Admetior Digital Pasta Timer Review

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Cooking might be your passion but it might begin to seem like a chore if you have to come back from a stressful day at work and have to cook something for your family every night. You might be someone who likes to express your love for your close ones through dishes you make but if it’s going to be a tedious process every night, you might begin to resent it as some of us do.


You want all the help you can get in the kitchen with gadgets and equipments that will make your tasks simpler. Admetior Digital Pasta Timer is one such device, which will leave you smiling in your kitchen at all times and make cooking pasta something that you will look forward to.

Pasta dishes are a part of our staple diet and they should be easy to make. However cooking pasta, especially when you are under serious time pressure and have other things on your mind, can lead to errors. It has to be cooked for the precise amount of time and you need to keep an eye on the watch to ensure it brings out the best of your dish.

But Admetior Digital Pasta Timer will help you make the perfect pasta dish by taking the error out of your cooking. It has 10 most commonly made pastas pre-programmed in its settings and there are two texture settings too that you can choose according to your preference. When the water boils it will sound an alarm, which will be the cue for you.

Similarly it will also sound an alarm when the pasta is appropriately cook, leaving you not much to worry about. The digital device in Admetior Digital Pasta Timer pops out making it dishwasher safe and it also has a pot clip, which makes it hands free and easy to use.


You can get Admetior Digital Pasta Timer for an amazing price of $20.99 at

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