Jewelry Magic

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What is Jewelry Magic – A jewelry renewing pad that restores the shine to any jewelry and makes it look brand new.

Restores your jewelry’s shine and gets rid of imperfection

If you are tired of rubbing your jewelry with all kinds of solution but can never make it look like new then Jewelry Magic claims to be the right option for you. Jewellery loses its sheen after a point because it accumulates dirt and dust and gets scratches too. Most people try very hard to restore its shine but to no avail and it takes a long time to get just a little bit of shine back. But Jewelry Magic is supposed to scrub all the imperfections away from your jewelry in just seconds. You can believably rub any jewelry on the renewing pad and get rid of dirt, grime, scratches and other impairments with Jewelry Magic. You can supposedly use the renewing pad to make rings, bracelets, watches or even necklaces brand new and bright and beautiful.

Works on any material

Whether it is platinum, silver, or gold Jewelry Magic is meant to get rid of all kinds of imperfections of jewelry and makes it look as new as the day you got it. The secret of Jewelry Magic supposedly lies in its patented polishing pad that successfully eliminates stains, tarnish, and scratches and restores the jewelry to its original sparkle. You can use it on stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethyst, and emeralds to get them at their dazzling best.

Soft on delicate settings and intricate designs

In spite of its hard on the stains feature, Jewelry Magic is meant to go easy on delicate settings and intricate designs of the jewelry. The gentle cleaning solution of Jewelry Magic supposedly removes micro fine dust and dirt particles to give the perfect shine. It also claims to save your money since a single polish at a jeweler’s costs nothing less than $148.


What do I get? 2 Jewelry Magic Renewing Pads and 2 Gentle Deep Cleaning Solutions for just $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website

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