Andrew James Power Juicer Review

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About Andrew James Power Juicer

Andrew James Power Juicer states to be a whole fruit power juicer that lets you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The juicer promises to give 30% drier pulp since it extracts more nutrients and vitamins from the produce. The feed chute of Andrew James Power Juicer emphasizes to let you juice the fruits whole without the need to peel, slice or cut them thus saving your time. It claims to have a dial that lets you process hard fruits like carrots and apples as efficiently as soft ones like strawberries and kiwis.


How does it work

What Andrew James Power Juicer alleges to set it apart from other juicers is the fact that it is easy to use and centrifugal. Andrew James Power Juicer proclaims that it has an 850 watt motor that is powerful yet quiet. The 2-speed rotary dial switch of Andrew James Power Juicer emphasizes to adapt the juicer for soft or hard ingredients. Because of this, the juice produced by Andrew James Power Juicer is asserted to be 30% drier than those by traditional juicers, which means more vitamins and nutrients are extracted instead of being wasted in the pulp.

Healthier and richer juices for improved lifestyle

If you want to get maximum nutrition out of your fruits and vegetables then juicing is the best way to go. The whole fruit juicer Andrew James Power Juicer guarantees to help you get the best out of juicing and extract all the beneficial nutrients from the ingredients to give you a healthy drink. Andrew James Power Juicer asserts to give you juices that will be ideal for detoxing, losing weight and improving lifestyle in general. By letting you combine fresh and delectable fruits with vegetables, Andrew James Power Juicer claims that you can even make boring vegetable juices yummy and get their benefits for better health.

Processes hard ingredients as efficiently as soft ones

Andrew James Power Juicer declares to be ideal for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The 75cm feed chute of Andrew James Power Juicer assures to let you process the ingredients whole so that you don’t waste time cutting, peeling and slicing them. The 2-speed rotary dial proclaims to let you juice soft as well as hard ingredients by just switching it. So whether it is pineapples, carrots or apples or soft fruits like kiwi and strawberry, the juicer can process it all just as efficiently.

Easy to clean and auto shut off feature

Andrew James Power Juicer convinces to have an ergonomic design that allows you to dismantle the juicer easily and reassemble it just as effortlessly. This makes cleaning the Andrew James Power Juicer a breeze. Andrew James Power Juicer maintains to have an auto shut off feature making it a safe juicer to use. Since Andrew James Power Juicer is so easy to use and gets more taste and juices out of the fruits, it promises to let you experiment with different flavors.

What do I get?

You get Andrew James Power Juicer for £34.99.Official website

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