AeraWine Infusion Review

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Here’s introducing AeraWine Infusion, a spirit and wine aerator that ensures your wine tastes a lot smoother.

How does AeraWine Infusion Work

Simply place the Aerawine Infusion Aerator into the neck of an opened bottle of wine or spirit. Ensure you twist it a little as you press it into the neck of the wine or spirit bottle to provide an airtight seal between the aerator and the opening of the bottle.

Pour the wine or spirit through the Aerawine Infusion Aerator into your glass to aerate your wine or spirit. The best part is that with the Aerawine Infusion Aerator you can control the rate of aeration. While pouring into a glass simply angle the bottle steeper to get maximum aeration or lower the bottle steeper to get a mild aeration effect.

You can also hear, feel and see the aerating bubbles in the wine or spirit. Using the Aerawine Infusion Aerator is guaranteed to you’re your favorite wine or spirit an enhanced smoother taste. The taste of the wine will be such that you will feel you have decanted your wine or spirit for hours.

To remove the AeraWine Infusion Aerator from the bottle simply pull the aerator gently with a slight twist. Separate the long tapered aerator attachment piece from the main pour spout with a light pull.

Cleaning is easy too. Simply wash with warm soapy water with a quick rinse after that. Then just air dry and attach the aerator attachment to the main pour spout by pushing the two pieces together. The attachment is designed to stop short of the main tube. Ensure you do not force the attachment over the stoppers.

The Aerawine Infusion Aerator is very versatile with a wide variety of features. It allows you to vary the amount of aeration by just changing the angle of the bottle. Even if you are unsure about how much aeration is needed for your wine simply use the Aerawine Infusion Aerator like you would use a regular pourer and it will still give you an enhanced taste experience.




What do I get?
Get 2 AeraWine Infusion Spirit and Wine Aerators for just $14.95 + S/h. Official website



AeraWine Infusion Video

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