Aero Knife Reviews and Complaints

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One thing anyone wants to avoid in the kitchen while working is dull knives that refuse to work. Blunt knives give you unevenly cut food that sticks to the knife and that just puts you off. Even if you end up sharpening the knife again and again, it doesn’t give the right effect. But now you can get Aero Knife, a versatile kitchen knife that does it all effortlessly and will stay razor sharp forever – guaranteed.


Aero Knife
The secret behind Aero Knife is in its aerodynamic design that results in less friction when food is being sliced. This prevents the foods from sticking giving you perfect, clean cuts always. You can carve, filet, slice and chop foods very easily with this easiest and smoothest cutting knife that you will ever find. You can even cut through the softest, freshest bread with no mess at all. There are way too many uses of the amazing Aero Knife, and it will be the only kitchen knife you will prefer to any other specialty knife.

Aero Knife is not just smooth and gives you razor sharp effect, it is also very light in weight. And since it has holes in it for 60% less surface area, food doesn’t stick to it. Aero Knife can cut your prep time by half, it is really effective and for this reason you won’t ever feel the need to buy any other knife. The knife is Taiwan Quality and has a solid black body. The 3.25” blade is partially serrated and 440 stainless steel. The Aero Knife is guaranteed to last for life and stay razor sharp forever. It indeed is the best knife you can get on board to make things easy for you.

If you do not find the cutting by Aero Knife smooth and easy you can send it back within 30 days and get a full refund on the knife subtracting the shipping and handling. If you order for Aero Knife today you will get a $20 value for much lesser. That’s not all. Ordering now will also get you a very special offer of receiving a BONUS Edge of Glory knife sharpener and a serrated Aero Knife, a total value of $35 by just paying a separate nominal fee. You may even stand a chance of getting free shipping on your order.

Aero Knife FAQs

What is the length of the Aero Knife?
Aero Knife measures 10 inches in length with a 6 inch blade.


How should I clean my Aero Knife?
Always wash and dry the Aero Knife immediately after use. Prolonged exposure to acidic substances like tomato and lemon can cause damage to it gradually. It’s better to hand wash and dry it to prevent banging damage to the blade and to retain its luster for full life.




What do I get?

  • 1 Aero Knife
  • 1 SERRATED Aero Knife
  • 1 Edge of Glory knife sharpener

All this for just $14.99 + $17.98 s/h. Official website



Aero Knife Video
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31 thoughts on “Aero Knife Reviews and Complaints

  1. Got this through a Publishers Clearing House offer. worst knife I ever used. Shreds the veggies. Doesn’t cut worth a darn. Lost the paperwork or I would have sent it back. Waste of money.

  2. I always laugh at these commercials. They make people look so clumsy and stupid. I will wait till I find it at the dollar store. then if it does not work like they say I won’t be that much.

  3. This normally sells for $50?

    I’m not sure, but if you can find me someone that paid $50 for one of these, and can prove it, i’ll buy a few.

    My guess is no one in the history of this thing (regardless of how good or bad it is) has ever paid $50.

  4. More news. When you call them back at the number they called you from you get a recording that basically says “Don’t call us we’ll call you”. They include a procedure for removing yourself from their call list. When you follow that procedure and email it, you get a response that there is no such email at that domain ( Scam.

  5. They called to tell the Aero knife shipped and said they were sending me a piece of crap earrings as a gift. They will also be sending me crap jewelry every month for my approval. I really need this. AND they already have my credit card number. Reporting this to state consumer protection and the attorney general. Scam. Scam. Scam.

  6. They are not the best knives on the market. Food sticks to the surface as any other, not as advertised. The up-grade I received, won’t loose its sharpness, is nothing but a fine toothed serrated knife that shreds everything you try to slice. Not worth the money, even though they were cheap. I will continue to use my better knives for slicing meats.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 4 and no recommendation.

  7. I bought Aero knife and it seems to be working well, the best way to get any As Seen On TV stuff is from an outlet store…you don’t like it, you bring it back with the receipt, no hassles..only folks who order from mfg with their credit cards are the ones getting scammed. I returned several ASOTV stuff when I saw it wasn’t any good…just make it easy on yourself…

  8. AGREE with Mr. X’s review. Also believe “Carla” & “Mike Pintella” are theirs: Their opinions purchased by the Aero knife people. I started the online purchase of the $10 package; they kept offering more & more products – & that alone SCREAMED scam! so I stopped. They had my credit card # (given @ the beginning of process)and now I see they have billed my account for the entire 34.99 package even though I stopped the online purchase…no confirmation number, nothing. There is no number to call the owners/ company/ responsible thieves; customer SVC talks over you when you call – dont want to know/ hear complaints & gives “MOULTON RETURNS”/ “TELEBRANDS” “return” address in Van Nuys california. Someone was talking/ ?giving instructions in the background. Even though I did not order, they want me to ACCEPT their $7.99 S/H charges and to PAY to send back the product – which would be over the $10 the knives were not worth. I will complain to BBB, ATTy general and post my experience with Aeroknife/ Moulton/ telebrands. The chef/ companies who allow them to use their names are complicit with this theft. Bad business.

  9. How come when people on TV try to sell something they always have a slanted view on it. Ex: This edge of glory knife. He cuts potatoes with a regular knife but he does it from on top of the potato and cuts straight down then his knife he puts it on a slant and starts at the edge. What do they think… we don’t see that. That’s exactly why I don’t buy it. If it was as good as he says he wouldn’t have to use this kind of slanted view on his item.

  10. Bead bath & beyond carries the knife at $10 forget the sharpener since you can NOT sharpen the Aero Knife ….says so on instructions and on the package. If you don’t like it BB&B will accept full refunds no hassle no mailing and no telemarketer to deal with. It’s in stock … It’s a good knife for $10 great for thin slicing and cheeses… But it’s not a full time knife and has its place with other knives… PLEASE DON’T ORDER FROM TV AD THESE GUYS ARE A RIP OFF WITH UP CHARGES AND POOR PERFORMANCE… BB&B is priced right. Amazon also has it freight free with orders that meet free freight levels….

    • Thanks Mike for the excellent review and information on finding it at BB and B. Great info……I will get mine there.

  11. I really love this knife. It does everything I want it too. I expected to get it soon as promised by them. I think I will buy more.

    • First of all, it only takes a small surface to adhere to so don’t try to convince me how wonderful this knife is. I am an accomplished chef and have seen all kinds of so called miracle knives. As for that “Edge Of Glory”, that’s another crock of bull shxx being promoted by Anthony Sullivan who is another lying hustler like that guy with the beard who supposedly died but we think may be hiding for his life because he peed someone off with some junk he hustled them. CARLA, NO DOUBT YOU’RE A SHILL FOR THIS SCAM OUTFIT AND YOU EVEN TRY TO CONVINCE EVERYONE THAT THE PRODUCT WILL COME TO THEM NO HASSLE. DOES YOUR DADDY OWN THIS COMPANY? As for the BBB, they are as dishonest as a three dollar bill and will give an A+ rating to anyone who pays the fee so, don’t waste time and effort contacting them. It’s amazing how, after dozens of gimmicks, another one comes along and the suckers fall for another one. How stupid can people be? You keep getting screwed by these scam artists and the smart few will laugh and say, “You got what you deserve”.

  12. Ordered Aeroknife from their own website the end of December 2012. They charged me on 1/29/2013, but couldn’t explain why I could not see a tracking of the item. They first told me that it was being shipped by FedEx, but then another representative told me that it was being shipped by PDS. I can not find it most of the time while entering the required information fields like the zip code, name, email address. Strange dealings. I just hope I receive it soon or I will be contacting the BBB.

      • I would love to know how much you were paid for your review. When I received my aeroknives, I found out that the $27.00 that I spent was a total waste. The knives I received were dull, straight edged knives. Since they say not to sharpen them, and I received them on the day the 30 day trial expired, I threw them away. I. Purchased a set of Farberware knives from Walmart that is a much more versatile set of much better quality knives (6 steak knives, one cheese cutter, 1 pair kitchen sheers, one bread knife, list goes on) for $25.00 tax included. Carla, before you sing praises, try the knives. They are crap.

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