I am really excited! for me ( the working mother) it will be really convenient!

  6. I am very excited to receive this, Has anyone found any good ideas for kid smoothies or such things as that? and can this make that?

  7. I did a return !! It took 2wks and it was a good thing I had a delivery confirmation number because they NEVER credited my account. It is six weeks later and I had to call and give my confirmation number and now I wait to see if they credit my account. It cost me shipping and handling both to $20.00 and from $16.00. This is $36.00 for a return.

    The customer service person Noah tried so hard for me NOT to do the return. Now I wait to see if Roger does the credit. This company is out to sell sell sell. Once they have your money its good luck getting it back. The 30 day money back guarantee is bull. Stick with you blenders !!

    • My mother bought one Baby Bullet Blender for my sister, commercial said $60 + S/H and a FREE 2nd One, which ended up costing $140. $60 for the original + $60 for the FREE one >.> + $20+ for shipping. First time I’ve ever seen the ‘catch’ with a FREE item be that you end up being billed full price for it.

  8. we just bought the baby bullet and are waiting to get it and we really think actually we know that it will be worth the buy…. the savings in baby food alone are worth it plus knowing that our baby will be getting the nutrition that apparently gerber cant even provide is a relief so regardless it will be a good investment

  9. This baby bullet system is amazing! I have tried using a blender but it just doesn’t do the same, you have to blend blend blend! And I love that I know it is fresh and what’s in the food! You ever looked at a jar of food and looked at all the stuff you can’t even pronounce? FORGET THAT!! All you have to do is add a little liquid to your foods and you got perfect consistency food, my daughter hates thick foods so I just add some home-made veg stock to dinners and it’s smooth!! DEF A GOOD DEAL

  10. The date dials on the containers are cool and also the faces are so cute. Not sure how it purees. I would like to go for this one but not before I know how good it is.

    • This website says the shipping is $79.98?!!?? you spend a $160 for a baby food processor….RIP-OFF!! wait until it is in the stores or just use your hand-held grinder

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