Mr. Lid Containers Review

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Do you always find it a problem to look for the right lids to fit your storage container? They are either too big, too small, or you just can’t find a lid at all. Here’s introducing Mr. Lid, an amazing food storage container that comes with an attached lid. Mr. Lid is ultra durable, stack-able and make with amazing quality.


Mr. Lid Containers
Mr. Lid features a patented design and the lid of the containers is guaranteed to stay put in place. To keep your food fresh simply snap and seal the lid and the lid creates a vacuum seal making the container air and water tight. Even if you drop it the lid won’t come off.

Mr. Lid is safe to use in the microwave and freezer. Mr. Lid container can be used to serve or to stack and store. It is ideal to store fruits and vegetables. You can also pack your kids snacks in it or use it to take lunch to the office.

It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. You can also easily store them empty because one container easily fits into another. Mr. Lid containers come with a lifetime replacement guarantee so if your containers ever lose its seal, cracks or breaks we will replace them free.

So stop looking for lids and order Mr. Lid today.

Mr. Lid Containers FAQs

What plastic is Mr. Lid Containers made of?
Mr. Lid Containers are manufactured from food grade FDA approved Polypropylene (PP). PP is one of the most recycled plastics.

Are Mr. Lid Containers BPA (Bisphenol A) free?
Yes, Mr. Lid Containers are BPA free.

Where are Mr. Lid Containers made?
Mr. Lid Containers are made in the U.S.A.

Are Mr. Lid Containers dishwasher safe?
Yes, Mr. Lid Containers are dishwasher safe. It is recommended that you place it on the top-shelf of the dishwasher.

Will Mr. Lid Containers stain?
Mr. Lid’s Polypropylene will not stain for most foods. However, when tomato based products are microwave heated to the food boiling point it will most likely stain the plastic. To prevent this, warm the food and avoid overheating it. You can also spray the container with a non-sticking cooking spray (PAM or equivalent) before putting anything in plastic containers that contain a tomato base.

Can I use Mr. Lid in the microwave?
Yes you can, but ensure the lid is lifted to allow steam to escape.

Can I use Mr. Lid in the oven?
Mr. Lid is not suitable for use in the oven.

How should Mr. Lid be cleaned?
You can clean Mr. Lid in dishwashers by rinsing prior to placement in open position with inside surfaces facing downward. You can also use dish wash soaps with a sponge to clean the container and the Mr. Lid seal on the underside of the lid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or kitchen cleaning aids such as steel wool (SOS pads) or abrasive cleaners.

What’s the best way to store Mr. Lid?
You can store Mr. Lid in a number of ways according to your preference. You can store it in the open position and nesting same sizes together to better utilize storage space. Mr. Lid sandwich stacks within itself. The larger containers are preferred to be stored in the closed position as the lids are quite large on the deluxe (48 oz), marinade (1 gallon), and cereal (96 oz).

How can I avoid breaking Mr. Lid’s hinge?
Mr. Lid’s hinge is extremely strong and will only break when subjected to abnormal conditions. Dropping it in the open position onto a hard surface of over 3 feet with the lid twisting may result in hinge failure. If this happens you can take advantage of the life-time warranty, and have your Mr. Lid container replaced.

How can I ensure Mr. Lid will be leak proof?
Mr. Lid is designed to be a leak-proof. To ensure your food storage will be leak-proof fill the Mr. Lid containers to the “fill line” that is indicated on the front of each container and make sure there is no food residue above the fill line. The lid seal has a press-fit to the side walls of the base, to make sure the seal is fully engaged keep food below the “fill line”.

What makes Mr. Lid Containers better than other, similar products?
Mr. Lid Containers feature a patented attached lid design. You will never lose the lid because it is always attached. Also, Mr. Lid Containers are commercial kitchen grade quality.

Where can I purchase Mr. Lid Containers?
Mr. Lid Containers are not available in stores and can only be purchased via the web at

What do I do if I received a damaged or defective product?
You can contact the Customer Service at (262) 787-2035 with any questions or issues between the hours of 8:00am-5:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time), Monday through Friday.

What is the return policy on Mr. Lid Containers?
Mr. Lid Containers is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products.

What is the shipping time for Mr. Lid Containers?
The response to Mr. Lid Containers has been amazing so delivery can take up to 3-6 weeks due to limited inventory availability. For only $6.87 more, you can get your order VIP PROCESSED with shipping in 3-5 business days!

What do I do if I have questions regarding my order?
You can contact the Customer Service at (262) 787-2035 with any questions regarding your order between the hours of 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time), Monday through Friday.



What do I get?

  • 8 Four-Cup Containers
  • 8 Two-Cup Containers
  • 8 One-Cup Containers
  • 1 Deluxe Container with Condiment Cup

When you place your order you will get 12 Mr. Lid containers for just $19.95 plus P&H but if you order right now you will get 24 Mr. Lid containers, just pay an additional $9.95 P&H. You will also receive a deluxe container with condiment cup. That’s a total of 25 Mr. Lid Containers in all! Official website

Mr Lid Containers Customer Service
Mr Lid Containers
P.O. Box 210827
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Phone: (262)787-2035


Mr. Lid Containers Video


30 thoughts on “Mr. Lid Containers Review

  1. Are you people who work at Mr. Lid so ignorant that you don’t read the responses that you request?

    Are you in fact serious or just plain brain damaged? What a laugh!!

  2. Don’t know how this product works, but if you are ordering, I wouldn’t order from their website. The shipping and handling charge was to be $7.95, but at final invoice they charged me over $30.00 for shipping.

    I called and canceled the order and customer service seemed like they could care less. I wonder how anyone else received this kind of treatment??

    I am submitting this and then calling Better Business Bureau in their state. Sure wish I could have read these comments first!!!!

  3. I need the phone for customer services, I need to cancel my order…please there is someone who knows please reply.

  4. Do not buy this product. It is a joke. They keep you on the phone with an automated system for about ten minutes. Then after you place your order they charge an outrageous shipping price. I feel I was taken advantage of on this product. My mother in law wanted these being elderly. She better enjoy them.

  5. Do NOT order. It will take 15 plus minutes on phone for a computer generated voice asking you to order other things and the way they ask is deceitful. It says 10$ for 1 set then they send you the second set free. My order totaled 45$ for some reason and it didn’t give me the option to approve it before they hung up. I called within 2 minutes to cancel and they said they were closed. Called back the next day and they didn’t have my order on record yet. Tried to cancel, they took my number told me they would cancel and call me back but never did. 2 days later I get a call to confirm my shipping address BEFORE they shipped and told them it was cancelled. They transferred me to 4 different people, 1 said it was shipped friday, then when I asked for the tracking number she said it wasn’t shipped until today, Monday the 17th. When I told her that they said they were calling to confirm address before shipping, she was at a loss for words. These people are shady don’t order!!!

  6. Don’t do it…Mr. Lid a scam. I had to report my card stolen after ordering Mr. Lid. Save your energy and money and just buy from CVS or Wally World.

  7. I have tried for an hour to reach you by phone with not advil. I want to cancel my Mr. Lid order that I placed Sat evening. It was a mistake. Order no 11533230

  8. After reading all the complaints listed on this website about this Mr. Lid product that I just bought, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I feel that this company is a total scam. I placed the order yesterday and they cannot find it on the website. my debit card has not been charged yet and I don’t like the fact that you have to enter your information before you can see pricing. Will be interesting to see what BBB says.

  9. Do not order from this site, as stated before wish I read this first. misleading website never lets you review order and charges to make any changes before hand thought I was going to pay 35.90 for my order with the bogo but ended up being charged 51.80 instead, not sure how they got that total and when I try to call number I keep getting disconnected when trying to leave voice mail. or will be on hold for over an hour and no one ever picks up. COMPLETE RIP OFF… have not received product or any other information regarding it but they took my money….

  10. Mr. Lid website is misleading and poorly designed! BE CAREFUL!!! You are never given the opportunity to review your order before it’s confirmed. That is mostly because of all the added charges that Mr. Lid hides!!

    I ordered a set for $19.95 and a gallon container for 5.95 and my total was over $81.00. Then to add insult to injury you are automatically signed into PAYWHALE, whether you want it or not! BUYER BEWARE

  11. Mr. lid was a problem from the moment I ordered. the order kept creeping up and additional charges were incurred. I received a call from Mr lid stating there will be more charges for shipping to Alaska and so they cancelled the order. then I get a call that order shipped anyway so they would giver me a 30 % discount on merchandise. I said no thank you. after not seeing a return on credit card bill I called to follow up again. finally I got a tracking number form customer service who rudely said she was sure I already knew it. on that day I went to post office and refused pkg so it could be sent back to company.

    now.. still no refund. customer service said they might not even receive package so I may not get refund. she wanted me to accept package and go through return process after the fact. and this was on a cancelled order!. this is just crappy customer service.

    I have no clue how the product functions, but from the other reviews it doesn’t seem to be as seen on TV.

  12. Hope they work, but seems no body likes them. I will blog 1000 people if they don’t work as I just ordered them. I can never find the lids to the bottoms ever, it sucks. Hope these Mr Lids work.

  13. Do not order this Mr. Lid Containers. They do not take pride in their work. My order was not packed properly, just thrown in the box loosely to where they rattled around in the box. When I received my two (2) boxes, half of the merchandise was broken. I had ordered the upgrade deluxe package and some additional single items. When I called them all they said was “I’ll make note of it and if you want to replace these items go to Wal-Mart or CVS.” They never offered to replace them or offer a refund. Stay away from this product cause it is not what they say.

  14. No surprise here!! Order one set and get one free! Ha! We received only one set and the larger container set that we also ordered. NO second free set if you buy one.

    Your submission for comments asks for “Mail”, not email address.

  15. I’m glad I read this because I got all messed up once ordering the Perfect Tortilla maker that was advertised on TV. Same deal as I’m reading here. No confirmation for order and very expensive in the end. Said I misread the ordering process and I didn’t. I was interested in this, but thought twice and came to reviews first – I think I’ll wait to purchase anything like this online.

  16. I am so sorry for people that got ripped off. I never order from the TV and everything I have bought at Walmart that have been advertised on TV I have returned.

    Thanks for your comments and I hope someone turns this Company over to the Assistant General

    Take Care

  17. These containers are not easy to use.
    1. They do not easily close and or seal
    2. Once they do seal if at all, they are not easy to open.
    3. You cannot sit down an empty container to be filled with food, they tip back.

    I honestly wish I hadn’t bought them. I lost leftover because my containers did not seal and once bumped in the frig, they fell out and landed everywhere. I’m so sorry I gave all my old containers with mismatched lids away.

  18. I went to the Mr Lid web site to order plastic containers, I was asked to give my credit card information, billing/shipping information before I placed any items in my shopping cart, which I found odd this was referred to as Step 1 & Step 2. I moved on to Step 3 – placing item in my shopping cart. The entire process was confusing, with promises of if you buy more you get a discount on certain promotions. When I got to the last page I was shocked to see that my cart was 83.70. This was way to expensive for plastic containers with lids attached.
    So I tried to edit my cart, there was no “Cart Editing” available. I thought I did something wrong, so I closed the page, thinking that no order was placed since I did not click on a “place my order button at the end of the process”.

    I called customer service and the woman said that once you put in your Personal information, and credit card info, it is considered an order. Which I said I have never dealt with a company that did not allow a customer to review their order before finalizing the sale. When it came to discussing why I thought I was ordering a lower priced item-She told me I read the product /ordering wrong. I said no that it was a bait and switch. At this point we were both yelling and I said this company is shady and taking advantage of consumers. She said that it was not. So I asked her, is there a shopping cart edit button available, she said no. To bullet point my experience:

    *Step 1 and Step 2 is asking for your personal info and Credit Card Info. Keep in mind you have not even viewed the products yet AND once you give this information it is considered an order.

    *Step 3 Product choosing -Confusing web site on what you think you are ordering.

    * NO Shopping cart EDIT button, so you cannot change, delete or add to your order.

    * I closed the page to start again, thinking I did not press order. Which does not matter because unknowingly to you an order is placed in Step 1 & 2.

    Mr Lid is a shady, dishonest company!

    • Thank you for your comment. I was going to order the item until I read your comment.

      Have you called anyone to report this company? I am really sorry that this happened to you.

      Have a great day.


      • Thank you!!! I almost ordered these… I got to insert promo code and thought I would go look for the code since I thought I missed it. I found this review site instead. I really appreciate your review and will NOT be ordering these containers!!!

        Sincerely Greatful

      • Thank you so much for your advice and sharing. If it helps you feel better, you’ve helped a stranger from losing hard earned money and aggravation!!

    • Wish I had read your review before I ordered. And the one about them tipping back as one is trying to fill them. NEVER AGAIN. I also thought it was strange that you put in card info before ordering. That should have been a HUGE red flag. How could I be so stupid? I also kept looking for the confirmation, the edit button, etc. I also was hoping the order had not gone through. Sounds like now I have to wait to get to Customer Service also!

  19. Never did I think finding genuine reviews on the net would be such a frustrating task. I entered the keywords “Mr. Lid Containers review” and found a lot of results (one such site was But when I browsed all those websites that opened, each and every one had only rave reviews about the product. Along with the reviews there were also links giving cheapest price, official website and “Order Now” buttons which were all for selling the products but didn’t help with genuine reviews again. There were many such websites and after seeing the pattern in all of them, it was apparent they were all fake reviews websites that were manufacturer promoted. I decided against taking any action. Then I visited this site and wow all the reviews and experiences about the product were here, which was really great.

    • SEO does this all the time to everyone who is looking for genuine reviews to buy a product. It’s easy to cheat people by giving them rave reviews of really bad products. This partly happens because search engines are easy to cheat as well since these engines cannot demarcate a genuine and a fake review. Giving this shortcoming, scammers put fake reviews all over the net to promote their product. Another fact is that these scammers are affiliates who have tie-ups with manufacturers of products and get commission from them for selling their products. So they misuse the loopholes in the search engines to gain from them.

  20. What a terrible company to do business. They advertise thr Mr. Lid for $19.95 and then when you go through the website you don’t really see the total until after it is ordered and it shows up as $39.00. Then I tried to back out of the order so that it would not be ordered. I never confirmed my order. The website says your card will not be charged until the order is shipped. I got a confirmation email saying my order had been received. I called this morning and told them to cancel the order. Then got a second email confirming my order so I called back and they told me that it had been cancelled. Next thing I know the charge is posted in my bank account. They are now telling me it will take several day for the charge to be backed out of my account and that I need to deal with my bank to get that fixed. I have never ordered from any of those TV commercials and this has cured me of the notion. I will never try it again. What a rip off.

  21. Are Mr. Lid containers microwave and freezer safe?

    Are they dishwasher safe?

    Are they durable?

    Are they easy to clean?

    Can they be stacked easily?

    Are they air and water tight?

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