1 Stop Salad Shop Reviews and Complaints

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Be healthier and happier…eat more salad. But making rich salad takes lot of time, a lot of utensils and who has got a room for this stuff….that’s why Chef Tony invented 1 Stop Salad Shop. It comes with everything you need to make great salads and no more wasted space.


1 Stop Salad Shop
Its expandable bowl and colander are ready to use so you can wash, clean, dry, slice and serve the perfect salad. 1 Stop Salad Shop is dishwasher safe and when you are done just stack, cap and snap. It is small enough to store in a drawer and big enough to tackle the biggest of salads. The 1 Stop Salad Spinners whisks away water, dirt and impurities So all your food is clean, crisp and fresh and if you like the toppings snap on the 1 Stop Slicer and here come the trimmings.

Add cucumbers, carrots for a veggie platter, celery on a delicious cob, spicy onions on a sparkle salad, quick salads, pasta salads, spinach salads and more.



What do I get?

  • Collapsible Bowl
  • Collapsible Colander
  • Stay Fresh Spinner Lid
  • Chef Tony’s Super Salad Recipe Guide
  • Free Bonus Slicer With Grater Attachment (Just Pay S/H)

For only $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H, you’ll receive the entire 1 Stop Salad Shop Package. We’ll send you the 1 Stop Salad Shop , Collapsible Bowl, Strainer, Stay Fresh Lid & Chef Tony’ s Super Salad Recipe Guide absolutely FREE! Plus as a special offer, you can also select the Chef Tony’ s Grater & Slicer for FREE, just pay $5.99 S&H! If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply return your package within 30 days for a product refund. (Minus S&H).

Buy 1 Stop Salad Shop from the official website/distributor only. Official website BuySaladChef.com.



1 Stop Salad Shop Video
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9 thoughts on “1 Stop Salad Shop Reviews and Complaints

  1. That Salad Chef sounds good enough to buy and I almost did! They force you to give your credit card and even if you order 2 it says you ordered one to get the bonus price and it’s just really tricky worded. So by the time I got done it was $169.00 (!!!) yeah with all the extra shipping and handling they tack on. I freaked out being it was Saturday having to wait til Monday since you don’t get a person. You can’t go back and fix your order, you get sent on a goose chase. I had a number to Wisconsin then to New Jersey before I could cancel it and I’m still afraid it’s gonna show up even tho I eventually got it cancelled. If you Google the address it’s a nondescript place too. Somewhere it said they sold it at bed bath & beyond but they don’t.

  2. I ordered a Salad Chef package on January 19. As of this date, 2/15/11, I have not received my merchandise. Please let me know where it is. I also have already been charged the two payments necessary for the purchase.

  3. I think I ordered two 1 Stop Salad units when they were doing the demonstration on TV. They were suppose to send me confirmation on this but never received.

  4. Let me know when I can buy it in the store. Would love to have 1, but I always research before I buy, and the problem is repeated over and over. Customer Services poor, shipping outrageous. Why don’t you people learn you could sell 3x as much product if you even tried to run an honorable business. I saw complaints about shipping prices being as much as $59.95 that’s crazy! Let me know when you have it on the shelf at Walmart, or some place like Carol Wright. I shop on the internet constantly but I’m very picky about who I buy from because grease balls make my skin crawl!!!

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