AirWave Fryer Review

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When it’s about food nothing can really beat the taste of yummy fried foods especially when it’s chicken, French fries, etc. With its advantage of scrumptious taste over other type of cooking methods there is one major disadvantage – that is fats. It is very commonly known that fried food contains transfats, which is slow poison for the heart. AirWave Fryer is the best way in which this problem can be easily solved.

How does AirWave Fryer Work

Fried foods soak most of the vegetable oil and without knowing every family consumes huge amounts of oil in an annum. AirWave Fryer is the new age way through which the taste of the fried food is preserved and the disadvantage of adding to the obesity is negated completely.

AirWave Fryer is the next generation countertop appliance that fries food in it but not with oil but by using heated air. It primarily consists of 2 parts, one the main appliance machine and another being the removable food vessel. Once the food is kept inside this vessel it can be attached to the main system for frying it. AirWave Fryer uses the Turbo-Airwave Action technology that basically blows a turbulence of hot air from each direction of the food. Since frying in AirWave Fryer takes place without the use of any oil the food is safe to eat and can act as a replacement for people who are health conscious about their and the family’s calorie intake.

All possible recipes under frying like French fries, fried chicken, fried fish, chocolate chip cookies and many more such food can be fried using AirWave Fryer. Plus the appliance has doctor’s approval that it cooks low calories safe to eat fried food without added oil. AirWave Fryer gives a Timer with ready signal and Auto shutoff making sure that the food is properly cooked and not left under or over cooked. It also supplies with an adjustable temperature control for cooking different food items and provides a food separator to facilitate frying two foods at the same time. AirWave Fryer is definitely the guilty free way of enjoying fried food.



What do I get?

  • AirWave Fryer Unit
  • ‘Chef-Certified Ultimate Cookbook’

Get the AirWave Fryer for just $119.97 + $14.99 Processing and Handling. Official website



AirWave Fryer Video

11 thoughts on “AirWave Fryer Review

  1. I rang the new Zealand number that with this site 1800 222 684 and was enquiring about their cook book and spoke with people there. So if you are having trouble contacting them try this number. Apart from that go and buy a Phillips air fryer, I have one and I couldn’t be happier with it and I know that it is an Australian product.

  2. Beware, I placed an order for one of these AirWave Fryer two weeks ago, printed a receipt, received confirmation via e-mail, now I try and call them and nobody can tell about my order. I think that Air Wave Fryer is a scam, and my credit card number is floating out there in cyber space, and it scares me to death to think about where this info might be, with that said I would steer clear of this product, not sure why they spend the money on national TV advertising, but watch out.

  3. 0dered one 17 may 2013, called twice , nothing yet. Has any one received one. If this is a scam, who can I contact?

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