Amazing Knife Reviews and Complaints

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Tired of knives that just don’t cut it? Arnold Morris, a knife expert, introduces the Amazing Knife. The Amazing Knife will cut through a soft skinned tomato like a hot knife through butter. It cuts through frozen food smoothly. The same blade cuts the same tomato; it’s the weight of the knife that does the work.


Amazing Knife

When you run the same knife on a steel hammer, fillings fall off! The same knife cuts the same tomato paper thin. That’s called sharp! It’ll even cut through a can and still cut perfect bread slices every-time. You could buy a professional knife for $80. How would you like to own this Amazing Knife for $10? You will also get the Amazing Fillet Knife; it slices so thin, that you can fillet a fillet; any thinner and it will have only one side!

It’s a $20 value. It’s yours, free! But wait, there’s more. The precision paring knife is included; used for peeling and delicate cuts. Every house needs it. It’s yours for free too! There’s yet more. You get four steak knives free too. All this for $10! If anything happens to the knife, even if it’s your fault, there’s a lifetime replacement guarantee.

You get a complete bonus second set and will also get the Amazing Scissors that are strong enough to cut packaging, shred a CD and cut through a penny with it! Just pay separate processing. You get 14 Amazing Knifes with an amazing lifetime replacement guarantee and the Amazing Scissors, all for $10!



What do I get?

  • 2 Amazing Knives
  • 2 Amazing Fillet Knives
  • 2 Amazing Paring Knives
  • 4 Amazing Steak Knives
  • 1 Amazing Scissors

Get the complete 15-piece set for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. 30-day money back guarantee.



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7 thoughts on “Amazing Knife Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have an original Picam Amazing Knife. I can’t say enough good about it. It’s awesome. All they say and more.
    These ones are obviously inferior quality riding the coattails of a great product. Try to find a vintage amazing knife. You’ll be happy with it.

  2. Ordered Amazing Knife from ad in a purchase I made. Paid $5.99 sent by check. Have not received my order. Have canceled check. Please reply.

  3. Thank you for posting your review. I wanted to get this Amazing knife but now I’m sure I don’t and won’t. The description does sound too good to be true. Sorry you went through all that; but you did help someone else.

  4. I ordered the Amazing Knife and the collection. I tried the paring knife first to peel my potatoes. DULL! I thought maybe I had the wrong one, so since I got two packages for the price of one, I grabbed another knife…it was dull also but there were other small knives in the package. They wouldn’t even budge. I picked up my old 32 year old paring knife…the only one I’m own that has never let me down…that we received as a wedding gift, and peeled my potatoes. I had seen the chef slice the pineapple, so I thought I would see if the big Amazing knife would cut the potato in half. Nope! No such luck. The weight of the knife did nothing but make a tiny dent. I called the company,told them they should be ashamed for scamming people, boxed up the knives and returned them. None of the knives listed above do what they claim. I hope nobody else buys into this scam but as long as he’s on TV awing onlookers by displaying ‘SHARP knives’ and then sending people pieces of crap, this company, ‘Telebrands’ will prosper. Most people will not bother to send them back…I WILL! I DID!

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