Perfect Clasp

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What is Perfect Clasp? –

It is a magnetic jewelry clasp that helps you fasten and secure your necklace and bracelet without hooks or clips.


Ensures your jewelry’s always safe and secure

Perfect Clasp seems to be the ideal solution you can count on to wear your favorite jewelry confidently. You may have lost a special or precious piece of jewelry as it wasn’t fastened right and that must have hurt a lot, not to mention the monetary loss. The claim of this clasp being the one that never goes wrong no matter what indicates that if you use it, your favorite jewelry article will never be lost again. It guarantees there are no more hassles and no more tensions. It is something you can count on while wearing your favorite or expensive jewelry without fear of losing it as it is designed to function that way.

No frustration, no favors or help required

Using Perfect Clasp seems very simple and easy as one does not have to depend on others to help with it. Ordinary clasps are often difficult to use but Perfect Clasp guarantees that using them involves no struggle, fumbling or frustration. You need to just bring the two ends of the clasp near each other for the magnets to lock together and fasten it tight.

Easy To Use

Perfect Clasp claims it helps you put on any necklace easily and in a jiffy. You are instructed to first place necklace ends near each other so that the specially designed magnets connect with each other instantly. After that you need to twist barrel lock to double secure your jewelry. Those who have long nails or arthritis and so don’t feel comfortable fastening claps also benefit by using it.


Double Secure!

Perfect Clasp is endowed with free premium barrel lock upgrade, which supposedly double secures all necklaces as well as bracelets. That means even your expensive jewelry articles get double security and you can wear them confidently.
Available in gold and silver
Perfect Clasp comes in silver and golden finishes. These two finishes are used widely as they match any jewelry of any make and color so you can opt for any of the two.


    What do I get ?

  • You get 8 Perfect Clasps™ in gold and silver, upgraded with the barrel locks and 1 travel pouch just for $10.00 + 15.90S/H.
  • Official Website :

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